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  1. Hi. Been away for awhile, got a large shipment in Dec. and see much has changed. Where is my beloved Witty Monk and Whispering Wheat? So I was planning on trying the Bavarian Weiss. Is it just a straight up brew or are there some recipes with then new Malts? I know on the Premium kits we would do a 2 can mix do we still or is that overkill now? I've looked and saw a few reviews but not many, I'm guessing that the new Malts are still too new for reviews? Any help with yeast or add ons for the new Malts would be appreciated. Thanks Brian
  2. Sampled some during bottling and it tasted great. Really looking forward to trying it this spring.
  3. can in the Mr. Beer fermenter? Saw some at my LBS and I figured I could try them. They are the same size as the "Seasonal Mr Beer" refills and are already hopped. They had a Wheat and Pilsner that looked good Any suggestions? Thanks. Brian
  4. Hi, I'd like to do an orange beer with extract this time instead of zest. I'm thinking a Whispering Wheat and Golden Wheat UME. My question is how much extract should I use and when should I add it? Thanks Brian
  5. Hi, and welcome. I'm a big fan of the Grand Czech Pilsner and the Pilot House Pils. They're just great summer drinking beers. I'm also a fan of the Witty Monk. Another of my favs and one I'm getting ready to make next, is the Belgian Blanc. with the Whispering Wheat. Its very close to the old White Ale (Spring Seasonal) that Sam Adams used to make But I say try em all.
  6. I wanted to make a batch of Grand Czech tonight but all I have (besides the under the lid yeast) was a packet of Safeale 04 yeast. So my question is should I go with the Safeale yeast, use the under the lid yeast or wait and pick up a packet of Pilsner yeast? Thanks for the help. Brian
  7. All I can tell you is that was our conclusion after a side by side comparison where everything, the beer, the water, the yeast, the temps. were the same. Both were great beers but the one bottled carbed with the sugar was a little better. You are right CO2 is CO2 but maybe the way it gets to be CO2 effects the beer?
  8. Me and a friend both made the Grand Pilsner (probably my fav.) used the same Safale Lager yeast and pretty much kept them at the same 62-66º fermenting temp. I carbed mine the normal way for me (Organic Kane Sugar) and he forced Carbed his. let them lager for 4 weeks and tried them last night. We agreed that both were very good but thought the ones carbed with sugar were a little "richer or maybe fuller" tasting. Also seemed to pour a little thicker or maybe velvety (if that even makes sense) Has anyone thought the same? Also is there a difference if you use regular granulated white sugar. Only down part of the night is Penn State got stomped by Ohio State in the second half. Oh well at least we had good beer. :S
  9. I was reading in another thread about adding Juice and zest during fermentation and was wondering how much juice to add and how you go about doing it? Is is a simple a just opening up the fermenter and pouring it in? Because I thought it was bad juju to open the fermenter mid way? Thanks.
  10. A coworker gave me a can of Coopers Wheat LME. its a 3.75 lb size. No directions but it looks like it contains everything I need and since its the same size as the "Seasonal" cans I could follow the same directions. Is this correct or do I need to add something to the Coopers? Thanks Brian
  11. Hi I have a question about the pumpkin ales. I tried a tester bottle and while I like the initial taste the clove flavor is a little strong for me. Does that mellow out over time? It was the pumpkin recipe from this site and I used 3 cloves.
  12. Really wanted to make some pumpkin beer this weekend but apparently there is a canned pumpkin shortage. In other words I cant find any anywhere. So should I just forgo the canned pumpkin and do pumpkin pie spice instead? and if so how much? How about canned Sweet Potato its pretty close to pumpkin? Finally has anyone tried a pumpkin beer with the Witty Monk? I thought that might be pretty good. Thanks for the help
  13. Thanks for all the info. While I love Witty Monk I'm not sure it translates so well to the Hoegaarden. So I think I'll try the Standard German Hefeweizen recipe with either a WB-06 or T-58 yeast and add Czech Sazz hops, Bitter Orange, Coriander and Cumin seeds. What say you all?
  14. Hi, does anyone have a good Hoegaarden knock off? thanks.
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