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  1. ZekesWickedHardCoreBrew wrote: dpip75 wrote: Oh, and I would dry hop that brew after 7 days. Like gymrat said they are HMEs.:stout: All I have are 1 oz of Bullion pellets , Place them in a muslin sack and drop them in the keg after 7 days? I have a bunch of other hops can you recommend any that would meet a dry hop profile for a porter ? And Yes I am using Dark DME with this batch. I would maybe try Fuggles, or sazz, chinook, nugget. Those would be good IMO. I don't use a hop sack because when you dry hops with the pellets they break up and cover the entire surface of the beer. They sink down and permeate every square inch of the beer. Just cold crash for 3 to 7 days and your golden. Use the bullion pellets to dry hop if you want.
  2. First get a good sized stock pot. For no boil overs! take about one gallon of water and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and stir in the DME and make sure none is stuck to the bottom. Return to heat. At this point do not leave the stove. The wort will start to foam up, don't panic just stir it or slide off the heat or turn it down if you have gas. An electric burner doesn't cool fast so just slide it off until it goes down (3 seconds) then return to heat. Boil until the break about 15 minutes. I would boil for at least 15 minutes after the break. remove from heat and add your HME. COOL and follow your Mr Beer instructions. I hope this helps. It is all trial and error my friend. Have fun. Also you can watch some brewing techniques on you tube.
  3. It depends on if you are steeping grains, using DME and LME or HMEs. Are you doing a mash? Using Mr. beer recipes? We need more info. Welcome to the Borg!
  4. Jcmccoy, Why do you strain your hops? I never do that, unless they are whole leaf. With the pellets, I have never had hops in the bottles. I cold crash my beer for three days and it has cleared all my beers nicely. I just think losing wort is not cool and the strainer is an extra tool to clean. JMO My american red ale Red Dawn turned out great. I used East Kent Goldings hops. Next time I will dry hop. Brew on!! :chug:
  5. D Rabbit wrote: I agree slightly with Gymrat. Although I wouldn't use Wheat DME I would add some type of DME. When I make my Porter I use Amber DME. DME or LME is definately the way to go. I recommend Amber or Dark.[/quot Why would it matter which DME he uses? Although I believe he is using dark.
  6. Just pokin fun with ya Rabbit. I like the recipes though. Keep us posted. :chug:
  7. I would not use sugar at all. Just use more DME. JMO. It will be ready quicker and give you better beer. One can't taste the brown sugar in beers anyway. If you take away the sweet in a sugar the other taste is what you get. I have used brown sugar and it wasn't bad but the all malt brew was better all around. Again JMO. While the brew with brown sugar fermented it put off a sulfuric odor for a couple of days??? YUK! The all malt smelled like heaven through whole fermentation. Brew on! Oh, and I would dry hop that brew after 7 days. Like gymrat said they are HMEs.:stout:
  8. Hey Mutsy, If you just whisk good and use a good yeast you will have good results every time. I have always just used my arm and a whisk and I have never had a problem with my yeast being healthy. Do you think Benjamin Franklin and George Washington had pumps and stir plates? Hell no! Beer is simple, but we tend to make it more difficult because as humans we like challenges. Relax and make good beer my friends. USE GOOD YEAST!!! :cheers: A good shaking with the carboys should do it as well. But I understand the whole pump concept. I guess I like hard work.
  9. Point taken siriusDG. If the style requires use of sugar I will use it. On the other hand I won't try to bump up abv in a beer that normally does not have sugar in it. :chug: Also being a newbie when I made these beers also has much to do with it. I am sure I will try some Belgian beers one day and use some rock candy or just white sugar like Duvel.
  10. timberwolf brew, Check out this sight. I think it will answer most of your questions. http://www.brewsupplies.com/hop_characteristics.htm
  11. Goofy of course. Just read another nasty pm from our good friend who is now using ericg's handle. What a loser!
  12. I use a spiral Walt Disney straw and blow.
  13. Some DME or steep more grain. I don't use sugars to bump up my abv anymore. When I have used cane sugar (once) and booster (once) the beer doesn't taste good to me. All the others have been great!
  14. yankeedag wrote: how's your Milky Way (vanilla irish blonde) doing? It has turned out pretty good. The one thing I regret is using cane sugar. It took a long time to condition out. The Irish blonde (Nebula) still sucks. I don't know why the vanilla one is better. I split the batch into two kegs. If I were to do another Irish blonde w/ vanilla beans I would use the beans at the end of the boil. I ended up using some very good organic extract at bottling time. Maybe the cane sugar side effects will eventually leave the Nebula brew and it will also be good. Thanks for asking. :chug:
  15. The taste I got was almost a sharp poison taste. It faded with time but never went away. :X
  16. Yeah! I am an idot. So I've been told. :laugh:
  17. I am with you rabbit! It depends on style and what I want out of the hops. Some brews just the standard 3 drop hop. I like a first wort hop, 60, 45, 20 minutes and then 3 drops in the last 7 minutes For maximum aroma and flavor. Dry hopping is key for IPAs IMO. Yo Drabbit When you type up your recipe maybe try separating the grains and hops so it is easy to read. No offense the recipes sound GREAT! I just went cross eyed trying to read them. :laugh: :chug: I had a kenny moment. :laugh:
  18. OK so I am 12 stones and a couple of pebbles.
  19. I used 1 pack of booster with my ADIPA and it never tasted right. It got better, but never lost that weird taste. I prefer not to use it. I go the all malt rout. Maybe some honey. My green envelope is flashing! I wonder who it can be? :laugh:
  20. How does one measure in stone? I am guessing I am about 10 stone and two pebbles. :laugh:
  21. I love honey! I use a local all natural unfiltered honey for priming as well.
  22. No women! :ohmy: At least leave a magazine!!!
  23. I thought those where tombstones at first. What a piss poor pic. :laugh: :laugh: Just kidding
  24. dennisd wrote: Those marks were put there by aliens from space (and they did that after a few too many beers). :laugh: "We are here for your women and beer."
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