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  1. Good to know. Just checked and they're ok so far.
  2. yankeedag wrote: Check the necks of your bottles and see if they have the ring of death. What is this R.O.D. you speak of?
  3. I just had this in my last brew also. Thin film, almost skin-like with a few bubbles trapped underneath. Never seen it before. The beer tasted fine I guess, so I stopped looking/thinking about it and bottled when it was time. Still carbing, I'll find out soon...
  4. Here's the first pour of the Full Moon Marzen I brewed. I fretted over it for so long and lost some sleep because of it. But I stuck with it til the end and success! It's beer, and it tastes fantastic! I can't believe I considered dumping it when I thought it was not fermenting. I found this "stange" glass at a thrift store for 97 cents. It's the perfect size for 12oz bottle and I think it helps bring out and enhance the Hallertau hops aromas.
  5. Actually, I think there is a store in town. But using UME or DME only, how much hops should I use if I want it balanced?
  6. I'm gearing up for my first attempt at an original recipe. I'm trying to make a ginger flavored beer("Gingy Kid"), but I'm not sure about which MB HME and UME to use. I like all beer styles, but I'm thinking pale malts. I'm open to any ideas. Here's what I have so far, never mind the quantities: ground ginger Lemon zest/juice Coriander Amarillo hops Can of Raspberries (maybe) or Shin Mirin Thanks for any help and suggestions...
  7. Yeast is healthy and full of nutrients(vitamin B?), so why would you want to kill n' filter it? Macros not only have no taste, I would always feel awful after consuming. I'm glad me wreckless, misguided college days are gone. Also, I have had to force carbonate using my u-fizz kit. It only did 2 liters at a time, but it did save my first batch that refused to naturally carbonate :sweat: . It is probably the cheapest method I know, but natural is cheaper yet and easier. Wish I took a photo
  8. I cannot seem to be able to pour my wort into the fermenter without spilling some precious wort over the side :ohmy: . Each time I try harder but fail. I'm new to brewing but have been pouring liquids all my life, why is this so hard? The wort wants to stick to the pot even though there is a crisp edge. I need a pot with a pour spout (haven't seen those around) or I need a funnel, but both cost money and I have a very limited budget. If I buy a large funnel, I'll prolly need to sanitize it inside and out. Is there a good solution?
  9. Does anyone know about the effectiveness and proper use of other sanitation methods for emergency or "oops" situations? I'm thinking boiling (how long?) or UV-C sanitation wands like the one here. Are there any other sanitation options for a quick fix if one-step is already used?
  10. I have not pitched it. I'm giving it more time and I still pray for its conversion. I'm feeling a little more hopeful. It's the Full Moon Marzen recipe and only used what the recipe called for: hops, orange peel, and honey (used local).
  11. I have a brew that is two weeks in the fermenter and I've been suspicious that something is wrong. The wort was bubbling on the first day, a lot, but that quickly stopped. During my first brew, WCPA, it bubbled steady for a few days. This one has a lot more malt and adjuncts, so why would it stop so early and so suddenly? I decided to let it go two weeks and kept it in a constant temp. I poured a little out to sample it and it was cloudy, dull yellow color. It smelled like beer and had no sour taste. However, it was very sweet. There are obviously fermentables left but there is absolutely no sign of fermentation. What happened and can it be rescued?
  12. I recently made a WCPA that did not carbonate. I don't know why. I thought I'd try to force carbonate it rather than throw it out and it was a success. I saved my brew. I used a "U-Fizz" system I bought from thinkgeek.com. I've used it for fruit juice but never beer. Good last resort.
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