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  1. My Dark Star (Imperial Chocolate Stout) is a hit with all my beer friends. I have an extract and an all grain recipe for this brew. I add lightly crushed Cameron's chocolate caramel brownie coffee in a sack to the boil for the last 10 minutes. I have only done the extract version and I am planning to do the all grain in a week or so. This is a great sight. I have a 10% discount code if anyone wants to order with these guys. They are in Georgia and charge 6.99 for shipping. Here are both links. http://www.brewmasterswarehouse.com/brew-builder http://www.brewmasterswarehouse.com/brew-builder
  2. I am ordering this stuff soon. I would like to know if my grain bill is OK. Like I said this is my first all grain and I don't want to f it up. Should I use the Aromatic? I have never used it, but it seems like it would be good. Some wisdom and advice would be appreciated, because these are going to be gifts at Christmas. I want a great beer for the holiday cheer! :ohmy: HELP!!!!!
  3. dpip75

    Black IPA

    I like the Bombers. I try to have one per batch and save it for last. The last beer is sooooo hard to drink. It is almost saddening. I agree with you Hurst/Olds on the 12oz bottles. I am too impatient, but I have gotten better about premature tasting.
  4. I watched the same video. I think it would be fine to use that method for a house brew. It seems to work for that guy. :chug:
  5. I fixed the link. Sorry about that. David, The ingredients lists as follows Coffee, Natural and artificial flavors. It is not a sweet coffee at all. I like my coffee black, but I can drink this.
  6. Sorry guys the sight is down, but it should be up again. David I don't know how the flavors are in the beans. I have used them before and it worked out. I believe you drank one. Anyway here is the coffee's website. http://www.cameronscoffee.com/default.asp
  7. Hey Swen, I want to try that sometime. Your recipe sounds wonderful as well. Did you come up with a name yet? I like (Project Green IPA) or (Music City IPA) for a name.
  8. I am posting a link to my recipe. I have converted my extract recipe into all grain. I use http://www.brewmasterswarehouse.com/brew-builder This will be my first all grain recipe and I am a little bit nervous. I was just throwing this recipe out there to get some feedback before I order this stuff. Thoughts and opinions are welcome. :stout: I forgot to add that I finish the last 10 minutes of the boil by adding 2oz of crushed Chocolate caramel brownie coffee beans in a sack. This really brings out the chocolate flavors. I might even add some like a dry hop.
  9. I hate I missed this thread. I made an imperial chocolate stout and used Cameron's chocolate caramel brownie whole bean coffee in it. I took 1 oz of whole beans and lightly crushed them and put them in a muslin sack. I then added them to the boil for the last 10 minutes. I did it this way because I felt that I should just brew the coffee with the wort. Coffee gets extremely bitter when cooked too long. It is like tea and shouldn't be over brewed or steeped, same as your grains. I am very pleased with the results. If I was going for a noticeably strong coffee flavor I would have used 2 to 3oz.
  10. LowTech wrote: Personal log... And the krausen died very quickly. A raucous start and now not even a bubble. So, I added my dry hop (14 more grams of Summit) earlier. And there is a 1/4 inch of foam on top again. And the cooler smells wunderbar! Has anyone ever seen lots of top activity after dry-hopping? Yes, I have every time I dry hop. I am curious as well. ???
  11. Glass bottles are artwork to me. I have never used PET bottles. It just seems unnatural and is not my bag. I had suspicions from the get go about plastic. I remember when all the big boys came out with PET bottles... I laughed. No thanks. :laugh:
  12. dpip75

    Black IPA

    Throw one in the fridge and try another. I doubt you got an infection. It would be so bad you would know. Not to mention a big beer like that should sit for a few months. The only thing that I can see why the hops aren't coming through is the high abv and the amount of roasted grains which are more dominate and bitter than other grains. Just my thoughts and I could be way off. Try another asap and let us know. :stout:
  13. Looking good all the way from Memphis!!!:woohoo: Where it is hot and humid as F!!! I haven't brewed since the end of April and I am kinda glad because it is too hot even with AC!!! Gonna brew soon though for the holidays. I guess I will have to use frozen gel packs and wet t-shirts. :laugh:
  14. My samples always look like that. It will be fine.
  15. dpip75

    spruce beer

    Anchor Steam has a Christmas beer that has that spruce tree aftertaste. I told my wife it was like drinking a malty Christmas tree. :laugh: I love it. I may have to venture into this as well. :chug:
  16. I think if one lets beer cold crash too long one might have to add a tiny bit of yeast back into the beer. I am not positive on this, but remember cold crashing makes EVERYTHING settle out of the beer so much of the suspended yeast that helps carbonate will be in the trub.
  17. CAKEsq, sounds like everything is alright. I would relax and let it do its thing. Did you boil your DME until a HOT BREAK? If you did then no it is just trub in the bottom (live yeast and sediment from hops). :chug:
  18. I would not bother with that because maple syrup is bitter when the sweet is gone and the yeast will eat the sugar maybe leaving bitter unwanted tastes. I would just use carb drops or priming sugar for a red ale. JMO
  19. YES YES YES it is fine. As Brew City said do a yeast starter with it. If the yeast starts partying, use it.
  20. Wow your beer would make stone brewery proud with that IBU! :laugh: Go get a bottling bucket, and some tubing asap. Watch some bottling vids on youtube. Get the locking spigot with bottling wand as well. I wouldn't brew without these tools. That is a hoppy barleywine you got there by the way. Good luck and brew and learn. :chug:
  21. Should be very hoppy and maybe bitter like an extra IPA. I think it will be a good beer overall after a good conditioning.
  22. I have been tasting this beer every now and then and it has tamed quite a bit. I had one yesterday after letting it sit in the fridge for 3 days and it was much better. It has that classic yeasty aroma and after taste. The saison yeast along with the raisin, honey syrup created a strong flavor along with the bitterness from the roasted barley. It is good and will probably just get better and be great for cold winter nights.
  23. I love 1554! :gulp: Let me know how it goes.
  24. bigd wrote: +1 on single hop brewing. I recommend doing it at least once to get the true flavor of a kind of hop. So far, Centennial tasted the best in a single hop brewed beer. Just has an awesome bitterness, flavor and aroma. I did it with Cascade, Citra, and the Centennials. So far the Centennials tasted the best by themselves. I feel the Cascades are nice but better as a finishing hop rather than a bittering and flavoring hop. They do have nice flavor but you need to use alot to get that yummy citrusy flavor. The Citra is a wicked hop! I'm still waiting on my fruit beer attempt that I used Citra in as the only hop in it. It definately goes with the Nectarines I added to the brew. I have brewed 3 batches of Eye of Ra with only citra hops. You will be pleased my friend. GRAPEFRUIT and tropical notes big time. You would think I used a citrus fruit, but I didn't.
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