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  1. I plan for 2.5 gallon batches. So I fill up to the top of "QUARTS"
  2. Welcome! To a fun and tasty hobby! "Is there any sort of software/website that allows a home brewer to keep records and notes of current/past batches? I'm a web developer and thought about possibly making one if there wasn't already one, and enough people interested" Keeping records is a smart way to brew. I think a fair amount of MrBeer brewers end up making their own spreadsheet or notebook to keep records. I bet a lot of people would be interested and use/modify your idea. I started with a word document and with each batch I would record a ton of details. Now I use a excel spreadsheet with less detail, but I think I include the most relevant information. Good Luck, smooth
  3. Antiwraith, Here's the secret, do not pry up the bail to open the bottle. Instead; 1. Grab to bottle with both hands 2. Position both your thumbs up and on the wire side loops 3. Now push with the thumbs 4. The bail pops open. :evil: Don't tell anyone else :evil:
  4. Tried the first bottles of the new Coopers/MrBeer beers, a Canadian Blonde and an Oktoberfest. Canadian Blonde: light aroma, low hops, darker than expected, smooth, slightly sweeter than expected, a good beer. Oktoberfest: small hops aroma, nice light amber/brown color, great hops malt blend, a very good example of an Octoberfest brew. :cheer: Nice job Coopers/MrBeer!
  5. Gizmo, I think you will be fine. Draw off some from the fermenter and see if any sweetness is left. A 1/2" layer of trub in the bottom sound like the yeast multiplied like crazy, and ate all the sugars. Even though you never saw any foam on the top it may have come and gone or with the elevated temps never showed up. If you were on the warm side the yeast might produce some off style results. smooth
  6. The beer is bottled and kegged. The trub with the Coopers yeast was not as dense and firm as the Nottingham yeast but no issues just a comment. I'm letting them condition a little longer before I pop a top for a taste test.
  7. A quick look at my MrBeer 500ml bottles, just eyeballing from a 12"ruler. The largest Diameter was about 2 11/16" The Height looked to be 9 11/16" with a cap. Jason said: (I'm going to use the info in a fermentation chamber build.) Is this chamber to carbonate the bottled beer? For a fermentation chamber, build it sized to your MrBeer, 2 Gallon Fermenter. smooth
  8. I vote for a Coopers/MrBeer rye too! At Wednesday night canoe/kayak races, I tried a Labatts Rye (brewed in Rochester NY). I was so thirsty it went down too quick, it might have been a little thin, but was very good, I would drink again.
  9. Light Pilsen DME I'm trying not to change to much of beer style. but boosting the body/mouthfeel on the fill mark I overfill. :-)
  10. Very Nice... Kegerator you designed and built makes even better. You will love kegging too.
  11. Woa I had forgotten about Coconut Porter. :blush: I'll try and brew one coming up. Sounds too good to miss.
  12. Started three batches in MrBeer fermenters today, one old style & 2 new ones. #1 was the old small cans MrBeer PilotHouse Pilsner (plus 1 lb DME), soaked the cans, peeled the labels off, used Nottingham yeast. #2 was a new Coopers MrBeer Canadian Blonde (plus 1 lb DME), a leaky can so I wanted to use it quickly, Tried soaking and peeling the label off the can, NFW, left the soggy, clawed up label on :-( The can opened great and was easier to clean out the HME, I used the Silver Coopers Yeast packet that was included. #3 was a Coopers MrBeer Oktoberfest (plus 1 lb DME), soaked the can in hot water and tried to peel the label off, no such luck, left it on, The can of HME was easy to clean out, used the Coopers silver yeast packet that came with the kit. These are my batches #78, #79 & #80, I'll let you know what I think of the end results.
  13. +1 It's my preferred sanitizer. No problem to use with a MrBeer fermenter.
  14. elvis3327, I like a minimum of 14 days too. We brewed Prince Ludwig Lager back in April of 2010. I really liked it and rated it 5 out 5. A must brew again beer. Enjoy, smooth
  15. Background: This was a MRBeer kit, followed the MrBeer recipe and used the MrBeer cider yeast. Started it back in March 24. Put it in 2 500ml bottles with Coopers drops for priming, kegged the rest in a 2 1/2 gallon Corny Keg with forced carbonation on April 15. 7/28 Popped one of the bottles... Nice, A Great Cider! Regards, smooth
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