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  1. I would just worry about what exactly I'm going to do with that special delicious brew. Cook with it, share it, save it and age it, drink it slow, drink it fast? That's the only worry I see.
  2. I have often wondered the same thing and tried with with many batches. I can never notice a differrence between the ones that I swirl and the ones that I don't. It's good in theory though.
  3. So the thing to do with the peppers though is to just split them and toss them in? I was going to slice them up or even chop them hop sock them and toss them in.
  4. Yeah warming it up will greatly lessen the effect of the cold crashing.
  5. Yup, I think they got it all covered. Any questions let us know.
  6. Yes another MB keg will work and yes sanitize. Any sanitizer you have will work but sanitize everything. Do not let the beer just fall from the primary to the secondary. Splashing and contact with air is the enemy here. You need a system with hoses that will allow the transfer to happen with out splashing and air contact. The beer should flow from one to the other and fill the secondary right on up over the hose. Then disconect the hose and remove it, and close the secondary up right away.
  7. I prefer glass because I think it's cooler and I have tons of glass bottles. I use all my plastic ones for soda. The plastic or glass question I think is like which came first the chicken or the egg. Your never wrong. Enjoy your beer.
  8. Mon night I brewed a batch and then tues night I brewed another big batch cause tues I turned 30. Got some big beers frementing. Give it up guys!
  9. I got mine at www.northernbrewer.com
  10. Mutsy


    I would think it should be good. That would be like a Dunkelweizen I never use QBrew so that I don't know about.
  11. mxstar21 wrote: jrydun wrote: I'm in the same boat as you guys. Had some krausen at first, but now not so much. My temperature reads about 66 degrees, which is lower than I want, but I don't have any other placement options. I've got it wrapped in towels, and hoping for the best. I'm just trying to stay patient and quit looking at it every 8 hours. It's been 4 days, so I think I'll leave it fermenting closer to the 21 day mark as opposed to 14. It's the American Devil IPA btw. Better to be colder than hotter. Don't sweat it. You will be fine, and ADIPA is a great beer to start with. +1 You guys are good to go, you're making beer.
  12. Metzger Brewery wrote: So I am about three days into the fermentation process of WCPA and have continued to check/look at the fermentor and it looks good. The first 24 hours I was a bit weirded out because it was giving an off smell that smelt nothing like beer, kind of a strange smell. Then last night, I check on it and WOW it smells great! I have it in a styrofoam cooler so all of the smells come out when I take off the lid. I have a thermometer in there and the temp is around 70.4 degrees. Prime fermentation temp. It smells sweet and it smells like beer. Looking at the top of the fermenentor, I see little bubbles coming to the top forming Krausen?. So I'm excited on the progress. I'm really beginning to see how patience is a good thing. Waiting is really the hard part. Yes the bubbles come up and form a foam on top called Krausen. It most likely won't be a thick Krausen due to the WCPA. Next batch you make you'll go holy crap THAT'S KRAUSEN! At first the smell should smell like yeast. Keep posting, let us know how it turns out.
  13. This thread did turn into a monster. I am glad. It's good to see everyone's questoins are getting answered I have been working so much I haven't been able to check it. Keep it qoing this is a great reference to many good questions. Cheers
  14. It depends more if you used a wheat beer yeast along with it. If you don't use wheat beer yeast I recommend stopping shy of the trub. If you use a wheat beer yeast try it both ways.
  15. Another quick note. Next time you make beer before you add the yeast draw a sip off and taste it. That helped me out a bunch cause I was always going well it tastes like beer but a sweet beer. What is sweet and what isn't. It's important to know what unfermented wort tastes like.
  16. I will never and never have bottled in plastic. I always pour it into a glass but like others have said, a plastic bottle of beer is just weird. That's just my two cents but plastic will work just fine.
  17. FrozenInTime wrote: Mutsy wrote: Merry Christmas to all, the weather up here in ND is real nice, snowing some but makes for a nice Christmas even though we already have enough LOL. LOL, u can have the snow... I'm in Devils Lake and we have enough to last a life time. Beautiful I used to spend a lot of time in DL on Camp Grassick. I have and uncle who lives in DL and works for soil conservation there.
  18. Brewsus Yeast wrote: Welcome! HME = Hopped Malt Extract UME = Unhopped Malt Extract LME = Liquid Malt Extract DME = Dry Malt Extract LHBS = Local Home Brew Store WTF? = What the $#&%? Be patient and keep everything clean! Good call, good note!
  19. Perfect way to start this. I wondered the same thing last Christmas when I started. Honestly, you're going to want to pour it in a glass. A neat thing most of us did last year was even take a store bought beer and pour one and just open the other. Appreciate the color and aroma of the one in the glass compared to the bottle. Then taste them.... It's truly better in a glass. You worked hard to make that beer and it's a quality one... don't sell your beer short by drinking from the bottle. Pour it into a glass and put that baby on display, and enjoy it to it's full potential. Merry Christmas to all, the weather up here in ND is real nice, snowing some but makes for a nice Christmas even though we already have enough LOL.
  20. Hope it's as good as it sounds. Merry Christmas!
  21. I'm bottling tonight, seems like a good night to bottle to me. Since I started my first batch one year ago. I am now bottling batch number 30 tonight.
  22. Ok, how many of you are just sitting and reading stuff on here and got a MB kit for Christmas? Speak up the floor is open and so are all the experts on here. Now one will ever look down on you here, no one will ever think that was a dumb question. We are all very open and very helpful. We all learn and it's lots of fun to share and get better at this together. So.... those of you who were affraid to ask a question about your first batch please ask away here's your chance. It doesn't matter if your question is "when mashing grainss in an AG batch what is the best way to set up an auto sparge for maximum efficiency?" or if your question is as simple as... "what is a hop sack and how do you use it?" Pipe up, and become a part of the network of friends here and ask anything you want. Say anything you want to about beer, brewing or otherwise or just give us some cool tips too. Merry Christmas and cheers
  23. Alls well that ends well. I'm just glad you got it figured out, now brew on!
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