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  1. Thanks guys!! That helps a lot! My "dedicated shelf" in the fridge is full and that was the answer I was looking for! I wouldn't have this problem if I would drink up, right. :stout: Thanks for the link Screwy. I'll give that a shot on my next batch.
  2. Hey guys, I was curious about something and wanted to hear your opinions. I use the 2+2+2 method, but after that 6th week do I have to transfer the bottles immediately to the fridge or can I just store the bottles in a room as long as the temp stays at 68-70 degrees? If so, how long will it last until I have to refridgerate it? Thanks for all your help!! Cheers
  3. I just immediately started craving a pecan cinnamon roll! Gee thanks!
  4. Truckndad, will you keep me updated on this? I'm really curious how this turns out. It sounds like a winner! Did you use the brown sugar or opt out of it?
  5. Great link! Thanks! That chocolate hazelnut wheat sounds pretty good too!
  6. Thanks Rabbit, I think your right about conflicting with the taste. I like the idea of the dropper, though. If I ever get a spare moment I may just experiment with it a bit and find out for sure.
  7. Hey guys! So I was doing a little research on a pumpkin beer that I'm getting ready to attempt for Thanksgiving and it got me into thinking about other festive holidays and ideas. I've heard of beers that have a hint of chocolate to it but what do you guys think about maybe adding just a hint of peppermint extract to something like that and serve as a Christmas beer? I'm not sure. It may be the worse idea ever but just wanted to get your take on it and see what you think. Thanks guys!!!
  8. Hey guys! Is there any books or any websites you would recommend to further my education on homebrewing, ingredients etc? I'm eventually wanting to step up and do all-grain recipes but am waaay to inexperienced and want to learn more about grains, hops, malts and all the other basic ingredients and techniques used. I've done several Mr. Beer recipes, but since everything is already mixed up and paired up for that specific recipe I'm not learning much except for the basic process of homebrewing. Brew on!! Thanks!
  9. Hey BP! I used the Witbier HME and the Golden Wheat UME like you said. I ordered the Cascade and Columbus hops originally but last minute decided to try something and ordered some Magnum and Simcoe hops from Northern Brewer. I don't know much about hops (slowly learning, though) but used 3g of the Magnum and 5g of the Simcoe. I zested two oranges and put that in as well. It seems like from everything I've read that most people use three oranges but didn't want to make it too overpowering so just figured I'd try two. Now I must wait! I'll definitely keep you posted! Thanks!
  10. Hey Real, I've been away for quite awhile but just tried bp's recipe that he posted above, today. Every thing went great so now just have to wait a month or two...Where is the fast forward button??? Waiting is the hardest part, but well worth it! I'm thinking after this batch I'm just going to start experimenting and see what happens. I wish I could differentiate between the different hops, malts etc but hopefully by just experimenting I'll be able to tell the difference and come up with my own recipes etc.
  11. Mxstar, I'm not from KS but pretty close, I'm in Oklahoma (Tulsa area). I'm a huge fan of all wheat beers especially Boulevard. I just checked my stash and couldn't believe it but actually have everything I need to give this a shot. So I now have my morning planned out!
  12. Bp, Thank you soo much for taking the time to do the research and typing all this out! I'm just amazed at how knowledgable you guys are! I love wheat beers and I'm going to try this out immediately. I think I'm going to put some orange zest in it and see how it goes. Man, thanks again! I'll post the results. Cheers!!
  13. Hey guys, I'm needing some suggestions for my next batch. My favorite are wheat beers such as Boulevard Wheat, etc. I'm not necessarily looking for a Bouldevard clone but just something along that line. What would you recommend?? Thanks!
  14. I've been reading up on steeping grains and your right, it does seem easy enough. I'm going to try that on my next batch! I'll let you know how it turns out. Where do you get your grains, online or local supply? I'm going to try cleaning with Oxyclean and batch priming as well. So this is definitely going to be an experiment! I will probably switch to glass bottles as soon as I get an extra fridge to store the extra bottles in. I don't have the room as of yet. How do you check for carbonation if you use glass bottles?
  15. Welcome Dudley! Watch out it's addicting! Brew on!
  16. Well I try to do everything exactly to the T according to the Mr. Beer directions. It stays in the keg for 2 weeks then I've been letting it carbonate for another 4 weeks. As far as the temperature goes it may be a little cool now that you mentioned it. It's probably about 72 degrees or so. Do you have a desired temperature setting? The sugar I used is just regular granulated sugar. I read a post that said they used the exact amount of honey that they recommend for sugar. So I used 2.5 TSP of local Okla. honey. I'm going to take a look at those priming calculators!! Thanks!
  17. I have about three batches under my belt now but on all three batches they have had very little to no head to it. What could I be doing wrong? I brew in the PET bottles and twice have used their recommended 2.5 TSP of sugar and on the third batch I used honey. Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  18. I'm thinking I should probably condition it a little warmer just so the yeast won't sleep on me and it will hopefully continue to carb. I like the 3-6 month wait time.
  19. Thanks guys! That's kinda what I thought, just wait longer. I'm glad to hear I didn't mess it up. I'm going to try batch priming next time. We'll see how that goes...Now when you condition do you prefer warm conditioning or cold conditioning?
  20. Hey everyone, I have a rookie question for ya. I read on here about honey priming so I tried it with my last batch. I heated 2.5 tsp of a local honey and put in each of the PET bottles (bottle priming) and after about 2.5 weeks a couple of the bottles are rock hard but the others have some firmness to them but still a little bit spongy when you press on the bottle. Any suggestions? I figured I would just wait another week or two.
  21. Shawn, that link was dead on! That's exactly what I was looking for, thanks.
  22. Oh wow! That would suck! Yeah as much as puke and cardboard sounds appetizing I think I'll DEFINITELY take your advice on that one. The beer making process takes sooo long, I hope I don't end up waiting MONTHS AND MONTHS for stale cardboard. We shall see!!
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