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  1. After now drinking two batches of mr. beer I know of this "twang" you speak of. It will be interesting for me to try my next batch that I just bottled. It is a steeped grains/dme/hops brew with safale 05. Althought I pitched at a high temperature I believe that it will have a better taste. I myself can not get over the mr. beer "twang". It will be really noticable when I brew up a grand bohemian recipe with safale 05.
  2. 1. yes 2. Both 3. Not really sure....1/2 a cup maybe??? 4. Its going to be to your best interest not to rush the process (especially if your sharing with others) but you can always see how it comes out after a week of carbing.
  3. lol i actually have been a tad sick...taking no meds though....and also both my friends that have tried it can taste it as well
  4. I just thought of this and there were many things that could have caused this problem...I just remembered that the pot,can opener, whisk that I used were older and im not sure what the pot was made of and i mentioned there was a little rust on the can opener just because it was old and there might have been a little on the wisk where the little metal ring meets the handle. the second batch had all new equipment so we shall see soon.....
  5. I will have to check my next brew and see I dont want to buy all new stuff when I just bought all of this for brewing so I want to make sure before I throw away more money
  6. I use either a brita pitcher or jugs of water from the grocery store....and its looking like its all of the bottles...I guess I will just suffer through this one and see what my next in bottle brings it should be ready around the 18th
  7. thanks bp I read that as well...but to the best of my knowledge my pot is stainless steel...the only thing I can think of is when I did my first batch the can opener I used had been around for awhile and had a tad bit of rust...maybe that infected it...i have since bought a new one so we shall see when its time to drink the second batch
  8. im positive my pot is stainless steel but i do use a wisk to stir and what not so im wondering if that contributed to it...i hope not because all three batches have been made with all the same equipment...the other two batches are not ready to drink...i sanitized correctly so idk
  9. My first batch, first pitch pilsner, has a damn metal taste to it. The first bottles didnt but the last 2 i have had do.....damn it
  10. So I was trying to control the temp on my latest brew by keeping it in a cooler with a wet t-shirt on it and periodically putting ice in the chest. I think my thermometer is broke from the moisture anyone else ever have this happen??
  11. well i am still new to all of the steeping grains stuff but I would say any of the light cara/crystal grains are going to give you a nice slight caramel taste w/ a good mouthfeel
  12. I live in an apt so its super hard to keep temp under control. Its that time of the year here where its comfortable inside because its nice outside so its not time for the a/c plus im not home alone due to college and work. So does anyone have any hints to cool it down? Im using us-05 and I just cant get the temp down. It starting seeping when I attempted to cool it. I believe shame gave me this idea: I put a wet shirt over the keg with some ice cubes on top and set a fan pointing at it. Anywho I just gotta figure a way to cool it. Recipe was: 3# Extra light DME .5# Pilsner grain (steeped) .25oz saaz 60 .25oz spalt 60 .25oz hallertau I didnt put this into qbrew or anything til after the fact so its gonna be low on ibus which sucks but you live and learn
  13. Hey everyone I just brewed my first DME/Steeped grains/Hops brew on sunday and my fermenter as soo much foam in it and is starting to seep out every now and then....what can I do to stop this??
  14. Ok so I am wanting to try my hand a citrusy beer that is amber in color: this is what I am thinking. 3# Sparkling Amber DME .5# Caramel 40L (steeped) .25oz Sterling @ 60 .25oz Sterling @ 30 .5oz Citra @ 5 .25oz Corriander @ 5 .25oz Orange peel @ 5 (havent decided if it should be bitter or sweet yet) What do ya think?? Is this too much citrus or does it sound like it could be good. This will be my second grain/dme/hops boil so I am still new to all of this any suggestions/comments welcome
  15. well i got it cooled down last night and have a nice fat layer of krausen. this is my first time using 05 and first time doing grains dme and hops so hopefully its an awesome brew
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