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  1. It does have that trub on the bottom. So maybe i am ok
  2. I am currently brewing the Czech Pilsenser but i have a question... In teh past while ferminting I seem to remember there being bubbles I could see rising. I also thought there were little yeast-like colonies floating on top during fermentation. Well I dont see the bubbles rising... Did something go wrong? It was been in the keg for 9 days so far...
  3. I read someone else's comment where they used 1/2 cup per gallon
  4. Well, from reading other's threads, I think that i did not wait long enough. I think i did more like 10 days, 7 days, 5 days... I was thirsty... So i will start there, and see if I am any better off
  5. Alright, I just ordered the Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner and some new Plastic Bottles (since it has been about 2 years and I could only find two of teh old ones)... Any ideas and suggestions so that hopefully this batch will have better luck/success than my previous two... I will follow the 2-2-2 rule that I have read about. Anything else?
  6. OK, Well it looks like 3-2 in favor of Bohemian Czech Pilsner. I may also take a look at that first pitch beer as suggested...
  7. 1) Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner, 2) Pilothouse Pilsner, 3) High Country Canadian Draft w/Pale Export or 4) West Coast Pale Ale w/Pale Export?????? I have been told WCPA is ok....
  8. Appreciate the knowledge. I have only brewed twice and that was a couple years ago (then i gave up). I tried whatever came with the kit (maybe WCPA) and I think I bought the Cowboy refill the second time... I will look for another lightier/blond-y type to trye this time.
  9. 1) Does glass better for bottling than plastic, if so, why? 2) Can I use say the standard Bud Light, Coors Light 12 oz bottles and just buy the MB Caps and Capper? 3) I used plastic the first two times, but am looking for anything that may help me have a better tasting beer... Thanks!
  10. Thanks! To answer the earlier question, I tend to drink lighter beers. I like Amstel Light, Michelob, Bud Light, etc... along those lines. Maybe i will give the WCPA a shot. Is there much difference between the basic refill and the premium?
  11. Well, I bought the Mr. Beer kit a few years ago and rewed the Classic American Blonde Ale w/ Booster (wasnt a huge fan), then tried an upgraded Cowboy Golden Lager w/ Pale Export (wasnt any better). I am thinking about trying this one more time. Can anyone recommend a good light (in color) beer to buy? I had fun brewing it, but to be honest I was happier with the taste of any beer off the shelf than what i brewed... Any Suggestions????
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