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  1. Thanks Bigd will try that as soon as it comes in. should be monday. I am more interested in flavor then ABV.
  2. Thanks i will be getting a hydrometer soon. I tend to like beers with flavor have never been a fan the big 3 BMC. Started drinking heinikins in high school and graduted from there. drink Sams or carlsberg , fat tire firestone ale and lagers. So i am definatly looking to make beers with some kick i like hoppy beers as well as malty ones.
  3. :S :S Yes i made the cowboy lager, used the booster and that is all. followed the instructions in my kit. As i said the taste was bland not sweet. I wasn't sure what to expect.I have an standard classic american blonde ale with booster that came with my kit as well, i also have a deluxe classic american blonde ale with a pale export on order. Can i mix the 2 blonde ale HME s with the pale export? And if i do should i use the booster? :S
  4. Got my MR BEER kit 2 weeks ago and just bottled my first batch
  5. Got it bottled everything pretty good. But i tasted it and it was not sweet but kind of bland flat beer. will the taste get better with carbing and conditiong? :S
  6. Thanks all for the advise love the shot glass idea for the spigot!! Should i wait til monday to cold crash since that will be day 14 of fermentation? :S
  7. thanks !! any and all help appreciated!!
  8. Thanks and should i sanitize the spigot first?
  9. Hi all i am Ray i am ready to bottle my first batch (cowboy lager) monday will be 2 weeks. I dont have the wand and lock spigot is there a trick to bottling with out getting to much airation ? Have wand and lock spigot on order after reading here. My favorite beer is carlsberg any one here know a recipe for that one? Thanks for any help iget have already gotten a lot just reading here.
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