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  1. yankeedag wrote - it depends...is your fly in the front or back...? Well if I'm wearing Depends, I guess it doesn't matter where my fly is....
  2. It's down near my cuffs. Isn't everyone elses like that?? :hammer:
  3. Bump - So if you're right handed, and you turn the spigot to the left, is it on or off? And furthermore, do you inhale or exhale during your back swing?
  4. Definately shoulda at least tasted it. Even if it was terrible, you get the "research" of what bad beer tastes like. I taste at every step of the way for my own curiousity. I've eaten dry malt on each steep I've done and even DME before adding it to water!! Kinda like a cook tastes his food while making it. Taste and register it in the noggin.
  5. texasbrewer0069 wrote - next is gonna be Chocolate covered cherry recipe and a defibrillator dopplebock Any input on those recipes greatly appreciated I haven't done a fruit recipe :X (not my thing) but, I've read that you have to keep a pan under the fermenter due to spill over from fermentation. And what I know about the Defib DB is that it takes at least 5-6 months to bottle condition until it's ready. That's my Dos Centavos! Welcome to the best hobby in the world!! :cheers:
  6. gman585 wrote - when I bump the LME to 4.5# and Crystal to .5#, it comes in at 7.1%ABV and IBU down to 92. I'm not to worried about the IBUs as I can bump that up, but is this too much LME and Crystal? Also, do you know if dry hop should be entered in QBrew? I don't think it's too much malt if you're going for an Imperial IPA. Dry hopping shouldn't change your IBU since they're not being boiled.
  7. Your bitterness and color are there for an Imperial but it's lacking some umph. You'll probably need to up the LME. I like the hops selection. A real tongue biter! Even with 4# of LME and .5# of the crystal, you're still in the guidelines for an American IPA.
  8. How hoppy do you like your IPA? I like'em very hoppy. Cascade, Centennial, Amarillo are my fav's. I did a hopped up ADIPA with Centennial and Simcoe a while back. Came out pretty good. But like Ikaika posted, you'll need to use a DME or UME for your hop boil. Dry hopping will only give you aroma rather than bitterness or flavor.
  9. It could be a few reasons why. At what point is the bottle filled up to? Also, when you say variant of the ADIPA, how is it different?
  10. By putting in the fridge for a few days, this could turn out to be the best bottle out of the batch. I would wait to drink it. Drink it now and you could be wasting all that good conditioning you did.
  11. I would put it in the fridge for a few days.
  12. frozenintime wrote - I prefer the sac, btw Dude!! T.M.I.!!!
  13. That's why this forum is so great. Let us know how it turns out.
  14. The reason why I asked about what you boiled your hops in is because normally you aren't supposed to boil HME's. Especially for 60 mins. This might have caused the flavor profile to change and cause this off flavor that your experiencing?
  15. What were the hops boiled in? Did you also use a UME or some DME?
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