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  1. For those who have a small wine fridge, I was able to fit my LBK by inverting the spigot and adding another gasket. This was done with the short non locking spigot that the LBK came with. The only negative part is that my wine fridge only goes down to 50*F. But this is all we need for the yeast being used with the dopplebock.
  2. My Belgian Wit replaced the beer in Beer Butt Chicken. Yummy!! My American Citra Hopped Wheat for a great Arroz con Pollo (Cuban Chicken and Rice) And currently thinking if which beer to add to my whole roast pork I'm cooking this weekend. Maybe an IPA to go with my 24 hour citrus marinade. This post is making me hungry ... And thirsty!!
  3. Thanks Dag, I try a test run with a LBK full of water to see what happens!
  4. Great stuff!! Is there a spigot at all or did you rig something else. I ask bc I have a wine fridge I can use bur the lbk will not fit with any spigot. If I can rig something flat I would be able to truly lager during the summer!!
  5. Originally from Miami (heading back today for Thanksgiving). The cooler idea will work for the fall and winter. But starting in late April I will invest in an old fridge and a johnson temp controller in order to survive the summer temps especially for fermenting. Good Luck and Happy Brewing!!
  6. I've had it. It was very good but after 3 of them I was nice and toasty!! It is a Belgain style triple made in the USA. I don't have a triple recipe to share but I would definately use Wyeast high gravity trappist ale yeast and 1 lb of light colored Belgian sugar if I were going to put a recipe together. It will take 2-3 months to condition. Another good one is Holy Mackeral Panic Attack from FT Lauderdale FL. Victory was kind enough to give us a hint of what they use: COMPOSITION Malts: 2 row German malt Hops: European whole flowers Yeast: Imported, of Belgian origin Alcohol by volume: 9.5%
  7. Only used it in a belgian Wit bier. It gave it a peppery finish. I tried it by itself and it was peppery with a slight corriander/citrsy taste. I went for 1/4 tsp in a sack with 1tp of crushed corriander and 1 oz of sweet orange peel. I also left the sack in the fermenter. Go for it. It's a nice addition! I am thinking of adding it to a bananna tasting Hef.
  8. Quick Questions about the nibs .... Is it pure 100% cocao? Or mixed with sugar?
  9. I had one can left. I just brewed it on the 5th along with the new fall seasonal. I agree this was a great beer. Had my last one while I brewed he last can.
  10. Thanks Trolby and Mashani, I'll let you know how it comes out! I was just afriad I through away $27 bucks by making something I would not like. But after reading both your posts I fell like this might become a nice surprise.
  11. LOL ... Your really big on properly disposing of beer ...:gulp: I know it is going to taste fine; but just curious to see what difference I can expect from using the "wrong" yeast.
  12. Noticed a more hops in the bottom of the pot as well. Messed up an used the wrong yeast!!! T-58. Wonder what the hell I am going to get. ANY THOUGHTS? This is what happens when you brew 3 MrB recipes at the same time!
  13. Did a Fallen Friar with an extra # of amber DME with and added an extra oz of Tettnag. It came out great!!
  14. mashani wrote: HYRLUV wrote: 3 for me 1 striaght 1 with Brown sugar 1 with Belgian Candi and liquid yeast I ordered 3 as well. 1st straight for sure. 2nd, I'm thinking candi sugar and some steeped Special B. I have a pound and a half of uncracked Special B sitting around here waiting for an excuse to use it. This seems to be a good excuse. 3rd one, who knows... maybe I'll turn it into a 4 gallon batch with bunch of special b, more dme, hops, and candi. We will see. I've got a bunch of hops in the freezer, I'm sure I can find one that fits the bill. Liquid yeast, perhaps. I like T-58 quite a bit, so it depends on how that first batch turns out. What Hops are you plannig to use? What will go wel with a dubbel?
  15. 3 for me 1 striaght 1 with Brown sugar 1 with Belgian Candi and liquid yeast
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