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  1. I would pure, then sterilize by bringing to a boil. Then let cool to room temp. Add the pure before pitching, but hold off on the zest until you dry hop (7 days). To get all the nasty pulp out you can get a fruit strainer funnel from Mr. Beer for cheap. It has the cool Mr. Beer logo on it! Or just use a sieve. :laugh: Just my two cents. By the way this brew sounds awesome! :cheers:
  2. ericg wrote: Just one comment: Any pointers on the yeast project? I'd definitely recommend using LME or DME or some other malt as a base for your starters. There are a lot of nutrients in malt that just aren't found in honey alone, plus the variety of simple & complex carbohydrates found in malt (as opposed to honey) is a little better for your yeasties while they're in the growth phase. All-malt starters with a bit of yeast nutrient is even better! :cheers: Thanks Eric! I figured that. I basically just wanted to see if I could wake up The yeast that I harvested. I am going to get some DME when I get ready to start up some more yeast. I have a couple questions. First, how long can I keep harvested yeast in the fridge? Second can I harvest the yeast from the honey water ferment? I can't brew for a few weeks. Thanks again. :cheers:
  3. I have been changing this recipe and thinking about what I truly want. I think I got it. Instead of a hoppy amber ale, I want an American IPA. This is what I have planned. Now if my wife will OK the purchase of some ingredients. Aries 1978 (American IPA) batch size 5 gal single infusion mash, fly sparge or batch sparge (undecided) OG 1.067 FG 1.017 IBU 47.3 SRM 11.52 ABV 6.55 Grains: 10 lb Fawcett optic pale malt .5 lb Aromatic malt .5 lb 2 row caramel 60 .5 lb Munich malt .5 lb 2 row Carapils Hops: Centennial 1 oz @ FWH Centennial .25 oz @ 60 min Centennial .25 oz @ 50 min Centennial .25 oz @ 40 min Centennial .25 oz @ 30 min Centennial 1 oz @ 20 min Centennial 1.25 oz @ 7 min Centennial .25 oz @ 0 min Centennial 1 oz Dry hop (7 days) Wyeast 1056/1272 hybrid calling it American Ale III 2328
  4. dpip75

    Black IPA

    I am excited for you! I did an american brown ale with Yakima Magnun, Citra, and simcoe then dry hopping with simcoe. OMG! It is something special my friend. I thought of all the hopheads including me :woohoo: when I first drank this. It has been a crowd pleaser. Citrus, chocolate almost. YUM! We may have to trade. :chug:
  5. I had to combine into a growler due not enough head space. It is cool seeing it come to life. I wish it where beer instead of just honey water.
  6. Today the two jars are fermenting away. Since I can't brew, I think I will play with the yeast and add more of both yeasts and add more honey water. Two hours later and I can hear a steady little ping coming from the pin hole in the lid. Here are some pics.
  7. I am doing a single infusion mash. Yeah I have more yeast than I can use right now. I hope I can keep it alive for a while. I think I have my recipe together. Here goes. Aries 1978 (amber ale) batch size 5 gal. OG 1.066 FG 1.017 IBU 39.4 ABV 6.42 Grains: 10 lb 2 row brewers malt 1 lb Aromatic .5 lb 2 row caramel 60 .5 lb Caramel vienne .25 lb 2 row carapils Hops: Centennial .50 oz @ FWH Centennial .25 oz @ 60 min Centennial .25 oz @ 50 min Centennial .25 oz @ 40 min Centennial .25 oz @ 30 min Centennial 1 oz @ 20 min Centennial 1.25 oz @ 7 min Centennial .25 oz @ 0 min Centennial 1 oz Dry hop (7 days) Wyeast 1056/1272 hybrid calling it American Ale III 2328 OK, let me have it guys.
  8. I am about to re think this recipe. We are almost 24 hours into the harvested yeast fermenting in a honey water solution. I crossed 2 tbs of wyeast american ale 1056 with 2 tbs wyeast american ale II 1272. I wanted to start a unique strain and harvest this yeast cake for this recipe. I am really making a cross between an IPA and an amber ale. The hoppy flavors and aromas of a good IPA (Founders Centennial IPA) but the malt backbone and color of an amber ale. I have some thinking to do. Any pointers on the yeast project?
  9. dpip75

    Black IPA

    I bet you won't have any problem letting that one sit. I would be able to hold off though because my mind switches from dark, and 8% and up beers when it gets hot down here in the south. :laugh: I love those kind of beers in the fall and winter. :freeze:
  10. I would say no. be patient and get what you need. Just because you don't like white grape juice doesn't mean the beer won't be awesome!
  11. dpip75

