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  1. I think I'll try that, Batch priming the keg and a Mr Moes pale ale, looks delicious !!!!
  2. Which leads to another question, So I Could I batch prime the beer when putting in the keg, then force carbonate at 12 psi for 2 weeks ???
  3. Well my fridge is at 38* so I'll set it at 12 psi and let it set for 2 weeks before tapping,I'm in no hurry to drink it right away, but I noticed my first keg tasted better the 3rd week than it did the 1st week, And thank for all the suggestions, Jeff
  4. Ok I've filled both kegs released the air and added a little pressure, So its cool to leave them at room temp 72*, for a week or two before I put in fridge ?? And then 30 psi for 3 days, then 8 to 10 psi to tap,
  5. I'm force carbonating, was told to force carbonate at 30 psi for 3 days and then down to 8 to 10 for 4 more days, then tap, But since this will only be my 2nd and 3rd time kegging I thought I'd ask.
  6. Recently finished my first keg of a blonde ale and noticed it tasted better on the 3rd week, So today I'm kegging 2, 5 gal batches, Would it be a good idea to just carbonate it for a couple of weeks and let it condition a little bit before drinking ???
  7. Caveman you are a trip, I'm sure it would be a blast to share a few beers with ya, glad you settled down a bit on here, but I can think of a few forums I would love you to go wreck havoc on. Lol, Hope your beers are turning out good., be cool and :cheers:
  8. Jeffrey Sp8


    Yes you can add DME or hops to beef up your Mr Beer extracts, and you can make some awesome beers that way :gulp:
  9. No you'll be ok, did you just wipe it down without opening the lid ???
  10. I've used 1 tsp of coriander and Orange zest to boil of the WW and it tasted good, but as far as the Orange flavor you should use the zest instead, a sliced Orange will have so much citric acid which is not good for head retention,
  11. Yes that would work , I still have a 6 pack I bottled 10 months ago, used the 1 cup of ground expresso beans and thought the coffee flavor was really strong though, and I like coffee,
  12. Get a reusable paint straining bag from home depot, lowes, fill a pot with about 6 to 8 cups of water, get water temp 168* put weighed grains, oats, in bag let sit for 30 mins, take out bag, its just like steeping tea,
  13. Rinse your caps really good then put them in a bowl of one step, fill your bottles with one step, put caps on, let soak 10 mins, take em off n put back in the bowl of one step,
  14. I can't imagine the water stream from the jets would go all the way up to the bottom of the bottle, they spin pretty quick, and have such a small opening to even get the water inside, It seems just as easy to rinse when the bottle is empty, Oxyfree soak, bottle brush, n let dry, then I rinse again with one step,
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