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  1. I have had very good success using fruits for my beers. I have used-Blueberries,Cherries,Boysenberries (all canned Oregon brand blended). Strawberry preserve,Orange and Lemon peels and juice. I usually boil my water,add booster if needed for that certain recipe,then add the fruit first to the hot water/booster then mix in the Malt (Classic Blonde Pale Ale and WCPA preferred but have also used High Country Canadian and Whispering Wheat Weizenbier)then if a UME is needed add it then. Put that into the fermenter mix,add water and yeast and let it go. The fruit taste is not overpowering but suttle enough and the aroma does the trick as well as add nice certain colors to the beer. First batch of two of fruits were ahhhhhhh,so trial and error is gonna happen but after 10 batches all is well in beerland...
  2. Just started drinking a Strawberry Pale Ale I made last month. I used Classic Blonde Pale Ale with Pale Export UME with a cup of Smuckers Strawberry Preserve and no booster. White sugar was used to prime and this being my 4th batch since starting is definitely my best...Excellent taste and flavor with the strawberry not overpowering the beer and with a full and lasting head upon pours. For now on I go with some UME and no booster...turns out 100 % better beer.
  3. I just bottled my 2nd batch which happened to be Blueberry. 1 CAN WCPA 1/2 PKG BOOSTER 1 CUP HONEY 1 BAG FROZEN BLUBERRIES PURRIED AND PRIMED WITH BLUBERRY SYRUP should be ready in about 2 weeks...
  4. On my second batch I did almost the same exact recipe except I used WCPA. 1 bag of frozen blueberries,1/2 bag of booster and 1 cup honey. Should be going to bottle this weekend. Looking for some blueberry syrup to put in when carbing....
  5. Thankfully I noticed it when i was sanitizing my new keg I just got before I put any brew inside. I will check the washers again. Thanks.
  6. Just received two locking spickets and a new keg the other day. Unless I completely put it on wrong it was having a very small leak dripping from the bottom of it. When I put the original one that came the other day with it-no problem. My other keg wont be accessable until this weekend so I dont know about that one since that has the original spicket that came with it? Anybody else have problems with the locking one?
  7. Has anyone ever used frozen concentrate in their beers for fruit flavor? I have no problem using fresh fruit as my second batch I am currently fermenting I used frozen blueberries and some honey in WCPA and everything seems to be going fine after 5 days. Especially lemon,lime and has anyone tried grape?
  8. Did me a blueberry beer for my second. WCPA,added one cup honey, 1/2 packet of booster and 1 cup frozen blueberries. Yummo cant wait...
  9. Tomorrow I will be bottling my first batch. To clean the keg my wife found me some Natural Dish Liquid Pure&Clear non-toxic and hypoallergenic. And a soft cleaning rag. Will that do without leaving a taste or residue?
  10. I dont have any LHBS near me where can I get a hydrometer? Also kind of confused on how it works.
  11. Right know I have all the junk on the bottom of my keg and just a very small amount of particles floating on top. All the foam from top is gone and the beer has cleared up nicely and nothing floating around.
  12. So my Classic Blonde Ale has been in the keg for 6 days. If I put it in the frig now does it speed it up? Confused?
  13. So using honey instead of sugar is better? Im hoping to bottle my first brew this weekend and was going to do half white sugar half brown checking to see how it comes out on a simple blend for my first one (Classic Blonde Ale)? How much honey?
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