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  1. I would use half. The full tsp wont hurt it any though.
  2. With the exception of the two lagers we've done all our ales have some chill haze. It may take a few days to never for the haze to settle out. It wont hurt you.
  3. We've repitched five or six occasions and never had an issue. Make sure you pay attention to sanitation around the used yeast cake. We just dump the fresh wort in the previous bucket and put a fresh blow out tube on the stopper
  4. Between Timathie and myself there are: 3 Mr Beer fermenters 3 5 gallon fermenters 2 5 gallon PET1 carboys for secondary and one 12.5 gallon blue barrel named Big Bob Not to mention 5 Corney kegs, 3 of which currently contain beer (2 on tap). Sadly, right now we only have 1 in primary and 1 in secondary.
  5. Use 2 gal for your initial boil. Do not add the HME until flame as boiling will alter the flavor of the HME
  6. I think it was BREW Magazine that had an article on this a few issues back. You can carb and condition in a keg. Just cut a half inch off the bottom of your outlet tube to cut down on pulling the shmutz from the bottom. The party pigs all call for sugar carbing as the little CO2 charges wont force carb the pig. It shouldn't be a problem if the party is at your house. If you have to transport, you're going to stir up the trub and you'll have cloudy, yeasty beer. As Clearcut mentioned: if you're hand pumping to keep it pressurized, drink it all within a day of tapping.
  7. Ditto what everyone else has said about the Corona bottles. I use Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada almost exclusively. The Sierra bottles are shorter and wider than the Sammy's so they don't interchange between cases very well. Kegging is also an option if you have the room for a keggerator contraption. My brew buddy, Timmmaaayyy picked up a couple of used 7-Up Corney kegs at the LHBS for $35 each.
  8. Oldest beer I currently have is from April. They and some newer brews are being saved for my trip to WA in August for my Niece's wedding (it's still not to late to elope, Amanda).
  9. Yup, it was 87 in Tim's garage (the brewhouse) yesterday. Sadly, we have only a few bottles of ale, whats left of the Double IPA and a fresh batch of stout to go into the empty Corney keg.
  10. We only have the two Corney kegs, so anything that takes any time beyond secondary to condition will go in bottles. Right now we have a very wicked Imperial IPA (AKA: The Syrup) and a nice light brew on tap. The light brew is a bit mild for me so I start with a glass of the IPA and then mix 50/50 for the second.
  11. The best way to tell if it's still viable would be to mix up a starter culture and see if it reacts. Add 1/4 cup Grape Nuts to 1 cup boiling water. Cover with plastic wrap until room temp, then sprinkle the yeast over the top. In one to four hours you should be seeing foam forming on the top. If you get a positive result, brew your beer. Pour the yeast mixture through a strainer and pitch as normal. Notes and disclaimers: I've never used Grape Nuts, only read about it on the forums. Any whole grain, non sugar coated cereal should work. I have some Red Star Baking yeast in the freezer that is well over 3 years old and is still viable. I DO NOT use it for baking, just pour two tablespoons or so into my septic system every month.
  12. Brew Ha Ha Bock, modified with DME to replace the booster. Of all the MrBeer brews we've done, only the Irish Red would I not brew again.
  13. It's a V-vessel, retails for about US$150.00
  14. Pirate's Bay Brewing. Timmmaaayyy has all 5 top scores on the PotC pinball in his garage.
  15. Timmmaaayyy's woman bought him the Mr Beer kit for Christmas '09. We quickly graduated to a 5 gallon kit along with 3 MrB kegs and soon we will be kegging our daily drinker brews.
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