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  1. all done... redid it with 1/8lb 10L, 1/8lb belgium chocolate, 3/4lb 60L, 1lb amber DME, 1 can Mr.Beer Octoberfest. 1/2 vile WLP820 Octoberfest Lager Yeast. 1.041 OG @ 72 degrees. Spot on for QBrew!
  2. Thanks guys. I knew that was going to be asked too and almost put in the OP. I used 1/2lb of 60L (i think) and 1/8lb of chocolate. I too have done the "raise till boiling, flame out, let cool" in the past but didn't recall which batch(es) that was & if it worked or not. This is a very thin pot and the grain bag did actually burn. I just went to taste the outside of the grain bag by rubbing my finger on it. Sure enough, its burnt, i don't want that anywhere near my brew. I should have done that first. Thanks for the quick replies... good thing it's only about $1.50 in grain... just sucks to have to stop and go out for mre, then come back and start again... oh well... all in the name of better beer! Thanks again!
  3. I walked away from the pot with a phone call to Dad and forgot about the little flame under it... 30 minutes i came back and smelled a nearly burnt smell, like VERY darkly roasted smell, and saw 200+ degrees on my thermometer for the steeping grains! Should I throw that out? Will it be too harsh with the tannins? Nothing else was in the water / pot yet. Thanks All!
  4. Hey all, been a while since I've posted. Great to read from everyone again in my searching. I have 1 can of Octoberfest left, a ton of booster, and a brew shop around the corner. I'm hoping to use the can today with something simple to make a good brew, perhaps some steeping grains, 1 lb DME, or a light hop addition. I'd love to hear from anyone with a simple recipe starting with Octoberfest and adding something simple to make it good! Thanks for your time!
  5. Way to go!!! You Have BEER! You're well on your way to addiction now.
  6. I've made coopers irish stout and at 5gals it was noticable, at 2 gallons your gravity may be too high for the yeast to work fully, and it will take you 6 months to age in the bottle. Probably 4 weeks at least in the keg. If it turns out, that's gonne be a 10% IMPERIAL stout by time you're done. If I recall correctly, that can makes 5 or 6 gallons and comes out to about 4% @ 6 gallons. I'm at work right now so I can't compute it in Q'Brew but it would be a good idea for you to DL that and check it out for future brews too. GL With it, I hope it turns out for ya, definitely will need more time though. OOPS, sorry, forgot about the 3# of added extract it requires, scratch what I just said about the percentages and 6 months... my bad... CLEARCUT was right a couple of posts up.... :blush:
  7. Locking Spigot + Bottling Wand = :hammer: They can be a bit tough to push in at times though too.
  8. For standard ale yest fermentation slows down at cooler temps so as long as your basement is TOO cool that should be great. I don't know about the 20 year thing though, many beers get "skunky" after a certain amount of time... hence the "born-on-dating" many mfg's have today.
  9. ReCiPe? Heck, I just emptied the spice cabinet into the pot while the wort was boiling, who'da thunk it'd come out like this? haha Just Kidding, As soon as I find my log book I'll post it. I'm sure I have a rendition of it in Q'Brew but it probably got tweekd during the brew. My starting point was Chinese Five-Spice & Vanilla Extract though, I'll tell ya that. ;-) I'll try to get it up here soon for ya'all. And Kealia, if I can prove it drinkable by time "my-schwartz-is-as-big-as-yours bier" gets in the mail (AKA - uhh, is it still a secret?), I'll be sure to include it in the bag, bag, envelope thingy. EDIT: Ok, It looks like I lied to you. My start was actually from Yankeedag's recipe with (1) 3.3lb can amber lme and brown sugar. Here's what I'm lookin at so far: (pretty simple eh?) Strong Vanilla Chai Recipe Strong Vanilla Chai Style Flanders Red Ale Brewer 12-06-2010 Batch 2.25 gal Extract Recipe Characteristics Recipe Gravity 1.062 OG Estimated FG 1.016 FG Recipe Bitterness 24 IBU Alcohol by Volume 6.0% Recipe Color 12° SRM Alcohol by Weight 4.7% Ingredients 3.30 lb Amber LME Extract Extract 0.45 lb Brown Sugar, Light Sugar Other HOPS (would have used something else if this wasn't just sitting there waiting to be used) 0.25 oz Warrior 5 minutes 0.25 oz Warrior 30 minutes Misc Notes Spice Chinese 5 Spice Flavor Vanilla Extract Recipe Notes 1.061 OG 2 tbls vanilla @ 15 mins 1/2 tbls Chinese 5 spice @ 15 mins 3.3 lb can amber 11oz light brown sugar Mr Beer Yeast @ 66 degrees Batch Notes What can I say... I was bored!
  10. REAL

