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  1. Just ordered the stuff. I am going to do the all grain option from here: Midas Touch Clone. Ordered all the stuff, I got the Rahr 2-row malt from Northern Brewer. I also got 3# of their clover honey. If I want to add 3/4# more, I can use some store bought stuff. I may just keep it the way it is. This should be exciting. I did a Karmeliet clone (partial mash) with the Wyeast 3787 and this is the same yeast I need for the Midas clone. I was thinking about reusing the yeast, but it is probably best not to reuse the yeast from the high gravity Tripel. I always make a starter for my liquid yeast and this one loves to foam over!
  2. One year later almost since I made this brew. This brew is a serious contender with the Dog Fish Head Midas touch. I really like the honey notes that shine through. Dog Fish head has less honey notes but more pleasing malt. I am getting ready to make the Dog Fish Head clone located on Brew your own website. They use 3# of honey. If you do the ratio to compare the Mr. Beer recipe, Mr. Beer uses 3-3/4# of honey. I think I will bump this up to the Mr. Beer ratio. I am getting ready to price the ingredients. I have the frozen muscat grape juice -but I don't think I want to use that. I am going to buy a fresh can. The Midas clone calls for 2# of Alexander's Muscat concentrate. The can is 4#. I may just make a 1 gallon batch of wine with the left overs.
  3. Try White labs California ale yeast WL001. I used it in the mid 70's and it performed extremely well! I listened to a stream from Mr. White talking about this yeast and he said home brewers used this yeast in the mid 70's and it worked great for them. He said for the longest time, this is the only strain he made -if memory serves me well. In the summer, I battled to keep the house around 76-80. Downstairs I could get it to 74-76. I only have one zone for HVAC. grrr.
  4. I think you are fine. You can go to the Wyeast website and read the FAQ section to put your mind at ease.
  5. Mr Beer Twang can be searched in these forums. I can get this twang with all the different yeast strains that I tried with Mr. Beer extracts. But, it could be associated with human error no doubt. Perhaps I stressed the yeast too much. But, going in depth on the other forums, it would seem that stressing yeast would give off fusel notes, or too much clove or banana taste. I have noticed some of the kits that I am extremely kind in the temperature area will still give some off twang notes in the finish. I can't trick my wife, I will say, try this! She will smell it, and say this is a Mr. Beer one isn't it? lol, she gets me every time. The one beer that I made that is divine from Mr. Beer is the King's Nectar. When I did a side by side with Midas Touch, it held it's own for sure! I have done several other kits other than the Mr. Beer and they have rocked! Midwest Kits: Hex Nut Brown (gone so good, wife's fav) Cream Ale (almost gone 1/16th of a keg left) Double Hop Head IPA (twice) (drinking now, nice grapefruit aroma with peach/apricot notes) Winter Ale (rich tasting brew with roast notes and molasses in the finish) Northern Brewer: Caribou Slobber (slightly hoppier than the hex nut and more coffee notes) Petite de Saison (in keg now carbing) Dry Irish Stout (aging in carboy and will replace the caribou slobber) However, Chocolate covered cherries and the Jamaican Mon go down as failures for me. I guess we all have beers that failed our expectations. No big deal, if it happens sometimes.
  6. This one I left in the fridge for 3 months! I was gonna put one in yesterday, and I saw one hidden from back in Oct. lol
  7. Figure I would give a review after about 10 months in the bottle. Pours a dark brown color -same as cola. Head is 1" dissipates in 20 seconds to nothing -same as cola. Good carbonation, maybe too much actually for a stout. Zero lacing. Smell: can smell the cherries, not too bad, rather pleasing. However, there is also an unique smell intermingling that I can only call the Mr. Beer smell. No other smells are detected. Taste: cherries, some sweetness from the lactose no doubt, and a Mr. Beer Twang that hits the back of the sides of the tongue as it goes down. As the beer warms the twang becomes more prominent. The taste is one dimensional at best, far removed from a stout. I don't detect any chocolate notes, or even that vanilla extract that I added. I am going to leave it alone and let it warm up to room temp and assess further. Okay, been about 1 hour letting the beer sit. More of the malt darker character is coming out -like the chocolate. But it is competing against that off twang in the finish that also intensifies as the beer is warming. The brew is gonna get dumped, I am done tasting it.
  8. lol sorry for not updating. No it wasn't good, I still have some bottles of this stuff so maybe I should try. I bottled this brew on 04/24/2010. But the last time I tried -fall?? not really sure, it was thin and full of cherry flavor -like cherry soda? I think I got too cute with the ingredients. I really have trouble tasting any stout flavor or chocolate notes at all. Since then, I have made beers using 5 gallon kits with steeping grains, malt extract, spring water, liquid yeast strains, and hops. Only the Winter Ale I made required the addition of some caraway seeds that came with the kit. As a NOOB, I think I went too far in one direction and I should of done the kit with focus on the required ingredients before playing with the adjuncts. On the subject of flavor extracts, I don't think I will use them again! Even that Sam Adams cherry wheat I used to like doesn't taste good to me any more. The last bottle I had to choke down. I am going to put a bottle of this in the fridge right now so I can update. It is like 10 months later so who knows?
  9. Thumbs up on conditioning in the carboy for a few months. I have done a double hop head IPA like this, and doing it again right now. I also did a nice Winter Ale where I left it in the carboy for 2 months. I also have a dry stout that is sitting in a secondary carboy ready for when my keg rotation needs it! There is a certain time after leaving it in a secondary where you will need to add yeast when you go to prime or add sugar to your bottles for carbonation. However, 2 months is super short of a time to worry about this. Perhaps at the 4-6 month mark in the secondary this is an issue? I don't have enough experience yet on aging in the secondary that long yet. FYI, the IPA and Winter ale are bottled and carbed with no issues. delicious after two weeks too so you can add the time spent in the carboy to your conditioning IMO
  10. pink salt is poison too if you eat the whole pack, but you use it in sausage.
  11. Yeah, I haven't used gelatin before, but people did say in other forums that it affects carbonation in their bottles. However, I think that you are good to go with either cranberry sauce chunky or smooth. Just read the ingredients. Also be mindful of your fermentation temps! I posted some pictures of my Cranberry Maibock process and I used a blow off tube. People complained about Cran-bombs with this brew!
  12. That is true about gelatin, but is it really an ingredient in straight up cranberry sauce. I made my own cranberry sauce with sugar, water, and cranberries. That stuff did turn to jelly! Also, the recipe calls for orange marmalade, that is jelly too. Ok, just found the ocean spray jellied cranberry sauce. It contains: Cranberries, High Fructose Corn Syrup, water, corn syrup. There is no gelatin.
  13. Yeah, explain why it is bad? I made this brew with Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce that was sure jelly like. Isn't gelatin used to clarify beer in the secondary? I really don't see any issue about using the canned cranberry sauce without chunks. http://www.northernbrewer.com/brewing/brewing-ingredients/salts-finings/clarifiers/gelatin-finings.html
  14. With my stir plate, my starter dominates the 5 gallons of wort. I recorded when I started seeing bubbles in my blow off tube and it thus far it has been 4 to 6 hours after pitching! This is a starter for my mead. I used Wyeast liquid.
  15. I recommend searching for some homemade ginger ale recipes to give you inspiration on the amount you should add. I had some ginger beer and it was pretty good. I didn't make it, but my boss gave me a few brews that his son made.
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