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  1. I just saw the 75min boil time? what's that all about? Also I was at LHBS and talking to the guy about partial boils and limiting adding most of the LME till the end,to help with hop usage and limit the carameling. i had it backwards for a long time and was wondering why I wasn't getting the 'hoppage' I wanted. So this weekend I plan on rethinking my boils. But 75 minutes is that really needed? Capt'n Timmmaaayyy
  2. Coolio Thanks for bumping. I just loaded up on the Chinook too. Too coool. I will probably use a diferent yeast though. Either 1056 or Pacman. I too can see adding more hops to this. thanks again Capt'n Timmmaaayyy
  3. Hey Greg50 Those plastic bottles are they the same as the PETs that MB has? Timbier? Are yours glass or pets?
  4. Wow Tim I see that you are in Stockton too. That is too cool. Lets go meet at Valley Brew this week. I did not know there were other MB people local to us.
  5. very unreliable results. They may or NOT seal for you. I would not trust hem. I have had 2 get thru on us. 1 bad. chuck em
  6. well yankeedag that's what I was givin' in my kit from LHBS It still tasted just like it.
  7. btw very interested to see whre this goes.
  8. 2.4 or 5 gal? I suppose one could do the math. I brewed a wheat that tasted almost exactly like it. 5gal batch 5 lbs alexanders wheat LME 1/2 lb light DME 3/4 lb honey 3/4 oz cascade @ 60 1/3 oz tett @ 15 wyeast 1010 very active ferment wheats and good yeast tend to blow out Anyway I swear it was almost exactly like Shocktop good luck
  9. He's an ugly little spud isn't he. Well chock that up to a lesson learned. Headspace in the fementer is very important. That why you'll see so much in a MB keg. Your temp may be a little warm too. I think the most we cleaned/changed an airlock was 5 times. Now you know to keep the other type airlock and some 1/2" hose and jar handy. OH and pan or a tub lid to place the fermenter on. we were just talking about one of our brews doing this in a 5 gal carboy. I changed the next batch to a 4 gal when in those. We really only use them as 2nds now. Yeah that's funny as we were just looking into a clone of the same beer. Good brewing.
  10. Is it flat? Like BPgreen said,what temp was it fermented at? Then what temp was it carbed/conditioned at? Did you calulate the prime sugar right? I've had beers taste sweet and they were flat. So I moved them to warmer temps, because they need to ferment the prime sugar too.
  11. good score. yeast cost just dropped. You'll have that for a long time if you continue to propagate it. I can see a stir plate and a flask in your future. Jerry and I made one and I bought a 2000ml flask. It is the best way to make starters. I too use growlers but they are curved on the bottom and the stirrer doesn't work. It needs to be flat. After I get a new yeast I do a starter, I split the batch up. I keep mine in 12oz bottles in the fridge, then make a new starter for the brew I'm going to do 2 days later. before you know it that fridge will be full of yeasty beasties. :cheer: You could consider that growler of yours cold crashed and the yeast may stick in there pretty good. Try to let it settle more and see if it does separate into yeast and proteins. Yo ho me harty
  12. this is a geat post good job Whale hey Bigd regarding your us-05.. like you said it is cheap AND I would add it is a dry yeast. not so big of a deal. it works good for you the way you are doing it now splitting it in 2. I would like to invite you to try the liquid yeasts. I have learned much here about harvesting and propagating. so I have moved on to always useing a starter from a split batch of Wyeast liquid. Following Yankeedags instructions i have been very successful in propping several strains. However I feel most confortable with 2. wyeast 1056(most common) wyeast 1010 wheat I have tried 1272 and the Pacman, even a White labs but the dogs knocked that down. Heck Jerry and I made a stirrer and I got a 2000ml flask with foam stopper going right now for a brew Tuesday or Wed. useing 1056 that I split. I'll work on pics. I save my yeast in 12oz bottles with a cap. I just have to be carefull what bottle I'm opening from the fridge. :-)
  13. You can get the Hazelnut brown at Costco.com for $39.xx shipped. Limited states though. I have seen other Rogue kits there before too. Never tried their beer though. I do have some of the Wyeast Pacman yeast that is their strain of yeast.
  14. I concur DR.Dinks method is sound. repitching on a MB keg I have not done. I would not on dry yeast. I have in a 5gal rebrewwed(is that a word?)on liquid yeast trub. It came out awesome. The whole point of havesting is cost savings. You can really cut your batch costs down. Dr.Dinks method is clean since you are not reuseing the yeast. If MB liquid yeast is Wyeast then it is good stuff. We have used White labs too. I would not reuse that. To use a 70's word/saying...groady to the max. Brewing tomorrow Jer. Four Winds Wheat Mk2
  15. Coming in a little late on this. BTW looks good. When I first read the subject I was thinking what kind of STAR TREK TOS spin on beer am I getting into here... :ohmy:
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