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  1. I have been saving bottles for a few months. Maredsous, anchor steam, and Young's double chocolate stout bottles are my favorite. Does anyone else love these bottles? Are they good for home brews?
  2. Yeah they both need more time for sure. I read the wicked can ferment 4 weeks or longer. I wont go past 4 weeks because of possible yeast cannibalism. Think i will let them both go 4 wks just to be safe.
  3. It has been two weeks since i brewed the ADIPA and wicked monk. The Ad was settled down nicely. bout two inches of clear with hop particles floating around. I had to move the kegs because a rise in temp, but never got over 77. I guess i jostled the keg even though i was very careful cause now she has bout a centimeter of tiny bubble foam covering the entire surface. I did add a pouch of booster to the AD. Was this a mistake? Now onto the wicked monk. very thin patch of film floating on the surface in the same area with some yeast colonies I presume? There are little balls that shoot up to the top and then stretch back down and dissolve is this the yeast doing its thing? I sanitized very well so i dont think it is infected. i tasted them both today the wicked is yeasty and still a little sweet. the AD is very bitter. I know they both need at least three weeks ferm. since there are 3 ferment-ables. Sorry for the novel. lol! just a paranoid first time brewer. Ease my worries please!
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