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  1. Yeah I know, thats with anything in life. I just wish I didnt have to waste $100 of solid ingreds to finally learn to make a decent beer. I'll tell you what though BigD, you had better hope I dont find your address or that Apricot IPA May turn up missing. I'll settle for a bottle via mail though.
  2. FUUUUUUUUUU!!!! This beer SUCKS! I guess ill be dumping my 2 gallons out as well, kind of sucks since its SUCH a waste of good ingrediants. I'm getting really disappointed with my brews. I have tasted 4 now, and all have sucked but 1. The Choc Cherry was ok, but definitly not considered a good beer.
  3. This is really disappointing, I'm gonna throw a bottle in the fridge now to test out. I REALLY hope mine arent terrible, or theyre ATLEAST drinkable. I'm gonna be upset if I wasted a good can of ENB!
  4. Well in that case, maybe leave the tea out and use my recipe with less lemon like you said. Honestly, it tastes so similar to a hard VERY lemon tea, its sad that I was trying to make lemonade lol. I would leave out the additional booster. According to Sirius in my thread about the lemonade, we agreed that the ADDITIONAL DME added to the tea flavor since he used much more booster than I.
  5. My last "Hard Lemonade" came out tasting almost identical to a hard lemon tea. I would think about making additions to this, maybe even adding soem tea leaves at some point. 1 pack booster 1.5 Golden Light DME 1/2 lb Lactose Juice of 12 lemons and 2 Lime 1 cup Brown Sugar Safale US-05
  6. Not sure when the last time you ordered, but my most recent order (about a month) came with EC-1118 yeast as opposed to the cidery yeast. I'm not sure if it was a permanant change or not, but I paid the same price and they sent me 3 packets.
  7. Yes it will still ferment, maybe just a little slower, but honestly 1-2 degrees probably wont make a huge difference.
  8. The Kings Nectar didnt foam all that crazy like I expoected, I think youll be fine from my experience. Did you use Muscat Grape Juice? I just tasted a sip of mine which has only been fermenting for 6 days to make sure everything was good and HOLY COW does it taste like liquor. I had the same thing happen to another recipe and it tamed down ALOT after 2 months, so now I see why we let this condition so long. I'd like to get a gallon carboy, what was this recipe if you dont mind sharing?
  9. NNNNice brew! Youre not kidding on the done right part, it looks great and has an een better profile. Good work man.
  10. I dont have anything useful to add, other than thank you for posting as I'e never heard of the Full Moon Marzen and am now intrigued!
  11. They just won't carb as fast at lower temps as the yeast will work slower. In all honesty though, my cider never did carb too well and I added extra sugar than they reccomended so I dont know.
  12. tabasco wrote: FedoraDave wrote: That's what I'm drinking from the pipeline currently. Thus far, I've not shared my homebrews with anyone (other than my daughter, but she's kind of a novice beer drinker, and tends towards chick-drink lightweight beers). But tonight I had my brother over for a visit, and before we killed the six-pack of Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA I'd bought, I had him taste this creation from Fedora Brauhaus. He declared it a winner, and told me to chill some for when he comes by tomorrow after the local St. Patrick's Day Parade. I can't tell you how pleased I am that he liked my home brewed recipe. Dave is that a mrbeer recipe, or did you conjure it up? Do you mind sharing the recipe? You may have posted it already, but I don't know what this beer is ... thanks. http://community.mrbeer.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=58&func=view&catid=8&id=63380#63416
  13. Darkly wrote: Ok.. Im trying to plug in the Millinium Ale Recipe into Qbrew to check out the numbers... and I run into a lil snare... how much does a can of HME and a can of UME from MrB weight? Thanks for you help... 1.21 lb each.
  14. WOW! Thats wild, what kind of yeast is doing that kind of work?
  15. Embedding didnt work, just post link for us.
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