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  1. Thats a great list of brews you got going there. I currently have 6 in different stages of conditioning. My first brew was bottled in late June an American Blond Ale. I used the PET bottles and have opened one at various times just get an idea what it taste like. I'm down to two bottles left the last was about 10 days ago. I feel like it is just now getting to the point that it is drinkable. Like you I use nothing but glass 12 oz bottles. How long of a conditioning time do you plan to give your brews? I'm thinking of 3-5 months.
  2. Peeled and threw it in. Didn't remove anything.
  3. I have that brewing now. I just peeled the orange and threw it in. I suppose you could put it in a hop sack, and not lose any flavor. Go for it, that's the fun of making your own brew.
  4. If you have a cooler, you can place the keg it it and drape the keg with a wet t-shirt. Continue on with your brewing, remember(2/2/2).The temps were high for only a few hours.You will have some great beer in a couple weeks.
  5. 76-78 is alittle high. I have my kegs inside a cooler sitting in a turkey pan with a wet t-shirt draped over it. A single small blue ice pack keeps the temps in the 64-68 level. I would go ahead and let it finish the fermination period (14 days) then bottle and let it card and condition for awhile. Maybe it will get better with age.
  6. I placed a cheap aluminum turkey pan in my cooler and covered my keg with a damp t-shirt. It draws water from the pan which has kept my temps between 64-68. A single small frozen blue ice pack is all I use to cool the water and inside of the cooler.
  7. My batch of Cowboy Lager with UME has finished the 14 day fermation period. I don't have Hydrometer yet(arrives Friday) and it taste like flat warm beer. I've kept the tempts at 64-68 degrees and was thinking of giving it until this Friday to bottle. Should I go ahead and bottle now or give it a few extra days? Yoy guys always have GREAT information.
  8. For me there's nothing better than a plate of Hot Wings or a big, big Pastrami sandwhich.
  9. I too had a light beer smell left in the keg after cleaning twice with Oxyclean. It's a plastic keg so I believe it will always have an slight ordor to it. Just keeps using the Oxyclean right after bottling your brew and you should be good to go.
  10. I ordered a rootbeer refill thinking I could use the PET bottles that come with the Mr Beer kit. Little did I relize until later that that you need special caps for the bottles. Has anybody tried using the regular bottles to make rootbeer for their family? I don't see on the Mr. Beer website were you can order the special caps.
  11. When using the half packet of One-Step to sanitize bottles etc, how much water can be used. I would like to sanitize atleast 6 glass bottles at a time standing up in the solution. I don't want to dilute it to much.
  12. Hey all......Just got home from work here in Southern Cal. it's a warm 91 today. Sure would be nice to have a homebrew, but I have to wait awhile before my first batch will be ready to drink. Monday will mark two weeks and I will be cold crashing for three days then filling the PET bottles that come with our kits. I"ve ordered a bottling wand and a case of glass bottles with a capper system, but these will have to wait for the next batch. My question is how much head room should I leave in both the PET and glass bottles. Any information would be welcome.Thanks again.
  13. Hi all!!!!As I said above I'm new at this homebrewing hobby and so far it's been a learning experience and just plain fun.I got my Mr Beer after seeing one in a Bass Pro Shops flyer and said to myself I have enough fishing tackle so why not use a couple gift cards to get something that " keeps on giving".So a quick to trip to BPS and my Mr Beer came home. I spent the next few days going over the instructions that came with kit and decided to check the internet for a Mr Beer forum. Needless to say the instructions from the kit leaves alot to be desired. So after reading hundreds of post on this board, I started my first batch last Monday 6-21-10. My kit came with the American Blond Ale and the Cowboy Golden Lager,so being a fan of ale"s that was the one I chose to be my first. I keep my Mr Beer in a front room closet and inside a cooler with a single ice packet so the temp has been a constant 72 degrees. I proped the front of the keg with a CD case to keep as much of the trub to the rear. My plans so far is to let it sit for atleast two weeks and then taste test a small amount to see if it's ready to bottle. Once I bottle it, back into the cooler for another two weeks, and then a month just to let it condition. I hope it turns out and that my other brews will as much fun. Thanks to everybody on the board for all of the great info.
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