    Black IPA

    Sweet! Sounding good. :gulp:
  12. I have read recipes for fat tire clones where they only use 1 oz of pale chocolate. Does it make a difference? I don't know I think it does from past recipes using small amounts of chocolate (color and roasty flavor). I was thinking of cutting it out completely. I am still unsure though. As far as the amounts go I use the brew builder with my batch size set on 4.8 gallons (2 kegs). I was concerned about using Biscuit and aromatic but they are slightly different. Like I said, this is work in progress. I am not in any hurry at all. I want this to be really special. Thanks for the input Sirius
  13. It is normal to be off a little IMO. Beer is food, and I have had a recipe not hit efficiency and it was damn good. So Just relax and enjoy your brews!
  14. I am seeking advice and wanting opinions. I have never done this recipe or an all grain so I am listening to any criticism. I would love to brew even better beer than I do now so any advice is welcome. I really want a strong malty backbone and a very hoppy aroma/flavor from the centennial hops. I love Founders Centennial IPA. It may be my favorite beer of all time. I wanted to try an amber ale with similar but also different profiles. I am still a rookie, hell it took ten years of experimenting with different crust styles to finally get my pizza crust down perfectly. We learn something everyday.
  15. otg, I read many recipes and I use a brew builder. I am a chef so I come up with recipes the same as I do with food.... by the way, beer is food. I use http://www.brewsupplies.com/grain_profiles.htm as well. this sight has been very helpful.
  16. I changed up the grains a little. Less caramel malts. Grains: 8 lb Briess 2 Row Brewers Malt 1 lb Aromatic 1 lb 2 row carapils 12 oz Caravienne 12 oz crystal 40 10 oz biscuit 1 oz pale chocolate Still up in the air, but I do like the grain bill here.
  17. UPDATE!!! We have carbonation folks! This is a BIG BEER for sure. The ABV is 8.6%. I don't Know what the hell happened but this is sweet like a barley wine, hoppy, with a dense thick head. Very different, but good for sipping. Should be killer on a cold winter night. :freeze: I am wondering if I double primed now. Would this bump up the ABV? Overall happy with the citra hop aroma and slight flavor. This was the recipe. Big Bang (Imperial IPA) Yeast: Wyeast American Ale 1056 Grains & ferms: 0.75 lb crystal 40L 0.03 lb choc. malt 0.50 lb biscuit 0.25 lb light DME 3.75 lb Coppers select IPA HME (add at flame out) 1.00 lb Honey (flame out) Hops: 0.50 oz citra at flame out OG 1.089 FG 1.022 Abv 8.6%
  18. I harvested a ton of yeast from 4 kegs. I had Wyeast american ale and american ale II. Today I made a nice warm sterile honey water and used both yeasts in two jars. It has been 30 min and we have a nice 1/4 to 1/2 inch of krausen. My plan is to grow yeast and store it. This will be interesting considering this is my first time doing this.
  19. Thanks otg. I have never used caramel pils. i think it is carapils that has been roasted a bit. I do want a toasty, caramel malt backbone with some nutty tones. Although this is the feedback I want. I have been reading all kinds of amber ale recipes. I guess I could nix the caramel pils and use more carapils or some honey malt. That will lighten it up a bit, but thats ok. I am about to do more research.
  20. THIS IS NOT THE RECIPE ANYMORE. I put this together yesterday using http://www.brewmasterswarehouse.com/brew-builder Any comments or critics would be appreciated. This will be my first all grain brew. Unfortunately the :evil: I mean wife, has my brewing on hold, so it may be awhile. Any who here is the recipe. Aries 1978 (Amber Ale) batch size 4.8 gallons OG 1.066 FG 1.020 IBU 40 SRM 12.53 ABV 6.03 Grains: 8 lb Briess 2 Row Brewers Malt 1 lb Caramel Vienne 12 oz Caramel Pils 12 oz Biscuit Malt 12 oz Briess 2 Row Caramel 40 12 oz Briess 2 Row Carapils 1 oz Crisp Pale Chocolate Malt Hops and schedule: Centennial .50 oz First Wort Hop Centennial .25 oz 60 min Centennial .25 oz 50 min Centennial .25 oz 40 min Centennial .25 oz 30 min Centennial 1 oz 20 min Centennial 1 oz 7 min Centennial .25 oz 5 min Centennial either 1 or 1/2 oz at flame out (need an opinion on this) Centennial 1 oz Dry Hop Yeast: Wyeast Northwest Ale
  21. I determine time of cold crash on the clarity. 1 to 3 days usually. I went a little over a week once and the beer didn't carb. So I don't go that long anymore. It was an accident anyway. :ohmy:
  22. yankeedag wrote: Sometimes it's hard to respond or type when you're wipping the drool off the key board.... So true. :laugh:
  23. yankeedag wrote: if you look, it shows how many "hits" your post get. Sometimes, it's just a reader with no need to "respond". So don't feel bad. :stout: :laugh: I see the hits, I thought the whole point is to communicate? Sometimes on a pic post I will get no comments at all? Not even a "that looks like crap!" :laugh: I don't feel bad, I just want a response so I can get other opinions besides my own. Ya know? Maybe I post too much? I don't know, I just love making beer. :cheers: David, what kind of flavors does the yeast put off if any?
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