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  1. io think it would work quite well if you used 2 cans of the HME and fermented for 3 weeks and let condition for at least 6 weeks
  2. :laugh: i am drinking a @ 2cans HCCD and 1 can golden wheat WOW really good beer :laugh:
  3. :chug: Welcome to the borg! as far as advice that cowboy lager after 4 weeks in the bottle will be ok but not great! I know i have done this when i started last year as for your nexy batch in the hot summer months i use a ice chest and rotete bottle of frozen water out daily it helps keep thing at a good temp for brewing! :stout:
  4. :gulp: Welcome and like has been said if you let this condition a while longer i would give 3 or 4 more weeks i think you wil find this to be very drinkable and very tasty .
  5. Bottling mine up toworrow cant wait to take this camping in august
  6. Patience definatly helps now that i have a good pipeline all my beers MRB and others all sit in the bottle at least 6 weeks before i try them. Some are better then others but dont have that taste you are talking about and as said earlier it is not just MRB it seems to be all Extracts i have tried in the last year.
  7. Congrats Heidi, i have one empty keg waiting on the imperial hefeweizen to get here
  8. :cheers: Drank my first one of these on Sunday night to celebrate the death of a madman :50cal: I thought it was a very fine tasty beer a little sweet but not overly very clean finish for me and now i am sad that i only have the one batch
  9. Have had my MR Beer capper since my second batch and no problems at all with it!
  10. :cheers: Congrats Dave glad to hear it came out good enjoy :chug:
  11. :chug: i cold crash when i go commando with my hops boils just to keep the spigot from cloging :stout: not doing it for the presentation. also when i have done a fruit beer for SWMBO :cheers:
  12. :drinking: :cheers: drinking that one now a very good beer :drinking:
  13. :chug: Congrats on your second attempt :cheer: Sounds like a great beer to go with your Ribfest this summer :stout:
  14. :cheers: Very nice i now have a nice pipeline as well! :chug: Have 4 cases or so of very fine home brew 3 cases carbing and conditioning and 2 fermenters going strong. :gulp: What a great hobby :stout: :party:
  15. i would say the lower temps are slowing it down and nothing to worry about
  16. :cheers: Bottling this one up right now tasted great in the hydrometer sampler :chug: :laugh:
  17. pretty much yes when the reading is the same for 2 or 3 days in a row it is usually ready to bottle
  18. david.51 wrote: I did not add any extra malts to it but i did just get my hyrdometer. so next time things will be better im hopeing. what type of sugar do yall use to prime? +10 on getting a hydrometer and i use table sugar with out any problems
  19. I have never had a problem with either of those tools and use them both all the time. i would definatly contact MRB about the wand . the sugar scoop that baffles me mine has worked great and get good carb so i dont know what to say about that
  20. Welcome :cheers: And yes that sounds ok i have made two fruit beers! Dont forget to sanitize your blender!!!!!!!!!!!! Both of mine turned out good but i used oregon blackberry and raspberry cans from the store! have not used fresh or dried fruit.
  21. :cheers: Welcome to the borg dodgerblue :gulp: +1 on the cooler that works quite well for me in the summer time! :chug:
  22. :chug: Welcome to the borg :chug: And you should be fine you are right your beer will be lower in ABV and a little lighter but still better then the BMC crap :laugh: :laugh: Enjoy and brew strong :party:
  23. Brewed mine up on saturday :cheer: did it straight and fermenting in my garage in a cooler! my garage is about 40 to 49 in the winter so i put it in a cooler by its self and it is brewing right along a very big head of krausen going on right and my og was the same as yours!!!Will ferment for 3 weeks and then batch prime and let it sit for at least 6 weeks before i give it a taste :laugh: maybe 4 weeks :laugh:
  24. i would agree get the temp in the low sixties if you can for the MRB yeast.
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