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  1. Husteak wrote: Maybe I'm wrong....but I don't think Oxyclean is a sanitizer. It's only a cleaner. One-step will work. And you don't "Have" to rinse, rinse, rinse with one-step. They are 'your' caps...do what 'you' want. You are right - Oxyclean is only a cleaner. I'll stick with sanitizing the caps with the bottles using One Step. This makes more sense to me & a time-saver. Thanks for everyones suggestions!!
  2. hoovied wrote: Last time I boiled my caps I noticed the high temp distorted the plasticky ring of sealing material in the cap or something. It just didn't look quite right. Guess I got spooked at that and never boiled again. I make sure there's no surface dirt or anything, give 'em a good rinse under running water then soak them in a bowlful of 1-step. Haven't had any issues yet. Yes, I've been a little concern with the high heat affecting the plastic. I'm going to switch to using One Stop or Oxyclean (& rinse, rinse, rinse.) Thanks for all the advice. Oh, and some of you need to stop drinking before answering (LOL)!
  3. I sterilize my bottle caps by boiling them for 10 minutes. Does anyone recommend a different method? I have not had any problems - just curious. Oh, and what does 'borg' stand for? THANKS!!
  4. Thank you all for your quick & very helpful responses. I will be checking this site often for help, tips, and the usual incouragement - "relax and have a beer". Cheers!!!
  5. I've been brewing the Mr. Beer kits for one year now, but only recently found this site. The tip of using the blender for the Booster was great!!! Has anyone used chessecloth instead of a muslin bag for hops? I would like to start creating my own recipes by buying the individual items from Mr. Beer and this would save me some money. Also, any advice on creating my own beer? How do you decide which ingredients to use for a particular batch? Side note - my husband bought a 2 liter growler that I have filled twice for him. I'm a great hit amongst his friends!! (They wished that they had a wife like me!) Currently drinking - Vodka or Rum (out of homebrew - ouch).
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