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  1. Not normally a fan of fruit beers, but I'm less of a fan of brewing boring basic styles. Being that it's summer Imperial IPA's just won't cut it when the temperature hits triple digits, so this is what I have in mind. Thoughts and suggestions are welcomed. Named after my two favorite strawberry blonde actresses. Recipe Isla Adams Style Blonde Ale Brewer Patrick Batch 5.50 gal Partial Mash Recipe Characteristics Recipe Gravity 1.053 OG Estimated FG 1.013 FG Recipe Bitterness 19 IBU Alcohol by Volume 5.1% Recipe Color 4° SRM Alcohol by Weight 4.0% Ingredients: Quantity Grain Type Use 8.00 lb Two-row (US) Grain Mashed 2.00 lb Wheat (German) Grain Mashed 2.00 lb Strawberries (pureed) Quantity Hop Type Time 1.00 oz Hallertau (Germany) Pellet 60 minutes 0.50 oz Hallertau (Germany) Pellet 15 minutes Quantity Misc Notes 1.50 ounces Basil Other 1.00 unit California Ale yeast Yeast Recipe Notes Strawberries and basil pureed and pasteurized at 180F, stirring frequently. Cover and let rest for 20 minutes. Cool it down and add the pulp to secondary fermenter Basic single infusion mash. 152 Saach' rest 170 Mashout
  2. Thinking of a California Common Beer. The hop bill will be strictly Northern Brewer Hops as I've heard the flavor profile is "minty" plus it's true to style. Malt bill is pretty standard as well thinking 79% Pilsener and 21% Crystal 20L. I want to do a twist on it with lemon peel and mint. Kind of a refreshing summer citrus mint beer. I feel by adding these ingredients I'll really play off the hop flavor and create something interesting. I like the idea of steeping. What if I steeped the mint into the strike water? A kind of "First Minting" if you will. Would this do anything? I worry because I don't want to put the money and time out for something that's going to suck. Has anyone ever used mint in beer? What were your results? I know Dogfish Head has a beer called Black and Red where they dry mint. Has anyone had the chance to try this beer, and if so what were your impressions?
  3. How much do I add? When in the process do I add it? How do I get flavor without adding flavoring extracts? These things have been keeping me perplexed for days. Can anyone help me out?
  4. i just brewed something kind of similar. It was 8# of Great American 2 row 1.5# of Crystal 80 1# chocolate US 1# of cherry wood smoked .5oz chinook @ 60 .5oz chinook @ 40 .75oz liberty @ 30 .75oz liberty @ 10 Sacch' rest 153 60 mins Mash out 170 10 mins Boiled for 90 mins to get some evaporation. The wort tasted great and I got what I was going for which was a roasty chocolaty porter with a subtle hint of sweet smoke. Going to ferment in primary for 2 weeks and secondary for another 2-4.
  5. Do not bottle! If it is a stuck fermentation you run the risk of bottle bombs. I would give it a few more days, take a reading, and if it's the same 1.030 repitch.
  6. In The Complete Joy of Homebrewing the recommended amount is 1.25 cups per 5 gallons. so now that I'm looking at it i think i overcarbed by just a little bit hopefully nothing explodes haha oops. I had already racked once in order to dry hop and instead of going through the hassle of racking again i just dumped the priming sugar into my secondary.
  7. has anyone used DME as their priming sugar? I just did this today and I'm curious how it turns out. I batched prime 3/4 cup of Muntons Amber DME in 0.25l of water then slowly poured that into the fermentor from which i bottled. I'm curious as to what that actually does to the beer.
  8. So i know it was an April Fools Day joke, but i got to wondering is it possible? The main questions are when boiling cocoa nibs will it contribute enough flavor but not a lot of color, and if you "dry hop" enough whole coffee beans will it do the same? I kind of came up with a recipe but I can't get the color as low as i would like. Anyone up to the challenge or know if this is even possible...sounds pretty amazing.
  9. If you add cocoa nibs to secondary will it yield color?
  10. i used this refill plus the st patricks day stout with brown sugar and a little molasses with espresso and warrior hops...it was a hit. Very very good, a smooth but strong beer. Somewhere i have the recipe in here... I named it siberian crude. The abv is around 9% but you get no hot notes at all. Also 12 oz makes an extremely good chocolate cake.
  11. I think as home brewers, considering this is our hobby, and we're likely to talk about it, we're perceived as alcoholics, because we talk an awful lot about beer(which in most people's minds is fizzy yellow piss water). The difference is we don't abuse our craft. I know i don't make a beer with the intention to self-medicate. I make beer because its fun. I like sitting back and enjoying something i made. Just like a homemade meal.
  12. If you're adding hops to an already hopped extract you don't have to do a full boil. 15 minutes will give you flavor and 2 minutes aroma. I've notice most hopped extracts have an adequate bitter and by adding even a little more will up your IBU's. I think that may be why i'm pulling away from the hopped extracts because i want more control on my bitterness/flavor profile.
  13. One way to find out... Experimental Brew ----------------- Brewer: Patrick Style: Generic Ale Batch: 2.13 galExtract Characteristics --------------- Recipe Gravity: 1.063 OG Recipe Bitterness: 108 IBU Recipe Color: 11° SRM Estimated FG: 1.016 Alcohol by Volume: 6.1% Alcohol by Weight: 4.8% Ingredients ----------- Coopers LME - Light 1.00 lb, Extract, Extract Crystal 20L 0.50 lb, Grain, Steeped Muntons DME - Amber 2.00 lb, Extract, Extract Amarillo 5.00 oz, Pellet, 15 minutes Wyeast 5151 Brettanomyces Claussenii 1.00 unit, Yeast, culture Notes ----- Recipe Notes: Should have an apricot/pineapple flavor without either one of those ingredients in the beer. Batch Notes:
  14. I have a question. Could you technically throw all your hops in the extract for 15 mins and still get all your IBU's. For example. 3# of DME with 5oz of umm...Amarillo? That according to qbrew gives you an IBU of 108. Have any of you ever tried something like this?
  15. Mr malty yeast pitching calculator suggests 8 grams of dried yeast. But its all up to preference.
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