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  1. That does make sense since unfiltered, unpasterized beer is alive and would continue to change when stored under temps that yeast are active. I still condition the warmer drinking beers like stout, bitter, & porter in the cellar. Beers I drink cold get lagered in fridge.
  2. DME and sugar is not proportional. DME works great for carbonating, it just takes more than it does sugar. I use the priming calculator on tastybrew.com to figure out how much to use. Time will improve your beer. The standard refills are really good with a LONG conditioning, but the truth is it will taste good (unless infected) because "you made it" All of us thought our early attempts were amazing then as we progress and actually get better at the craft judge ourselves a little more impartially.
  3. Kealia wrote: Ok, I didn't "get it" the last time this was discussed, and I still don't. By looking at the recipes, I'm not seeing anything that looks different from a typical hop schedule - what am I missing? In my recipe there is only 1/8 oz high alpha hops used for bittering, while 2.25 oz high alpha hops are used for flavor/aroma... 2 of those ounces being in the last ten minutes! A typical hop schedule for me would have 1/4 - 2/3 oz for bittering & 1/2 -1 oz for flavor/aroma. I hope this helps.
  4. Hopburst - GOOD! HOPBURST ALE 2.4 gallon IBU: 43, SRM: 14, ABV: 5.5% Steeping Grains - 121g Crystal 40 - 83g British Dark Crystal - 45g Pale Chocolate 60 Minute Boil - 91g Light DME - 4g Columbus 20 Minute Boil - 7g Columbus (20min) 10 Minute Boil - 3.15 lb Gold LME - 1/2 tsp Irish Moss - 14g Amarillo - 14g Centennial Flameout - 14g Amarillo - 14g Centennial 1/2 pack Nottingham dry yeast This first taste has got me thinking of brewing a Hopburst Pilsner. Love me a hoppy pils!
  5. Hopbursting is amazing! I just bottled my first shot at hopbursting, and I have to say this is the best tasting pre-carb/condition brew I've made in two years. All you hop heads should give it a try.
  6. I got glasses & pitcher set from extended family, and a LHBS gift certificate from Mrs. Clause. :blush:
  7. "Saloon Head's Rest" When I was a little kid my dad's friends called him Saloon Head.
  8. I trash picked 48 empty 7oz Corona bottles, from my neighbors recyclables, for by Imperial Stout or Barley Wine. I like the tiny size for the 8-10% ABV. The clear bottles don't bother me since my beer never sees the light of day, but I'm not a big fan of the painted bottles. Does anybody know any other beers that come in 7 oz, pry off bottles? I've got 8 oz Coke bottles too, but they're also painted.
  9. I first made this following the Mr Beer recipe in my 3rd or 4th month brewing and remember enjoying it greatly, so I recreated it from scratch tonight. 227g Caramunich (steeped) 227g Amber Dme 10g Perle (60min) 1/2 tsp Irish Moss (15min) 3.15 lb. Munich LME (5min) 7g Spalt (5min) 3/4 cup crushed coffee beans (knockout) Brewferm lager yeast It's 2.4 gallon recipe..... smells amazing!
  10. I've been using the same caps in rotation for a year and a half. They've lasted longer than my Red Baron Capper and I can't tell the difference between a new one and the first one I bought a year and a half ago. The seal is plastic, not rubber, so I see them lasting indefinately.
  11. crazybrody wrote: Really its nasty? I had a mickeys a few months ago and didn't think it was too bad for what it was. Nasty is my current opinion. I also got some Miller High Life for the clear quart bottles, and believe it or not found it drinkable. Don't get me wrong, now that I have the bottles, I'll likely never buy it again, but I just couldn't muster the self command to drink those Mickey's two days in a row.
  12. Each cap has different symbols under them. This beer is really nasty, much worse than I remembered it. It only cost $16 for 24 bottles though, which is cheaper than buying empty bottles at the LHBS, so I may end up dumping them if I can't get some buddies to help me drain them.
  13. Come on Jedi... I appreciate your concern, but do any of us homebrewers really carb or condition our beer in the light?
  14. This is what the caps look like. I've already found homes for several of them on 1/2 gallon bottles I recycled from Climax brewery. They're reusable and come in standard sizes. I've also found homes for several smaller ones on 40 oz bottles!
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