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  1. Got my new shipment in and brewed a batch last Tuesday. Was happy about the two days of the thick foam on top of the beer, seeing the bubbles rise. but the next two days the foaming stopped and all is left is a small collection of foam in the middle. There is sediment in the bottom of the keg. What i'm concerned is that is the fermentation or sugar-to-alcohol done already instead of the two week period. Or I'm wrong and it's just doing the magic. Temperature was between 68 and 75. I made recordings this morning with a hydrometer 1,025 3% 6.5
  2. wondergut wrote: At the risk of contributing to the deliquency of a minor, I can definitively state that a Coleman propane camp stove will boil a considerable amount of water easily. We do a lot of camping. I'd say that it takes five to ten minutes to boil a quart of water. I go with that.
  3. Sir Humphrey S. Edmund wrote: I retract my previous statement. Actually, you might want to risk just telling your folks, provided you are of legal age, of course. I figured nothing good would come of it, but when I was at BB&B getting my second fermenter over winter break, my mom actually stepped in and paid for it. Wouldn't even let me pay for it. Moral of the story: you just might be surprised. I wouldn't risk it, not at this time. Their in their 50's and 60's and I can really tell their going loopy Thanks for the burner input.
  4. It seems it's gonna be tricky to brew beer in my kitchen since my mom and dad occupy that place all day and until 9 at night. They don't know I have one. The times I brewed was when their on a trip or out to dinner with friends. So what I can come up with to make my concoctions is to brew in the most unlikely place-my bathroom. All I need is a portable stove. The kettle/saucepan I can handle. If anybody thought of this, what do you recommend? I was thinking of a flat single propane stove for camping, not the kinds that stand on top a canister. Or maybe an electric stove so i can tell the wattage? Wait, maybe boiling on electric will be slower. That's what I'm running with right now.
  5. I got massive activity!!! So happy right now. There hope for this batch.
  6. Ok so far i got the keg heated to the right temperature and let it sit for six hours. I came back and the sediment is there and spotted like five white floaters on the top. I think I save it.
  7. I used three jugs of Arrowhead water.
  8. My first batch came out bad tasting and I figured it was the tap water in my house. So i decided to make a new batch, this time with the Octoberfest. Then that's where I screwed some thing up. I bought distilled water this time, but I had it in my car and it got super cold. I poured it in any way. Slap me if you will because on the stick on temp gauge it read at 60 degrees before adding the yeast. Then I added the yeast anyway. I opened the packet and it seemed there was less yeast than normal. I sprinkled whatever I can in the keg and placed it in my closet, then I used my space heater to bring the temperature up. The next morning I checked it and there's no foam at the top. Tell me, is this batch good as dead or is there a way to coax life into the mix?
  9. mjfrederick wrote: I added a can of creamy brown to my Sticky Wicket. The booster will add alcohol without affecting the body, but it won't add any flavor either. If I were to use an adjunct like brown sugar or honey, I'd vote for Dark Brown Sugar, but that's a personal preference. Any will work fine though. So do you use both cans of Sticky wicket, both yeast packets, and the creamy brown, then fill it to 8.5 ounces?
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