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  1. I made a Diablo once with just some extra lme, and the hop profile of the hme was flavorful enough. But, if you want to hop it up, you couldn't go wrong with simcoe,
  2. I can tell you that I've tried the Craft selections of MrB and you can't go wrong there. I am going to get some more soon ... been doing AG's for a while.
  3. That's true, Jim. A favorite beer of mine is SMASH IPA .,.. just two row and Simcoe, baby!
  4. The old Engilishman's Nut Brown was great. However, if you want a really good nut brown, the MrB Seasonal Nut Brown is still available ... but I wouldn't wait .... MrB Seasonal Nut Brown
  5. One thing I can add to anyone's preffered method of cleaning ... be careful not to damage the "lip" around the keg top under the lid. It's an important part of the design. Don't grab the LBK by the top opening to lift ... you could tear that lip. Not likely, but you don't want to do that. The LBK top lid and vent design on the top is great ... it works. Don't damage it in cleaning or handling. It's not flimsy, but it can get damaged if you're careless.
  6. Yah, enjoy the HME's as is for a while. Get to know what you really like. Then you can start tweeking.
  7. I agree. Lots of oxygen before the lid goes on and fermenting starts. No oxygen added after that .... during fermentation ... and avoid it when bottling as much as possible.
  8. Tabasco

    big d

    Chill down a couple for Christmas, and let the rest stand at room temp another few weeks. Treat yourself to some nice craft brew til then, and when you pop them a few weeks later, you'll notice the difference. I'm not condition-crazy, as I've always liked a little "rough around the edges" myself, but I always do at least 2-2-2.
  9. Dude, if you're taking the lid off the fermenter before you bottle ... you are opening up for infection (more so in the early days of the fermentation period than the later ... but even then) and letting oxygen in to the head space which had become Co2 filled from the fermentation. You open that LBK and stir ... and close again ... and wait ... you are doing everything in your power to ruin your beer. The krausen should have mostly settled by the end of fermentation ... that is likely more than a krausen. I'd bottle the beer now, put it aside, let it carb and condition, and open one to taste in about four weeks, knowing that they might all have to go ... but don't dump beer until you're sure you have to (taste will tell ... after conditioning). I've never fermented more than 14 days or so, always hit my FG about, and get great ales ... for almost 300 batches now. When you brew, follow the sanitation guidelines by MrB (very important) , and once you pitch that yeast and close lid after the stir, do not open the keg until bottling day. You can tak an FG sample without loosening the lid, it just pours a little slow. This BTW, is why I never add anything after the pitch. It's too risky. I've never had an infection, which I believe is what you have there. But you won't know until the beer is conditioned. If you think the liklihood is high that the beer is infected, and don't want to go through bottling and conditioning, it's your call. I have a very large empty bottle inventory, so I'd just prime and bottle, but that's me.
  10. I sanitize by spraying inside bottle with a little starsan, roll it around, pour out, and stand the bottles upside down in Sam Adams twelve pack carton. Paper towel on bottom, lip of bottles was sprayed. Never had a problem.
  11. I did that for a long time starting in early '10. Now I have hundreds and hundreds of empties piled up, as I've gone mostly to kegging
  12. Tomatoes are good. I like 'em with salad dressing on them. Oh, and yes, I'll have a beer!
  13. As far as LBK ... the "lip" that goes in slightly over the top hole is key to the LBK ventilation working properly. Inspect it before each use ... but if you don't grab the LBK by that lip, and you should not, it should last indefinitely, IMO. I had a defective LBK once ... the lip didn't meet ... I got a bunch of flat beers ... and one day realized why, inspecting the LBK. Mr. B had been very good cust svc wise on other things, so I just ordered another one, they were cheap enough. The four LBKs I still have I just keep recycling. It's the spigots that fail. I give each one a good inspection before using, and keep a bucket under the spigot just in case. Some folks use turkey roaster trays to put LBK in, "just in case".
  14. Can't argue with that, but I've never been one to trash Booster. It fits sometimes. Also, don't put your nose up on good 'ol cane sugar. Within slim ratios, it's a good kicker.
  15. A pitch a bit too warm a lot .... no off flavors detected. Not saying they're not there, I'm just probably not that discernint.
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