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  1. So after looking at Swen's screenshots I decided to download the trial version of Beersmith to see what it was like........ummmmm.....buh bye Qbrew. Holy Cow!! Much more detail and flexibility with Beersmith. Could be the best thing since sliced,...er, canned,...er, well y'all know what I mean. :woohoo:
  2. SenorPepe wrote: Well, that's just about the coolest thing I've ever seen. Gotta get that blown up and laminated. Oh, and welcome to the borg ScubaSteve. Beat dag to it! :hammer: +1 on that SP. Coolest thing I've ever seen as well. Need that in a poster and laminated. Nice Find Scubasteve!! :banana:
  3. Just did mine the other night. Came in at .056 like Truckn. I also filled to the top of the word "quart". Sitting in my garage right now which is staying between 50 and 53. Hoping for the weather to cooperate with temps for a couple of weeks. I need a clarification though, since this is my first run with a lager yeast. Do I carb at room temp (65-70) or in the garage at lager temps (50-58)? Same question with conditioning. Thanks guys, I'm excited about this one!! :stout:
  4. Rabbit, great cause, that's awesome! I just put my 4th all grain batch in the fermenter the other night. Great hoppy pale ale. I went with the 5 gal igloo cooler build. Found the instructions online. Cost was less than 40 bucks (I think 37). Home Depot usually has decent pricing on the coolers (I've seen them as low as 20-25). You tube is a great resource for for instructional vids and the more you watch, the more bits and pieces you pick up. A 5 gal. cooler will do up to 13 lbs. of grain which as mentioned, will easily do a MR Beer sized batch (5-7lbs depending on the ABV you want) but 13 lbs will also get you a 5 gal batch in the 6%-7% range. I've got the Maibock Seasonal in my MB keg as well. All grain is fun, and I love the beers I'm putting together, but as Tabasco pointed out in a different thread, it does take more time. :cheers:
  5. OH!.....that is just wrong!!!! Funny label, but OH MAN, she has a serious medical/hygeine issue! :X
  6. dferron wrote: Here is a PDF for washing yeast: http://home.comcast.net/~wnevits/wizards/yeast_washing_rev_5.pdf I did a google for "how to wash yeast" and there are many hits ... some better than others. Great link and I love the pictorial that goes with it. Definitely going to work into yeast harvesting in the near future.
  7. From what I've seen, all you need to make a starter is a little exract to boil and use the resulting wort as a starter nutrient for the yeast and a container to put it in. Also, your best bet is to use ALL of the trub and wash it to get all the yeast you can out of the trub.
  8. I started with spring water but have done the last 3 batches using water out of the tap on the fridge since it has a filter built in. It's worked great.
  9. I've got a Kitchenaid too, I'm excited. What a great attachment!
  10. That's an interesting idea. Never thought of a single induction burner.
  11. I think you're right, that it was an impact break. The only way I think pressure could have done it is if by chance the bottle was just defective and weak in that spot and "normal" pressure caused a blowout. Otherwise you'd have more than one bottle bomb.
  12. Hey Jenta, how opaque is your fermenter? Is it a standard white "ale pail" type plastic bucket? Clear is a problem, but if it's opaque but still blocks UV I think you are O.K. Welcome!!
  13. Either way you go Dave I think you definitely want the crystal as the 2 row is a great base, but the crystal is going to add to the mouthfeel. Sounds like a winner to me!!
  14. The most dramatic difference between the two seems to be the amount of time needed for maximum flavor. The first one puts max flavor at around 13 or 14 min, and the second one puts it 20 or 21 min. That's a pretty big swing.
  15. Love the idea, I'm curious as well to see how this turns out.
  16. SWEET!!!! Like BP, I'll be looking for these at my local Smith's
  17. Is BBR a website or is it on Youtube? What magazine was this article in?
  18. I do it the same way and, yeah, the hose fits right into the spigot hole.
  19. Honestly, Claymore has just described my first and only attempt at using the wand. Some have said that you can get it to fit in the slimline spigot. Not mine. Tried everything short of a hammer to jam it into the slimline spigot to no avail, and I even have 2 wands (one from MB and one from Northern Brewer). The only time I tried it on the MB locking spigot I had the same result, dribbled everywhere and leaked down the side. I tried using a length of tubing between the spigot and the wand which helped quite a bit, but it's a little cumbersome that way and defeats the whole purpose of the wand which is to make bottling easier.
  20. Sounds like a malty one to me. I think you'll enjoy that one. :gulp:
  21. Holy brew math Batman!!!! Thankfully brewing is only as complicated as one decides to make it. If I had to work on that level to make beer.........well, let's just say I wouldn't be making beer. :pinch:
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