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  1. when i bottle prime i use the MRB sugar measuring tool i got with my second brew club order no mess and very easy to use
  2. I do it my bottles just like Gymrat dishwasher then oven that way i am sure they are clean and sanitized. might be over kill but sure does give me peace of mind! :cheers:
  3. I too am a big fan of witty monk. Unfortunatly it is no longer available
  4. :cheers: I have done exactly that beer your talking about 2 HMEs 1 UME and a Booster if you let it condtition for at least 2 months it isreally good beer :gulp:
  5. have been using Sams or Fat tire bottles for 2 years and never had a prob with my MRB wing capper :cheers:
  6. I made what my wife named a Dark red witch 2 cans Bewitched red ale 1 lb amber DME and steeped 1lb of carapils . :cheers: Very nice beer. went down smooth after 4 weeks in the bottle :chug:
  7. .the one time that i used beer for a marinade for pork i used a lemon wheat beer that i had made for SWMBO. 1 bottle lemon wheat beer 2 cloves garlic peppr and salt to taste 1 tsp smoked paprika 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar 1 tsp chili powder 1/3 cup brown sugar 1tbsp basil turned very good made enoug for 2 racks f ribs slow smoked with hickory and apple wood. serve with your fovorit home brew was enjoyed by all who were here.
  8. i mix DMEs all the time makes for some very tasty brews :cheers: One of my favorites was amber DME with a wheat DME and some tetanger and simcoe hops a very tasty brew :drinking:
  9. I would not use the booster. to many adjuncts will take too long to condition. IMO Make sure you puree the heck out of those raspberries in a sanitized blender.
  10. :cheers: Very cool! some the same sort of yeast action with a pale ale i made couldnt stop watching was always checking it out. :laugh:
  11. Ihave made this beer 4 times for SWMBO and the trub always looked like what you have there and the beer turned out great :chug: so i wouldnt worry about what you see there.
  12. :cheers: Your welcome. my spanish has been lacking since my grandmother died 30 plus years ago.
  13. i had the same issue with a dark beer that i made. No matter how cold i got them they gushed like a volcano so i figured i over carbed them. so i took to opening them over the sink and pouring in a really big mug so i didnt loose to much brew because it was actually one of my best beers that i had made. Funny i am drinking the last one right now poured it before i even logged on and saw this :laugh: :cheers:
  14. i would recommend the whispiring wheat and yes if you want more fruit flavor put fruit in LBK after 1 week fermenting. i would give it 2 more weeks after that and then cold crash to make sure you drop all the fruit in the trub before bottling. I have made blackberry and raspberry this way and they have turned out very good. :cheers:
  15. I have always kept a pan of liquid in the bottom of the smoker to keep my meat moist works like a charm :cheers:
  16. I have had a smoker like the ones pictured here and have used a chimney for starting the charcoal for years without any problems :cheers:
  17. 2 weeks wont hurt them at all i usually leave mine in the fridge at least 1 week and often much longer :cheers:
  18. The clean up of the LBK was not much different then normal. But you definatly want to cold crash before bottling as with the raspberry you might get some seeds clogging the spigot. But since i cold crashed these i didnt really have a problem. And yes these were made for SWMBO as she liked Sams blackberry witbeer. She actually like mine better then sams :chug:
  19. I have made blacberry and raspberry beers. They have tasted quite good according to people who like fruit beers. Not my fav but they are ok. Have used MRB Witty monk HME 2 cans and golden wheat UME 1 can and i can of oregon fruit let them ferment at least 3 weeks and carb and condition at least 6 weeks. For more fruit flavor add pureed fruit after first week of fermentation.
  20. I have had 1 bottle bomb in 2 years of brewing it happened in the second week of carbing. luckly i put all my new beers in a plastic storage container for the first month of there time in the bottle so easy to clean up.
  21. You can make a premium MRB for 20$. a case of Sams or fat tire or like beer is about 32$ ( at least where i live).So i figure i am saving $ when i home brew. BUT that is not why i home brew. I enjoy the process i like the out come i think my beers are better then most that i can buy. As trollby said about MCdonalds bugers ( i guess thats what they are) hvent eaten one since the 70s. but i am sure his are better from his grill whether they cost more or not. I can go to the store and but bottled BBQ sauce and it alright But i enjoy making my own from scratch as does SWMBO (she like mine better too ) it might cost me a little more per ounce to make but again i enjoy the process and the out come soe the $ is not important. :cheers:
  22. :chug: I have used both HMEs with the pale ale UME and though they were both quite tasty just by them selves. :cheers:
  23. I did a 10 minute boil with dried sweet orange peel ( put in hop sack will clog spigot) and imparted the right amount of orange citrus flavor for me!
  24. very cool idea for giving gifts and making presentation look nice and proffesional !
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