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  1. I added 1 lb of LD Carlton Amber DME
  2. Update ..on Shillelagh Stout. I stashed a few liter bottles and just split them with some family and friends. What a differnece this made ... these have aged 8 months and are fantastic. I had the rest of these in the first four months after brewing and the were nothing special at all. Those who shared them with me said it was the best beer I brewed so far. They said it looked like I was really getting the hang of this brewing thing!! ... They couldnt believe it when i told them they were a few aged beers from my second batch.
  3. Depend on the style of beer I believe. If you are doing someting like an IPA and want the hops to stand out ... the bigger the boil the better the hop utilization. I do full boils (2.25 gallons) whenever I do an IPA. I dont think other styles its as important.
  4. So .. how is your pipe line holding up this summer?. I stopped brewing in early June for the summer but built up a solid supply to keep me happy this summer. Right now I have around 110 12oz bottles to get me to september when i start brewing again.
  5. Welcome ... 5 gallon batches to Mr beer batches .... thats a different approach!
  6. certainly is!! ... my other IPA's I tied the hop sack to tight and never really got all the hop goodies I wanted. This one I tied the sack a lot looser and couldnt believe the difference.
  7. [img size=137] To get my first wow beer!!!!. The first 14 ranged from eh to pretty darn good. Batch 15 is an IPA. I used Citra, Centennial and Amarillo hops added at three times and dry hopping. I steeped victory malt and added the malts at three different times during the boil (trying to create a lighter collored beer). It came out at 6.7 abv and 95 ibu's ... the aroma and taste is really impressive ... a lot of citrus going on. I love IPA's and this really hit the spot. Thanks for all the tips and advice I picked up on this board. cheers jopa
  8. they are both pretty new beers so it may take a while before some recipes pop up. They both are very good beers .. I prefer the 2XIPA, its a fantastic beer.
  9. I thought I was done brewing for the summer. I made 14 batches since January and have a lot of beer for the summer. But this cool weather gave me the itch. At lunch I went to the LHBS and picked up some supplies!!! .. I plan on brewing up an IPA tonight. I am using Centennial, Citra and Amirrillo hops with Light LME and DME and steeping some Victory Malt!. Thanks cool weather ...haha brew on jopa
  10. I have never baked my bottles or used the dishwasher. I sanatize my glass bottles same as the PET bottles. I justake sure they are clean.
  11. So what other beer sites are you a member of?. I also belong to Beer Advocate, Rate beer, Mr Beer forums and Tastey brew. I have not ventured out to many home brew sites. I prefure the comfortable confines of this site. I feel the people here are more helpful and friendly to Mr Beer users.
  12. Recently I've been adding hops to just my steeped grains. At 30 mins I add add half my Lme/dme, 35 minutes add second adition of hops. At 45 add the rest of lme/dme and at 53 minutes add third addition of hops. I do this just to lighten the color. I have not notice any difference in the bitterness, but the beers have been lighter in color.
  13. [img size=280]]' alt='>]'>[img size=280] One of the recent beer's I brewed up was a Summer time Pale Ale: It came in at 5.0 abv (nice session beer) and 60 ibu's. I was afraid it would be way to hoppy for just a Pale ALe but it was pretty nice, a lot of hop flavors. I used Simcoe,cascade and Amarillo hops with a bit of zest from a lemon. It was by far the best smelling beer I have brewed so far (this is batch 12, lots of tangerine and pineapple ... Will be bring a few to a bbcue this weekend. Anybody brew up summer beers they will be breaking out this weekend? Happy Memorial Day .... and thanks to my brothers and sisters (former army here) who make our freedoms possible Cheers jopa
  14. The best part of this site is the friendly and helpfull people. Welcome and enjoy your time here. jopa
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