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  1. Thanks guys. The last 10 minutes of the boil sounds good to me :stout: -Ruz
  2. Hey guys, If I don't care about "pectin haze" how long should I boil fruit for while making my wort? I've done some research but haven't seen an actual set amount of time to boil. Is there a scale like we use for hop boiling? -Ruz
  3. That sounds good to me. I just brewed my first smoked porter last Monday. Here is what I used: Mr.B sized batch 2.13 gallon Belgian Biscuit: .430lbs British Black Patent: .120lbs British Crystal crushed (50-60L): .430lbs Weyermanns Smoked malt: .500lbs Muntons LME-Amber: 3.310lbs Cascade pellets .500oz 20 min boil Galena pellets .500oz 68 min boil -Ruz :stout: P.S I also used a whole packet of Safale US-04 for this fermentation.
  4. Thanks for the reply and info Sham. -Ruz
  5. Looking to bottle my IPA tomorrow and wanted to know if anyone has primed with maple syrup and if so how much for each 12oz bottle? Thanks, -Ruz :stout:
  6. SiriusDG wrote: That MAY be why it took off on you...but I will say, a properly rehydrated batch of T-58 or S-05 pitched into a properly aerated wort will blow your sox off, so you may want to look at your overall process in terms of getting this kind of strong fermentation consistantly. David SiriusDG how would one properly rehydrate a batch of Safale US-05? -Ruz
  7. Sounds like you brewed a winner, Whale ...if you don't mind me asking how much smoked grain did you use. I just did my first non Mr.B porter and I have some smoked grains that I plan to use with some special-B grains for my next porter. I'm concerned about how much smoked grains to use in a Mr. B sized batch and since you said your "smokiness" was perfect I'd like to duplicate your "perfection" :stout: . -Ruz
  8. Thanks guys. It's a 6.8 ABV Porter...hopefully when it's done. -Ruz
  9. Hey guys I have a 1000 ml Erlenmeyer flask and an airlock. Can I use this as a satellite fermenter? If so how do I do this. Do I just pitch my yeast into my keg like normal, seal it up then spigot out "how much?" into the flask and put on the airlock? I'm just about to start my 60 min boil so sorry to be asking this question this late. :blush: -Ruz
  10. Thanks for the opinions Konaus . I think I will use the whole pack of Safale US05. It is a little higher ABV than a standard brew. -Ruz
  11. Hey guys I am ready to make my first Porter. I will not be using Mr. Beer ingredients in this one so I was looking for some opinions as to what you think about my ingredients. Here is my QBREW #'s and I'll make a list of other grains and hops that I have to use as substitutions. Thanks, in advance, for your input -Ruz PATRIOTS Touch Down Porter: GRAIN WEIGHT Biscuit (Belgian) 0.430lb Black Patent (UK) 0.210lb Chocolate Malt (UK) 0.210lb Coopers LME-Amber 3.31lbs Crystal 60L 0.430lb HOPS WEIGHT ALPHA TIME Glacier 0.400oz 5.5% 5 min Glacier 0.400oz 5.5% 30 min Northern Brewer 0.400oz 6.5% 60 min Willamette 0.400oz 3.4% 5 min QBrew #'s: Minimum Gravity: 1.048 Maximum Gravity: 1.065 RECIPE GRAVITY: 1.071 (FIRST DISCREPENCY) Minimum Bitterness: 25 Maximum Bitterness: 50 RECIPE BITTERNESS: 34 Minimum Color: 22* Maximum Color: 35* RECIPE COLOR: 37* (SECOND DISCREPENCY) Estimate FG: 1.018 ABV: 6.9% ABW: 5.4% I also have available: Smoked Malt Grains Belgian Special B Grains Muntons Light,Amber, and Dark DME (1 lb bags/EA) Galena hops (1oz) Challenger hops (1 oz) Simcoe hops (1 oz) East Kent Goldings ( 1/8 oz) My main concern is my gravity being off by the amount that it is . Do you guys think this will be OK or should I change things up here . -Ruz P.S I plan on using a half pack of Safale US 05 for this batch
  12. I made the Black Tower Porter for my third batch and I only used the Mr.Beer ingredients. I tried my first bottle of it a few days ago after a 2-2-2+3days and it was the best tasting beer that I've made yet. My first (2) batches were also strictly Mr. Beer ingredients but I didn't think they were nearly as good as the BTP. I did a Linebacker Doppelbock (premium) and a WCPA (standard) for my first (2) batches. I liked the LDB after 6 weeks conditioning. It was nasty after just 2 weeks, but each week it got better . Surprisingly the WCPA was good after just a 2-2-2. I have nothing bad to say about the WCPA. It's just a simple beer and as stated on these forums it's a great base beer to try experimenting with when you get a little confidence in your brewing ability. I have yet to taste a bottle of my Next Step Stout. That was my first batch using grains and DME and hops :stout: . That bad boy has another 3-4 months of conditioning to go :evil: . I just made a Dark ale with a Englishmen's Nut Brown,a Mellow Amber UME, some light DME, some Chocolate Malt and some Black Patent Malt. I also did a 40 minute boil with some East Kent Goldings hops for some added flavor. God I got way off topic there :blush: ...my point was that I LOVE the Black Tower Porter without even adding anything to it! I can't wait to "make it my own". I hope you guys will divulge some of your recipe secrets :woohoo: I'd like to try adding a raisin flavor to my next Porter. Any thoughts or suggestions? -Ruz
  13. Beerlabelman wrote: I'm just plain stoned :laugh: Yes beer is good but marijuana leaves no hangovers :woohoo: . -Ruz
  14. The longer you can resist opening your bottles the better the beer will taste! -Ruz
  15. WretchedRon wrote: Don't want to jynx you Ruz, but.........my 4th batch had a bad off flavor and I wasn't using the OxyClean at the time. Just water and a new sponge. Oh yeah, GO PATS!!! My current batch is taking forever to finish fermenting but I've tasted the hydrometer samples and they taste fine. No off flavors that I can tell of. As for the GO PATS!!! Thanks man, I love the Patriots. I have a Black Tower Porter that I brewed and am calling it Patriots Porter. It should be well aged by the time pre season starts and even better for the regular season kick off. I bottled it in Sam Adams bottles....what could be better, Sam Adams: brewer and Patriot -Ruz
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