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  1. Straight up MB cheapo recipe. So damn good. MMMMM MMMMMHHH :ohmy:
  2. Malty, hints of spices, I taste vanilla as well, tickling tiny bubbles like a belgian lager. It has perfect carb after two weeks, and the huge head is filled with aroma. It has slighlty sweet finish as I added no hops, I really like it though.I am impressed totally. Such good quality. I am going to brew 5 gal of this again soon. Who know, more
  3. First pour of my prince ludwig lager. It came out excellent.
  4. I added no hops at all and I love it
  5. I just tried another 3 bottles tonight of my own PLL , WOW. this is the best beer I have brewed yet ! Simply deliciuos. Another few weeks and this should be unbelievable. Gonna put a 6er in storage
  6. So, Fruity is good and from yeast or lack of conditioning and should fade somewhat at least Cidery apple taste - bad probably from too much sugar to yeast ratio or some other contamination Bottom line : Give it more time at room temp if you have not already put into cold storage. This should give living yeast time to eat up any excess sugars that are easily consumable. Otherwise, you have a beer, a cidery beer, but beer. If it tastes decent, change the name to something that sounds appropriate and drink it. All that matters is if you like it I have never brewed anything I did not like more than anything I could buy at that local market. As my favorite homebrew writer says : " Relax, Don't worry, have a home brew " It's a great hobby isn't it !
  7. Wowo Batch primed with honey, nice job.
  8. Nice looking beer, but truly awesome Photo, It is like a centerfold in Play-Beer or something How did you get that to upload, Holy moses ? I want to do that , Wah Wah ...tell me tell me Note: Oh and I totally dig the Abbey Road Coaster
  9. Grats my friend looks great ! Enjoy it an many more.
  10. How long did you ferment? 2 weeks to condition is ok.. fine, and how many days in fridge ? Sounds like you might not have left in the fermenter long enough. Still had sugars not consumed by yeast yet. Hence the cidery taste. Let the big guys chime in and see if they agree.
  11. Holy Head, Looks great, nice color, although I am not sure if that is table ? Grats and Enjoy my friend
  12. Going to be my first taste of 3 new brews too !
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