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  1. Found this winter recipe at BYO. Looking to brew a god winter beer and I thought I would run this one by the borg. WHat do you think? Brew as is or convert to all grain? Sleepy Bear Wassail (5 gallons, partial mash )Ingredients: 5 lbs. two-row pale malt 0.5 lb. chocolate malt 0.75 lb. special roast malt 5 lbs. light malt extract 1 lb. of either honey or molasses, depending on taste 1 oz. Wye Target hops (8.4% alpha acid, 8.4 AAUs) for 60 min. 2 oz. Willamette hops (5.6% alpha acid, 11.2 AAUs) for 30 min. 1 Tbsp. fresh ginger, grated 1 tsp. freshly ground cinnamon stick 2 oz. vodka or grain alcohol Wyeast 1084 (Irish ale) or White Labs WLP002 (English ale) yeast 1 cup dry malt extract for priming Step by Step: Heat 1.5 gal. water to 163° F. Mash in grains, hold at 150° to 153° F for 45 min. Sparge with enough 168° F water to collect 2.25 gal. in brew pot.Top up to 5.5 gal. and bring to boil, stirring in malt extract just before the boil begins. Total boil is 60 min. Add Wye Target hops and boil for 30 min. Add Willamette hops and boil for an additional 25 min. Add either molasses or honey (or 0.5 lb. of each) and boil for remaining 5 min., then cool to 70° F and pitch yeast.Ferment for nine days at 70° F, then transfer to secondary and allow to condition for 10 days at 70° F. When racking to secondary, steep ground ginger and cinnamon in grain alcohol for 10 to 15 min., then introduce all into secondary before transferring. After conditioning, prime with dry malt extract and bottle. Age for four weeks.OG = 1.078FG = 1.021Bitterness = 49 IBUs
  2. Interesting recipe. Warmer temp will give you a bit more of that belgian pale ester you may be after. Looking forward to hearing about this one.
  3. "BigPapaG" post=376840 said:Liquid extracts darken over time, quicker than dry extracts. Might have been an older batch... Also, the act of boiling causes something called Malliard Reactions that cause darkening... Scorching will also darken the wort, but scorching is bad... Very bad... One other thing to consider... Even if a particular extract says it is say... 5 degrees Lovibond (5 SRM), it is typically rated at that color in approximately 1.030 of wort density... Add more malt, which raises the density to say... 1.060 and suddenlt that 5 SRM becomes 7 or 8. No worries though, brew on... Your wheat will fine anyway, just darker... Firing on all cylinders, exactly right.
  4. John, I'd love to send you one to try if you pm me your address. I don't get to share often!
  5. You can use corn starch. It really shouldnt do much for flavor. The purpose of the starch is to thin out the beer a bit. It gives the yeast work without imparting much in the way of flavor. I'm not sure about the starch but I know grits will geletanize which coiuld be a problem in your mash and sparge. Maybe use some rice hulls to keep it from sticking too much in your mash?
  6. I am brewing this one up this afternoon/evening. My usual two man crew is down to just me this evening so it will be interesting to see me do a brew alone when I am used to an extra set of hands. This is the recipe I'm going to have to go with. #6 two row #1 vienna #1 flaked corn 1 oz hallertau at 60 Wyeast American Ale II Then in two weeks I will rack to secondary and add about 12 oz of unaged corn whiskey. I'll let that stay in secondary for about 7 weeks. Then bottle away! Brew tonight!
  7. I had my second taste last night. [attachment=13599]image_2013-05-31.jpg[/attachment] The first one, I gotta admit I was a little disappointed. It was a great beer but the orange flavor did not seem to be as strong as i'd like. But upon second tasting I gotta say that I am really happy with this one. The orange flavor is a very subtle citrus sweetness but it tastes great. This is definitely a malt forward beer. The two row is the stand out but the vienna adds a sweet bread quality that is nice. Then there is just enough herbal hop to give it a good balance for me. I love it, and would be honored to see some folks try my version. Let me know when you do and how it turns out!
  8. That is definitely a yeast that I will keep an eye on. Unfortunately, I have to brew this Friday in order to be ready by my friends wedding. Yes, the legality of alcohol is all about having the liscences. I was just saying that I have legal, un-aged whiskey. Anyone have any thoughts on my forcefully revised recipe versus the original?
  9. Think I'll stick with the white dog in secondary without the orange, just let it speak. The "moonshine" is not really shine in that it is legal un-aged whiskey, or white dog whiskey. I went to the LHBS to pick up the supplies and as always, when I go with a specific list they are out of or do not carry half of what I am after. The original recipe was #6 two row #1 carapils #2.5 flaked rice 1 oz hersbrucker This is what I ended up with by the time I left. #6 two row #1 vienna #1 rice HULLS #1 flaked corn 1 oz hallertau I know the hops should be fine. The vienna will be an okay sub for the carapils, not the same, but it will make a good malt forward brew. The rice HULLS I realize will not work the same as flaked rice. I knew that. The guy at the LHBS argued with me to no end about it so I ended up with a pound of them. I need to be more assertive at the LHBS (or find a new one). So I got the flaked corn hoping that I could sub it for the rice.I realize the flavor profile will change but I got less thinking that the corn would be stronger than the rice? Once again, I've never worked with flaked rice or corn so I do not know.... Final recipe is as above sans rice hulls.... I'm still not happy about that..
  10. My experience with most "fruity" strains is that the esters come out more at the higher end of the temperature scale. But too high and you could get some off flavors that are not fruity ester.
  11. I'm brewing up some "moonshine" ale for the wedding of one of my best friends, which I get the honor of officiating. I think the recipe looks like it will make a stand up brew. My friend likes white dog whiskey so the sweet corn flavor of un-aged brew doesn't bother him but I was curious what you all thought of this recipe. There are three things that I wanted to think about. 1. I have never used flaked corn or rice in a recipe. I know a lot of brewers do it, especially to get that lighter beer taste but I've never done it. Any experience here? 2. I was thinking of substituting American Ale I or II. I used American Ale II on the last brew and it worked wonders. I want to use an ale yeast so that fermentation temps here in GA can be flexible under the summer sun. 3. What do you think about letting the moonshine soak with orange peel before adding it to secondary. I have some left from the last brew and was debating adding it. Or do I just let the moonshine shine? Just looking to make a spectacular brew for my friends celebration. Thanks for checking out the thread!
  12. Great looking brew! One of my favorite seasonal styles.
  13. hmmmm. That did not help. haha I'm only kidding. I just wanted to tell him it would not work. I don't know. I really am up in the air on whether or not to just try it and ruin a couple liters or upset my friend and bottle it all. I'm leaning toward trying to convinve him to buy a keg and put some white dog in it to age as a gift. pspearing, I appreciate your digging, friend.
  14. "Christ872" post=372436 said:Bob~ Welcome. Good to see you're keeping the family history alive. If the opportunity presents itself, I'd advise looking into saving/collecting glass bottles. Toss any twist-off bottles and collect the rest. Although a 1L bottle of beer is fine...having 22-24 of the 12-14 oz bottles just makes you feel better. Plus, if you hit one of out the park, you have more to share with friends...lol Agreed on the glass bottles, just save back beer as you drink it. Glad to have you here on the forum! Enjoy the hobby and never be afraid to ask a question. I know I still have my fair share.
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