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  1. Yinz?!??! Do I detect a pittsburgheeze accent???
  2. "But in the end, it's not about the size of your krausen, it's about how you use it" Didja ever notice that only guys with 'little krausens' use this mantra..............
  3. fyi - I made the Chimay and pitched at a little less than 60 degrees (had 2 gal of spring water in freezer for topping off). I only got a little overflow crustiness on the top of the LBK. Nothing really noticable seemed to hit the newspaper I had under it.
  4. The Diablo, or any HME for that matter, just doesn’t provide the big hop aroma that one normally expects from an IPA. The bittering hops are pretty much spot on, the flavoring hops are pretty good, but I just don’t think any HME can give you that fresh hop aroma that dry hopping does. The last Diablo I made was with an ounce of Citra as a dry hop (well, 1/4oz boiled for 10min and 3/4oz dry hop), but I still think I could have added more as it is still fairly malty.
  5. Occasionally bottling day falls on Naked Saturdays in the pghFred household so I just have to have a few extra things sanitized when that happens..... I do strain the wort when filling my fermenters but just use a hop sack for hops that goes in. I don't have spigot/wand issues (except on naked saturdays if too much beer/bourbon is consumed) when I do so I just never cold crashed. Tomato/TomAHto I guess.
  6. I have issues with the hops clogging the bottling wand springy thing when going naked for a dry hop so I normally use a hop sack. *But I don't cold crash either so I assume that would help too.
  7. I have a box containing loose papers for most of my brews the past 5 years. I use the invoices from MrB orders to note the OG/FG, sometimes with actual brewing and bottling dates! I use the Brewers Best instructions for the same. All are tossed in an old beer box under my kitchen cabinet. Seek help Rick.........
  8. Mt. Pleasant Twp, Wash County here. I'm kind of in-between Cecil, Hickory and McDonald in a tiny town called Southview. WELCOME!
  9. I actually have had ONE bottle blowout and it was a MrB Lt Pet. It was a Tripel that was on the shelf for 6 months. I don't know if I jostled it when moving around or what, but there was a hole in the bottom about 1.5 inches in diameter. Not a perfect circle of course, but about a quarter of the bottom was gone.
  10. I use my wife's xmas cookies under the LBK so it tilts and the trub settles in the back away from the spigot. ...it's better than losing a couple teeth while trying to eat them. Ask Joe C.
  11. I use a strainer when putting hopped wort in the fermentor (LBK or Ale Pail). If the recipe calls for keeping them in, I use a hop sack. I don't like going naked with hops in the LBK. I've had too many issues with the hops clogging the bottling wand spring thingy. Since I secondary my 5ers, I don't have this problem. I guess cold-crashing the LBK would help, but I've never done it nor had the need other than when putting hops in without a sack.
  12. IMO - One of the best recipes I've made since Coopers took over MrB. Made it twice, once with the orange as the recipe states, the other will lemon instead. Both were mightly tasty. Heads and shoulders above Blue Moon.
  13. I use Palmolive Oxy dish soap as it is unscented. No reason to buy a 'special' soap just for washing your brewing equipment unless you really, really want your dishes to smell like 'lemons' or 'spring'.
  14. 'The ring only serves as a tamper detector for first use of the cap.' Absolutely agree. But it's still cooler to 'crack the seal' on a homebrew. It only happens for the first use of the cap, but it's the little things in life, ya know....
  15. Just had to check....The instructions DO say to put the caps on during sanitation. But it doesn't say to remove the rings. I normally sanitize bottles by filling and putting my thumb over the opening and shaking after a soak in sanitizing liquid. I also soak the caps. So I don't think the instructions really intend for someone to remove the rings for sanitation purposes, but if you do folllow the directions and screw them on to sanitize, then the rings WILL break off when unscrewing. From MrB instructions: 'Distribute the sanitizing solution equally among the bottles. Screw on caps and shake bottles vigorously. Allow to sit 10 minutes, then shake the bottles again. Remove caps'
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