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  1. I'll give it 48 hrs, but then I'm gonna have to check my local home brew store and see if they have any belgian style yeast. If not this beer goes down the drain... I've been brewing for over 2 years, and have used liquid yeast before and I've got a bad feeling about this one. I'll be surprised if it works. I've never waited 3 days for a pack to swell. You're much more patient than me my friend, lol. 4 hours was all I could wait, I coach a football team and practice waits for no-one. Including the head coach...
  2. Hi everyone, I think I've got a problem. I brewed up a Belgian style Dubbel. 1 can Mr. B Vienna 1 pound dark DME and 1 pound light DME I used the Wyeast 3787 Trappist Style High Gravity Liquid Yeast in the brew. I ordered the yeast from MR. Beer a couple of weeks ago and it has sat in my fridge immediately after I recieved it. I took the pack out yesterday and smacked it, then waited the prescribed 3 hours. The pack did not expand, my first sign I may have a problem. I waited another hour while I finished my brew, then added the Wyeast liquid yeast. It has now been over 15 hours with very little activitY, barely a smidgen of bubble on top. Looks more like the brew is finished than just started. Any suggestions? I have ordered numerous times before from Mr. Beer with no problem I hate to bug them about some yeast, but it's a must have in my book for this style....
  3. Say I just had a thought. Has anyone tried adding a little coriander and some orange to the Pilothouse? To perhaps make a Witbier style out of it? It may be interesting considering it has a tropical aroma/light grapefruit taste. Maybe? I would just buy the Witty Monk for that but my LHBS doesn't have them in right now.
  4. pghFred wrote: Back to your first sentence Standup...you have an LHBS that actually SELLS Mr. Beer products????? Most turn their noses up like Thurston Howell III when one mentions Mr. Beer. Lol, my LHBS is great actually. Ran by an older couple, their main interest is home brewed wine which they're very good at. They sell Mr. B products, Munton's, Cooper's etc. They carry a pretty good selection considering they are a small store. Really friendly folks also...
  5. My LHBS is having a sale right now on some Mr. Beer products. I'm going to pick some up and I was thinking of getting the Pilothouse Pilsner to brew for spring/summer. Any thoughts on the Pilothouse? I've read some people think it has to much of a grapefruit citrusy-taste for their liking. Thanks for any input, mis amigos...
  6. I'm 46 or 47. Seriously I can't remember. Born in 1964, so I'm 46 lol.
  7. Welcome Eddie, I live in Milton, Fl. Not far from you. There's a good home brew supply store in Pensacola, The Shady Lady. Check them out if you need something, they've got decent prices and they're really nice people. Have fun with the new hobby!
  8. It's been a while since I've posted a recipe so here's one I did recently that was popular with my friends. 1 can MR B Nut brown ale 1 pound of dark DME 2/3 cup of honey 1/3 cup of sorghum syrup I combined the sorghum and honey, then microwaved them briefly to thin them a little and added them to the fermenter just before I pitched the yeast. This was a good brew. So good two of my friends argued over the last one of a sixer I gave them :laugh: Anyone who hasn't tried sorghum in a dark beer like a porter or stout should really do it. Sorghum is a little hard to describe. It's half way between honey and molasses. I bought mine a t a local farmer's market.
  9. Congratulations, you've made beer! It'll only get better the more you make...
  10. Hmm, you may have answered your own question Hatman. What I would try is what you've suggested, that the boil is too long. Maybe shorten it to 40 min, 15 min, and then dry hop. You'll probably have to experiment to find just what you're looking for. P.S. Congrats again, B.O.M.
  11. Coolness, I was getting ready to place an order :laugh:
  12. Has anyone tried the Mr Beer Hickory Switch Porter recipe? If you have what were your thoughts on it. I was wondering cuz it's on sale this month. Thanks mucho...
  13. Coolness, thats kinda what I figured. Thought I would ask tho, just to get some more experienced advice. Thanks mucho
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