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  1. No advice here as i am not kegging yet but very jealous that looks like a great setup. Best of luck with it . Let us know how it works please :cheers:
  2. My pipeline is to Full accordding to SWMBO 12 cases ready to drink 2 cases conditioning 5 gallons to bottle next weekend Then a 2 week break and i will be brewing abotu 5 more cases til middle of may when i take a break from brewing for the summer. To busy and its to hot for me to brew in the summer so i have to make sure i have enough beer to get me through til early october when my first beers of fall will be ready to drink :laugh:
  3. Welcome to the obsession ! BREW STRONG :cheers:
  4. Being one who didnt Drink the BMC stuff before i started Home brewing if a bar dosent have Sams Fat Tire or Sierra Nevada i am with the Hat and will have a Gin and Tonic. I am okay with people who want and enjoy the BMC stuff its just not for me as i prefer my Beer with more Flavor then they provide.
  5. Welcome to the borg :cheers: As you said you have done much reading heed what you have read about fermenting and conditioning times. That amount of sugar to prime may be a little high but will work
  6. "mtsoxfan" post=345547 said:I'm trying to think of the song back in the 70's (I think) that dealt with newspeople. Something about a bubbleheaded bleach blond comes on at 5, tells you about a plane crash with a gleam in her eye... That song is Dirty Laundry by Don Henly And i agree must be a slow news day and like the nong said one day caffine is bad the next its ok then eggs are bad then they are ok. Everything in moderation says i and thats what i will live by
  7. Welcome to the borg :cheers: The cans might be okay if they havent bulged. But the yeast is probably dead and need to be replaced.
  8. DO NOT DO THE SECOND OPTION way to much sugar in that. I have made many fruit beers for SWMBO not apricot but blackberry and raspberry multiple times. So my suggestion would be to make a wheat beer and either add pureed apricots to the secondary or use the extract at bottling. Just my 2 cents worth :cheers:
  9. Welcome I have never used cinamonbut you can get Dried orange peel at your LHBS ( local home brew store) and a small amount mybe 1/4 oz. to boil for 5 to 10 min before you add wort to LBK.
  10. should be okay to use before it swells. At least that is what i have been told but i have always waited until it swelled to be sure the yeast was ready to use and active.
  11. You didnt screw up keeping it in he fridge til you were ready to use it was the right thing to do. could take up to a day or more to swell RDWHAHB!!
  12. I have made fruit beers quite a lot raspberry and blackberry for SWMBO and i agree with packerduf that a can in primary will give you a nice subtle raspberry flavor. If you add the can after 7 days you will get a more pronounced fruit flavor, I have not used extracts in any of my beers but have tasted a couple that did and i and my wife prefer the flavar of the real fruit to the extract. Just my 2cents worth. :cheers:
  13. Welcome to the borg and like has already been said RDWHAHB :cheers:
  14. I have used Brown sugar no real difference in carb or taste so only did it once
  15. Have made this Recipe and did notice the smell the first couple of days then in subsided. this is a pretty decent Hef. Although i must say according to SWMBO the old MRB Hef was better. As i am not a real fan of hefs my opinon dosent count if you ask SWMBO. But she says the old recipe was smoother then the new recipe.
  16. Welcome and yes take them out for 2 weeks they wil be much better beer then :cheers:
  17. Welcome :cheers: If it has been 21 days then i would say it is fine to bottle now. good luck with waiting the 4 weeks after for carbing and conditioning
  18. powder make sure it is oxyclean free
  19. I brew LBK sized testers and extract beers and 5 gallon batches of beer that are my favorite recipes from the LBK sized testers.
  20. I usualy go commando with my hops and have never rreally had a problem they drop into the trub byt the end of fermentation and as Alb said if you cold crash your LBK you will never have a problem with them. or at least i havent :cheers:
  21. Good luck Chris, :cheers: Im Sure all will go well for you,As my mentor in the last RCE you took me to a new level in brewing Partial mash Thank you by the way my beers since have been the best i have made. i give you much credit for that. :cheers: As i said i am sure you will do great with your first AG :chug: :cheers: Ray
  22. I use a bottling wand so they end up about 1 inch from the top.
  23. 10 Gallons A Pilsner for me A blackeberry wheat beer for SWMBO
  24. Cant Really say which is better but i like the ale pails for their weight and ease of cleaning and dry hopping.
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