    5-5-5 IPA

    Gentlemen, you are both spot-on, and I love the nickle idea too! Thanks! I definitely started with too little water and am keeping that as a lesson learned for next time. People say LME doesn't break, well, I beg to differ now after this experience. My main (dedicated) brew pot was busy with a BIAB Schwarzbier while I was doing this one... yes another lesson learned not to do 2 at once. I started with little over a gallon total ingredients and wound up adding more water once I could keep the simmer at a reasonable level w/o boiling over (2 gllon pot). This pot has retired froom brewing now as it is too small for most of what I do and I could use it in the kitchen for other things. It certainly did darken up a lot too. After adding the water and the trub settling out it still looks relatively clear in the bottling wand, though not so much while sitting in my bottleing bucket. :blush: Either way thoughj, it tasted good SO FAR and I learned some good things from making this batch. Thanks for the tips guys, keep em coming.
  11. REAL

    5-5-5 IPA

    Just bottled this recipe I came up with after reading numerous clones and adapting based on that. Originally I was going for a Dog Fish Head 60 Minute IPA and branched off from there. I think this is the lightest color of beer I've made to date. Oh yea, the 5-5-5 stands for 5% - 50 IBU - 5 SRM. (which started as a 6%, 60IBU and well, I don't want to jinx it or conjour up anything unholy so I changed it) I was looking at my box of Winchester .22LR shells for those of you that shoot, when the name just hit me! :silly: Somehow the 5-50-5 just didn't seem right, suggestions are always welcome ;-) I was very impressed at the taste when I made it, and even more so when I just bottled it. And aside from the lengthy boil time, this was incredibly easy to make. 5-5-5 Recipe: 5-5-5 Style: American IPA Batch 2.40 gal Extract Recipe Characteristics Recipe Gravity 1.054 OG Estimated FG 1.013 FG Recipe Bitterness 51 IBU Alcohol by Volume 5.2% Recipe Color 5° SRM Alcohol by Weight 4.1% 3.30 lb Briess CBW Pilsen LIGHT LME 0.25 lb MrB. Booster HOPS 0.25 oz Northern Brewer 2 minutes 0.25 oz Citra 7 minutes 0.25 oz Northern Brewer 7 minutes 0.25 oz Northern Brewer 15 minutes 0.25 oz Citra 15 minutes 0.25 oz Northern Brewer 20 minutes 0.50 oz Northern Brewer 45 minutes California Ale yeast Yeast WLP001 Recipe Notes Boil 70+ minutes to lessen chances of DMS due to light pilsen. BATCH NOTES Will Double check my log once I find it, a few of the hop additions may be skewed a tad bit.
  12. I made a Vanilla-Chai Ale before Christmas and have left it in the fermenter for quite some time now. Prolly over 2 months, I'll have to check my log again to be certain. Anyway, I'm finally set to bottle it tonight and noticed it has a slight cidery taste to it, well, more of a moderate cider taste to it. Should I bother going thru the hassle of bottling it? Will that age out do you think or should I just pitch it down the drain right now and save my efforts? thanks guys
  13. I still do both. I have a few 5gal fermenters and a few Mr.B kits rotating. (I often forget to bottle so I end up with filled kegs when i want to brew more) Sometimes I say its not worth the effort for less than 5 gallons... then I do a simple MR.B batch again and say, "oh yea, that was simple." haha haha
  14. That's the best time to add it for the falavor to stay more, but careful of the preservatives. They may stifle the yeast growth.
  15. I've heard of that happening though have not had it happen myself, or at least, not that I know of. I don't watch my beer much anymore, in fact, more often I miss the calendar dates and wind up bottling too late! haha Anyway, if the keg was clean and you didn't accidentally have pieces of cheese or a sponge in it when you poured your wort in, then it is probalby just yeast and hazing. I'm not saying you have to, but if you wanted to try to clear it perhaps you could "cold crash" it (look-it-up) just before bottling. Chances are, you'll still have beer. GL!
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