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  1. my order will be in on monday sticky wicket black tower porter 2 cans of creamy brown ume bottle caps(crown) capper thinkn about makn the sticky wicket in to a coffee stout and the black tower into a bannana porter.woohoo
  2. lets not forget most ales are going to have a fruity after effect however it should not be over welming or over powering(not cidery,but fruity)thats just my2 cents
  3. the pumpkin spice was bottled 02/26/10 will try to let it sit for atleast2 weeks but cant promise will post resaults
  4. turned out great.had good flavor and very smooth,the vanilla wasnt to over powering but you could tell it was there.like i said just put the extract in when you bottle you beer with the carbonating sugar.
  5. i have used vanilla in a home brew,however i didnt do it that way.i used pure vanilla extract and used about a 1/16 tsp on the MrB 1 liter pet bottles when i bottled.if you are un happy with your attempt you mite want to try this(just thought i would give my 2 cents)vanilla is like cinnamon use sparingly it is very powerful.
  6. try to keep yor temp between 68 and 72,but 68 in my opinion is around the best temp
  7. i want to do a beer from scratch.starting with the barly grains and etc.i want to know how much grains i would need for approx 2 galand what other grains i would need to make a stout.i dont mind using the extract at all for time purposes,but i would like to make a beer from scratch just once.any help is appreciated.
  8. its not realy stopped,it just slowed down just be patient and give it atleast a week.
  9. looks like a good coffee stout.how much coffee did you steep?
  10. chocolate turtle(sounds like it will go down slow and smooth)
  11. i hant been to the lhbs in my area yet,however i have had the chance to talk to one of the assitant brewmasters at a local micro brewery and explained to him how i just got started in home brewing and what kits i have been using(MrB kits).he basicly told me that is how he got his start into the brewing buisness.i have taken some of my home brews to him to get his opinion and he seemed very pleased with the out come.he has even offered to show me some more advanced steps like how to make the extract with using grains.all i need is time and space and i might get into some more advanced brewing right now i am happy with the way i am making beer now.i just goes to show you some people dont forget how they started.it may not have been a MrB kit but something similar.
  12. hands are washed(habit,emt,corretional officer)bringing beer.where is the location
  13. you are makin me hungry,sonds great burgers&beer.(hope the burgers are on potato rolls).i could help consuming both if needed,LOL LOL.
  14. OH NO!!!!! now you got me wondering,i went a little over the 8.5qt line when i filled the rest with water.should i worry about the keg exploding on my counter?
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