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  1. Hi, i just brewed the pumpkin rising recipe this morning and the recipe called for S-33 dry ale yeast. I put the dry yeast that was under lid by mistake. Can I add the S-33 yeast to the keg also?
  2. Hey, Thanks to all that replied. I guess I was over cautious, but after almost ten batches that was the first time I saw the krausen ring so I thought it was not normal. Now I know so thanks again everyone. Mike
  3. hey, I take apart my spigot and soak it in oxy-free after each brew. I poured out the other batch because of the off taste and because it had a lot of stuff floating in it even after cold crashing for two days. Now that I think of it the stuff floating could have been the cherries that were in the recipe. But I figured better to be safe than sorry. This one I bottle and see what the outcome is. Thanks Mike
  4. Hey, I have some stuff forming on the walls of the fermenter above the liquid. I'm brewing a batch of Lady liberty lager, It's 3 days in the keg . I'm concerned because my last brew was a batch of firecracker red ale and it did the same thing but came out of the lid on the fermenter. When it was time to bottle it tasted like vinegar and had stuff floating in it so I poured it down the drain. I have not seen this before in any of my other batches and wondering if it could be something wrong. I always clean my keg with oxy-clean free after each batch and sanitize before each brew.
  5. hey, I ordered a batch last week. UPS says it will be here tomorrow, hope to brew it fri or sat. Can't wait to try it. Thanks Mikewiz
  6. Hey, Thanks for the replies. I guess I won't worry about it. Mike
  7. Hi, I've brewed about 6 batches of beer so far. After bottling I rinse the keg and remove the locking tap and replace with the original tap and fill with water and add oxyclean free. I take apart the tap and put it in the keg and soak over night. But the rubber stopper in the tap always has a beer smell and isn't clear like when it was new. Should I be concerned about this or is it fine? As far as I can tell my beer always tastes fine.
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