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  1. I use a brita filter and Sam adams and Fat Tire bottles
  2. Wecome back :cheers: cant help you with the new MRB HMEs as i have nly made one since the mereger and have mostly gone to AG brewing
  3. You can leave them at rm temp for quite a while as long as you keep them out of the light :cheers:
  4. I used to go commando but my last few brews i used the nylon bags like screwy and i love them much less hop particle in the pot and in the yeast.
  5. And yes i put the date bottled on all of my bottles
  6. That is true you could do it like that and have a fine pipeline. I brew my Behind off from sept to late May and doa 5 gallon batch then a LBK size batch and rotate like that and end up with enough of a pipelint to get me through my 3 months of not brewing.
  7. Welcome to the :borg: And as has been stated at least 4 weeks and depending on the style and ABV of your beer as long as a year or more as long as you treat them like vampires.( In the dark at all times)
  8. We always stay home with our Boxers on the 4th. They dont like the noise and fortunatly in our little town we live close enough to sit out bsck with a home brew and watch the fireworks show and yet far enough away that they are not to loud. The problem is the idiots with the illegal fireworks and bottle rockets in the neighborhood.But no beer for the dogs altough they do like my home brew .
  9. Welcome to the :borg: and i agree that with a wheat bear you would be better off with some of the noble hops
  10. thats Trub no worrieis . Yeast that carbs your beer
  11. Welcome to the :borg: and the obsesssion. You might try the fish dept of a pet store for a stick on thermometer.
  12. Welcome to the :borg: and Happy Brewing :cheers: As to your question i have had some beers as long as a year and they have been good as long as you keep them in the dark.
  13. I am a big fan of Saaz and i Agree with Gymrat not so good with cascade would go with the centenial
  14. i really liked the black tower porter would use both cans it was great i miss that one
  15. Glad your first all grain went well :cheers: i have 4 all grain and i must say they are my best brews i have made yet :party:
  16. This weekend iI Was up in the sierras camping and fishing. and i noticed when i opened my home brew it poured at extremely foamy had to wait for the head to disapate before i could drink it. Now these are beers that i have had at home and while they are slightly over carbed it is nothing like what i saw this weekend, They are batch primed so i was wondering if any one here had heard of elevation affecting the carbonation of their home brew before?
  17. You should be fine bringing it up to 65 the yeast will wake up and do their thing :party:
  18. Very sad day. i saw the doors or what they called the doors a year ago a great show, have been a Doors fan since the sixties.
  19. I sanitize if i am dry hopping but not if its going in to boil
  20. i have brewed quite a few hefs and the earliest i open them is 2 weeks in the bottle seems to be just fine then. :cheers:
  21. I did a hef very simaler to teutonics but i used 3 Pounds of 2 row and 2 pounds of honey malt same hops that was the only difference it came out great
  22. It should be fine for a few hours RDWHAHB :cheers:
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