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  1. Hi guys, on 9/3/12 I tried doing an all grain brew. I did brew in a bag. I got an og of 1.048. Today I got 1.042? fermenting temp was 70-75. I think the yeast that came with the kit must have craped out. Thinking of pitching new yeast. Got the mix from Brooklyn brewery it is the bruxelles blond. dont seem to be have luck with all grain. but I'll keeping trying. thanks forany input
  2. Well this turned out to be a disaster. First off I forgot to recalibrate my refract meter. Probable why I only got an OG of 1.024. Next after 5 days of fermenting. I was running late for work & when I switch out the frozen water bottle in my igloo cooler I must have placed it in a bad spot. Because next time I checked the keg was ¾ emptied, the bottle had pressed on the spigot lever. Beer all over the bottom of the cooler. Beer smelled great though. Lesion learned I picked up some new spigots with twist valves.
  3. forgny to say 8/14 was also my 52th b-day any idears what I should call this beer?
  4. have'nt brewed in a long time, but Im back. On 8/14. I brewed my first batch of all grain. :banana: . it a peanutbutter stout I got from the brooklyn brew shop. I used the brew in a bag . My og was 1.024 I'll let everone know how it comes out in about 7 weeks. wish me luck
  5. Took a little break from brewing. Decided to try the Nogs orange sider. Used 2 gal. apple cider , 1 lb. lactose, 600gr brown sugar ( could not find my zester) so just used 1 pint Tropicana pure premium orange juice ¼ tsp cinimin ¼ tsp pumkin pie spice . Used. Used Champaign yeast. Brewed on 5/27 my og was 1.083 today 5/31 its at 1.026 . I ‘m going to let it ferment for 3 weeks. I ‘m guesting I should it carb & condition about 4 months?
  6. Welcome ! Your be making beer soon!
  7. I will be bottleing tomorow. 4/4. I want to try using dme. to prim with. how much should I use?. same as sugar 3/4 teaspoon. thanks. Ed
  8. Welcom to the Borg we have beer. I dont thing 6 deg difference in temp. is that bad. But you should get something like a igloo cooler that you can put the keg into with 1 or 2 zrozen bottles of water. try getting some oxcy-clean free. to soak the keg in.
  9. First off Welcome to the Borg. We have Beer! To answer your question, Yes if you make rootbeer in the fermentor you use for beer. it will have an affect on batches of beer brew. best to order a fermentor to use only for rootbeer. You should also get a hydromoter, and a extra fermentor for beer. this way you can brew more beer.
  10. On Monday 3/15 I brewed up a batch of the Stickty Wiicket Oatmeal Stout with dme and chocolate & crystal 40 malt. been fermenting a 60 I went to swap frozen water bottles & saw I had a little blow over. The lid did not come off. its still snug. I wiped off outside of fermenter. Should I loosen the lid a little? Thanks Ed
  11. on monday 3/14 I brewed up 2 cans of the Sticky wicket oatmeal stout with 1 ld light dme, 1 oz chocolet male & 1 0z crystel malt. used s-05 yeast 11 grams pack. OG was 1.060. 4:00 am this morning has a good 2 in of foam on top. when I got home from work @ 415 pm checked my sample it was at 1.050. Plane on leting this ferment for 21 days . anyone think I should tranfer to secondary after 7 days?
  12. Welcome ! yes use both packs of yeast. like everone said you will be fine
  13. Welcome ! + 1 to what everone already said. Take your time, have fun, your make Beer.
  14. Thanks for the advise Oly, maybe I'll start with 1/4 lbs first time around. just had a idear , how to you thing a whispering wheat weizenbier would go with chocolate malt ?
  15. Hi Guys , Planning on trying to step-up my brewing skills. I picked up some Chocolate special malts . I plan on mixing up 1 lb DME Seeping the grains. Just trying to decide if I should use sticky wicket oatmeal stout or the St Patrick’s Irish stout. Any thoughts?
  16. hey it your beer! if you want to drink to day go for it , just give a few hours in frig to cool & settle
  17. thanks for the words of support bpgreen & mxstar21. I guess I do underestermate myself. at times.
  18. This is WAYYYYY above my skill level,but though some of you would like it. English Pale Ale (Extra Special/Strong Bitter (a.k.a English Pale Ale) INGREDINETS for 5.25 US Gallons Boil 2 cans 6.6 lbs. light malt Extract 1.0 lbs light dry Malt extract 0.5 lbs Crystal malt ( 10 L ) ( don’t know how to type the degree simbel) 0.25 Crystal Malt (105 L) 0.25 lb Victory Malt ( aka tosted malt) 2.5 oz east kent golding pellet, 4.75% a.a ( 60 min) ( 35 ibu) 1.0 oz east kent golding whole hops 4.75 a.a ( 0 min) ( 3 ibu) 1 tbsp irish moss (15 min) 2 packets Wyeast 1098 british ale yeast Or 2 vials white labs wlp002 English ale yeast or a appropriate size yeast starter Use coopers carb drops for 1.5 to 2.0 volumes of CO2 when bottling or 1.5 to 2.7 oz corn sugar when bottling. Original Specifi Gravity 1.055 Final gravity 1.015 Ibu 38 Abv 5.4 % Directions. Steep grains in 1 gallon of water, heat to 154 deg for 30 min. Strain &sparge with 0.25 gallons hot water. Andremove grains. Stir in liquid and dry malt eztracts , and top up with water to 3.5 gallons. Bring to a boil and add bittering hops. Boil for 45 min and add the dehydrated Irish moss . C Continue boil for 15 min. turn off heat andadd second hops. Cool the wort to 65 to 70 . Then pour into fermenter with enough pre-boild cool water to make 2.25 gallons Aerate and pitch yeast when temp drops to 65 to 70. Ferment at 68 .
  19. FrozenInTime wrote: Refering to yeast islands? I've had them before, not a problem. You said u used lager yeast, what temp you fermenting at? 50 deg got keg in igloo cooler with 2 half gal frozen bottles and atowel covering them.
  20. brewed up a batch of the Malbock last night. used new spigot IMHA easer to put on keg than locking one. one question I need to ask. I used the larger yeast. I pitched at 65 deg. waited the 5min , but when I stired to mix the yeast & wort, the yeast sort of clumped up a little. never had that happen before. not a problem it has a nice foam going., just wondering if anyone hadthis happen?
  21. toomeymd wrote: Gymrat wrote: You don't get yeast infection from beer. you get yeast infection from eating...nevermind, this is a family forum...he he he :laugh: :laugh: that was agood one
  22. Brooklyn, N.Y. but now in Forest Hills N.Y.
  23. +1 being rude to yankeedag not nice at all.
  24. Welcome to to the Borg. thisisa Great place to get info. everyone likes to help.
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