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  1. I will only use fresh fruit. As drgnfli mentioned,extracts can be strong and leave a weird taste in your beer Ive used blueberries alot.Either use them frozen as stated or use a puree. Use 2 empty cd cases under the front of your LBK so most of the trub goes toward the back. A couple days before bottling throw the cd cases and LBK in the fridge to cold crash it and you'll be in good shape
  2. Ive been getting alot from AIH. They have decent prices for grain and hops. Plus they have amazing customer service and a rewards club. I get some from Northern Brewer, I used to use Midwest,but their shipping is outrageous. Adventures in homebrewing
  3. Ive kept mine in a gallon glass jug for quite awhile. Ive read somewhere that it's fine as long as it doesnt turn a milky white color. So I don't think 4 days in the LBK will hurt anything. This will probably be the only time you'll want to make sure the lid is on pretty good tho
  4. Ive never used them, but if you are then I would use sugar to carb and the CO2 to push it out of the keg
  5. You could if you wanted to or if you don't have a bigger CO2 tank(5# or more) But one of the benefits of kegging is force carbing your beers.Which there are a few different was you can do it. But I set mine at 10 PSI and leave it till its carbed. There are faster ways, but I figure it's doing a little conditioning as it carbs Here's the chart I use to force carb. Force carb chart
  6. Welcome aboard, there is tons of great info here,and anything you wanna know just ask. Someone is bound to be able to answer. And as far as the west coast ale. The longer it sits the better it gets. Of all the things you learn here,Patience will be one of the hardest
  7. More than likely as everyone stated, you should be fine. I know my first and second MR.B batches had no activity that I could see. And I'm sure if I went back and looked my first and second post was probably wondering where I went wrong. But in most cases you miss all the activity. So just look for some trub and most of the time a ring of krausen on your LBK. And you my fine fellow are making beer :chug:
  8. I cant really add anything that hasn't been said, so welcome :cheers: Oh, I guess I can add I have 4 LBK's. I've moved up to bigger AG batches and only use them to split batches and experiment with different additions.
  9. +1 to the cd case under the front of your LBK. If the trub is real thick,put 2 or 3 cds under it and throw it in the fridge to cold crash it right before you bottle
  10. I cant help with the sugar but i can warn you about the extract. Ive never had much luck with it. Its always left a medicine taste in my beer. The only luck ive had was with my raspberry wheat and it had to condition in the bottle for well over a year and then it still gave ya a raspberry cough syrup burps. from then on I just stick to fruit puree for flavoring
  11. Thats what I do when I have different hop additions. I just wrap the end of the muslin sack around the handle of my pot(as long as your handle is away from your flame). Open it as needed and toss in my hops. I still rehydrate my yeast, the biggest thing Ive noticed is a quicker start of fermenting. Some batches in under 8 hrs
  12. I have an AG recipe that im gonna try soon and the hops they call for are: •1 oz Northern Brewer hops (60 mins) •1/3 oz Tettnanger (10 mins) •1/5 oz Saaz (5 mins) Thats for a 5 gal batch tho. But it my help you decide what hops to try
  13. If youve stepped up to 5 gal batches,Then a chiller is one of the best investments you'll find.
  14. Im in warren, an hour below erie and 3 above Pittsburgh. kinda smak dab in the middle of no where
  15. Id go with the Ale pail set up at first. You wont really need a better bottle unless you start lagering or using a secondary(which I barely do anymore)So id hold off on that for now. Plus I dont like using them for primary fermentation because theyre such a pain to clean A turkey fryer is nice but when i first started doing 5 gal extracts I was doing them on the stove.
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