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  1. You should be very proud. Good looking son. Awesome Picture! :chug:
  2. bigd wrote: Yeah man, Centennials are really nice tasting and smell great too. They're called "Super Cascade". Very citrusy and impart a nice grapefruit taste without overkill bitterness. To get the best taste and aroma, use ALOT of them for finishing hops (20 mins and lower in the boil). I'm gonna make my own Two Hearted Ale clone I think. I'm gonna read up on clones for it to get a base recipe and put my own spin on it. If you've never had Two Hearted, I highly recommend that wonderful beer. I agree 150% about the centennial hop! What a great creation from nature! I am planning an all grain IPA close to Founders Centennial IPA. There are no clones to be found so far for it. I have just been trying to get the ingredients I think they use. I have a good grain bill, IMO. :laugh: I really love Two Hearted Ale and FCIPA!
  3. LowTech wrote: My top 3 are East Kent Golding, Centennial, and Tettnang. I bought a one ounce bag of Summit but haven't figured out where to use it yet. The label says 18% Alpha Acids. A long time ago EricG said if used too much it could lead to 'garlicky' notes. That is one strong hop. Summit hops can be a great hop for bittering in an Imperial Stout.
  4. Brew City wrote: Also, I just tested one of my Citrus Wheats for the first time yesterday. I used the zest of 2 oranges and 1 cup of the juice squeezed and strained and coriander. It has a very slight orange flavor - I am going to use more next time I brew it. Oh, and I did keep the zest in for the ferment. Hey man I was thinking about maybe doing a zest addition with a dry hop. I find that dry hopping with simcoe lends a nice citrus aroma and flavor. Might be good for your wheat beer? :chug:
  5. I like Simcoe, Centennial, Cascade, Citra, Chinook, Tettnang, Saaz... aw hell, I love them all!!! :laugh:
  6. Love the glass!!! Beer looks good too! :gulp:
  7. Why don't you just use what they use? Looks like you will need Amber LME and DME and some carapils and crystal 10L for steeping. Or you could use The Mr. Beer Cowboy Lager HME mixed with the Mellow Amber UME. You could do a 20 minute boil using your hops of choice. Then add your HME and UME according to Mr. Beer instructions. Remember the last twenty min of a 60 minute boil is where you get flavor and aroma from your hops.Since you probably aren't doing a 60 min boil, find out how they use each of those hops so you will know how and what to use. You won't need bittering hops because of the HME (Hopped Malt Extract). Hope this wasn't confusing as hell. I tend to not be so clear sometimes....just like my homebrews. Welcome to the BORG! :chug:
  8. I have done the same thing. I have used honey malt and golden promise and I just steeped. The beer was good, but seemed a bit thin. If you know what I mean.
  9. IthinkIjustmadebeer wrote: The last few batches, I did both...dishwasher and baking. Is that overkill? Do I only need one or the other? Total waste of time my friend. One or the other will be fine. I prefer the dishwasher method. :chug:
  10. I would probably pull a Frank the tank and go streaking if I drank more than one bomber of that. :laugh: Sounds really good Dave. The best beer I have made came from leftover grains and hops.
  11. dpip75

    Black IPA

    You do not know the POWER of the Dark side! Star Wars nerd here! :laugh: I love it! I had to re prime my imperial IPA. Now it is a bit more sweet, but has carbonation. Still unsure what happened.
  12. Don't cry over spilled wort. Pour high, the stream will be smaller. Be confident and just do it.
  13. dpip75

    Black IPA

    OK! Go ahead and put me down for one.... two of those! Can't wait to get the review when this one is done. What are you naming this one?
  14. Good to here Nate! Recipe sounds great! Hey fedora Dave, Use a good yeast. I am partial to the Wyeast smack packs. I have had nothing but success using them. For yours I would use the American ale 1056 or the American ale II 1272. Also Dave, are you going to sparge the grains and get all the goodness? :cheers:
  15. dpip75

    Black IPA

    I had the 13th anniversery wet hop ale 24 oz bomber the other night! It was soooooo good! :gulp:
  16. dpip75

    Black IPA

    I love the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Bombers as well. They look mean. :laugh: :chug:
  17. Congrats! Good looking family! I have a 6 yr old and a 15 month old, and I can tell you it is an unbelievable experience. I am sure you will be a great father. You should create a recipe in his honor. Salute :cheers:
  18. yankeedag wrote: warm conditioning (room temp ) allows the yeast to clean up stuff. So find a storage place, let it sit, then plop it in the "cold" for a few days before drinking. :stout: What the Nong said.
  19. That should be one kick ass beer my friend. DME is great with the Mr. Beer HME. I like the dry hop as well. Maybe throw a little in at seven minutes to add some aroma and a hint of flavor. Have a great weekend! :cheers:
  20. Gymrat wrote: I seem to be in the minority on this one but I really like the red ale with Willamette hops. 1 Red Ale HME 1 Mellow Amber UME 1 cup brown sugar 1/4 oz Willamette hops for 15 minute boil. I love a good Red Ale. Sam Adams makes a good one. Northcoast brewery's Red Seal is good as well. The recipe sounds good except I wouldn't boil hops for 15 because of the HME, but I would add them at 7 minutes to get optimum Aroma and flavor. A good dry hop is always a nice touch. I use this sight with my hop scheduling. http://www.brewsupplies.com/hop_characteristics.htm :chug:
  21. Gymrat wrote: How much honey would you use to batch prime 5 gallons? I use this sight. http://hbd.org/cgi-bin/recipator/recipator/carbonation.html?12014981#tag For 2.4 gal batch I typically will use 2.4 to 2.5 oz of honey. I use a sterile glass measuring cup and place it on the scale. Tare the weight and pour honey in slowly until your desired weight. Then add 1/2 cup filtered water and nuke for 2 minutes. Let cool and batch prime. I always cold crash so my beer is cold when I bottle it. I say that it is typically 55 degrees which calls for 2.5 oz of honey. Also I use a local all natural unfiltered honey that is delicious. I think using honey is more old world than a refined sugar. JMO :cheers:
  22. I have done it with the last four batches and it is easy and works great! This is what I do. I use the beer recipator as well and it should be correct. For a 2.4 gallon batch I use 2.5 oz of honey. I take a large glass measuring cup and place it on my scale. I tare the weight then pour my honey slowly until I hit 2.4 to 2.5 oz. Then I add 1/2 cup of clean water and micro for 2 min. let cool and batch prime. Thick rich head with AWESOME lacing! I don't think it imparts any flavor, but sure gives me the best results so far. I have used everything from corn sugar to the carb drops and I must say the local all natural unfiltered honey is the bomb! It may give the beer a better taste. Not 100% positive on that though. Here is an example of my american brown ale Apophis.
  23. After three batches using HMEs I moved on to steeping grains, DME and LME. Now I am planning some all grain brews. Some folks stick w/ the HMEs, but I have always loved a good culinary challenge. Did I mention beer is food? I am sure within a months time you will have the same desire to expand your brewing techniques. :cheers:
  24. :chug: Good luck! :party:
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