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  1. "BlackDuck" post=388689 said: "Gymrat" post=388647 said: Hey Roger...I've seen these pics before. That's a nice strainer, where did you get that one from. I'm having a hard time finding one that big. I have one like that but it's about half the size of that one.....very fine mesh. Got my at my LHBS, I also would like to get one that's bigger, let us know were you got that one.
  2. "russki" post=388218 said:I have one question - why? I dump everything into the fermenter, gunk and all. It will settle out into the trub anyway. Doesn't hurt nothing +1, I don't dump everything in but after a whirlpool and a 15-20min rest i don't get much trub. I do use a very fine mesh handheld strainer to catch any hop particles that get by, but anything that does won't hurt anything. After fermentation I almost always cold crash if I'm dry hopping and all my beers come out clear and tasty. By the way, I go commando all the way!!
  3. I'm in Georgia and I can get it online and delivered but it cost alot for shipping, so I only order it once or twice a year. If anyone wants the web site just private message me.
  4. "Beer-lord" post=386207 said:I have this planned for sometime in August I hope and can't wait to hear how this and Blackduck's come out. I think the fresher, the better. I may use a secondary for this one but still ferment 3 weeks, keg and let sit one week out and 1 week in to carb up then drink. I'm sure after about a month, it will start to loose some aroma. I don't think a second week sitting will do all that much too it. Wish I could brew today but I'm helping a brother move. Have fun and get to it! Jeff, I think a week in the keg at room temp and then to fridge and co2 for another week would be a good bet. +1 the secondary, I know when I did this recipe the first time I put it in a secondary and then started dry hopping and it was the best beer I've made to date. Second time around I didn't use a secondary and it wasn't as good.
  5. I always go commando from start to finish, and don't really have any issues with the process. From the kettle I have a very fine mesh handheld strainer, and from the fermentor I cold crash and then use a nylon mesh strainer bag over the end of my auto siphon. Beers are always hoppy and clear.
  6. I'm just starting to keg and so I'm not the expert by any means.....but would this be a viable solution: link 45 bucks, so not sure if it's worth it. Guys at the LHBS that sells them and tested it says it works great
  7. I'm down to my last bottle of this MB seasonal and I have to admit that I've been cheating a bit, 1/2 to 3/4 glass of the MB and then topped off with a dipa. Last couple times I used Lagunuitas Hop Stupid and it was very very good, lesson learned.
  8. You need one these........Growler Saver, I got one coming here soon, should be useful for those 64oz growler fills.
  9. White steel? Probably a stainless steel false bottom, you should be able to remove and clean by hand as you would your new pot.
  10. How long does it foam up for? I found it works best at T5 min, and sometimes it will foam alot sometimes not, but it never foams up but for a few seconds.
  11. I haven't done either of these but I'd brew them straight up first, I guess you could add some extra light dme and maybe some kind of noble hops to amp it up a bit.
  12. I use an auto siphon with a nylon paint strainer bag over the end, I guess you could let the kettle set after cooling for 10 to 15 min to let the hop particles settle out, then pour slowly into the LBK. If you get some hop material into the fermentor it's ok, just prop the front up and cold crash after fermentation.
  13. keep your lbk tilted during fermentation, then cold crash. The trub is a byprouduct of the natural carbonation process, if you start this in the ferementor your going to loose some co2. Also +1 on using domino dots sugar cubes, 3 -4 cubes per MB bottle.
  14. You can try your local bakery, I picked up a couple 3 gal buckets(Publix) that had icing in them for free, the lids were heavy duty and came with rubber caskets.
  15. Keep us updated Joe, one question though, without a dip tube how will this work? I've got two pigs, and the pressure pouch can be a pain when serving the last bit of beer and they cost money, so I hope it works.
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