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  1. InsaneDragun wrote: Congrats Tanner, nothing better than waiting such a long time to realize you did something so well. Great feeling when you hit it on the head, right? It sure does feel great, especially anticipating little modifications to truly make it precisely how I want it to be. And something I can confidently share with friends who drink beyond BMC.
  2. drank one today, it was fantastic!!! I think that I'll stick with the same basic recipe except maybe a lighter colored crystal malt to keep the color a little lower. also i will probably add some summit at the end of the boil and adjust the hop schedule accordingly to hit right around 60 ibu's. Cheers!
  3. Here's the recipe, tell me what yall think! 2.13 Gallon Batch 3 lbs Dark LME 1 lb Pale LME .5 lb Roasted Barley .25 lb Chocolate Malt .25 lb Carapils .5 oz Fuggles - 60 min. .5 oz Fuggles - 20 min. .5 oz Fuggles - 5 min. 1 packet Nottingham Ale yeast Grains were steeped for 30 min. at 152 degrees F After 4 days in primary I added 1 cup whole coffee beans. After 12 days in the primary I racked onto secondary with the following: .5 lb dark brown sugar .25 lb corn syrup half cup coffee beans 24 oz. freshly brewed espresso The aroma coming from the fermenter is absolutely delicious, and I cannot wait to try it! I expect that this one will take some time to develop to its full potential due to the significant amount of fermentables. The reason I called it an imperial stout is the alcohol volume, not the IBU's, but correct me if this is a misnomer. BeerSmith has it at 26.5 IBU's and 8.45% est. abv. I think that the somewhat low IBU's will be well suited for the significant amount of espresso that I added. What are your thoughts about this brew?
  4. She looks like a keeper!!!
  5. Sounds better than it looks. Idk just doesn't look very visual pleasing, however it should taste interesting!
  6. BugLaden wrote: Definitely go at your own pace. When you are ready to take the next step with hop boils and dry malt extract, we are here for you. likewise, when you decide to start growing your own hops and i'll second that, go at your own pace
  7. jsterba wrote: If all is good, I'm probably going to tweak this to become my house IPA recipe. I'm thinkin the same thing except I may want to switch the centennials for summit as bittering. I just couldn't get my hands on any summit hops this go around.
  8. Brewing it up today, sticking with the original recipe I posted. I'm excited about this one, as it is a more refined version of an IPA I have previously done with Mr Beer ingredients. Should be good!
  9. popped open one of my blue moon clones. no off flavors, but i definitely didn't use enough orange peel.
  10. Just brewed my own jalapeno cerveza recipe: 3 pounds pilsner LME half a pouch Booster .25 pound carapils .75 oz Amarillo - 60 min. .25 oz Amarillo - 20 min. .5 oz Amarillo - 0 min. 6 jalapenos - 5 were chopped and put in fermenter without seeds, the 6th one I cut the ends off but left the seeds in to let the wort pick up some of the spice from the seeds by flowing through the pepper. Simple, but unique brew, can't wait to try it!
  11. yankeedag wrote: OG 1.077 FG 1.019 9* SRM IBU 24.4 BU/GU 0.32 7.7% ABV 254 cal. per 12oz American IPA OG should be 1.075 or lower FG should be 1.018 or lower IBU should be at least 40 AVB shoul be 7.5% or lower ...but that's only if you're shooting for style... :dry: The IBU's that beersmith gave me is 56.1 and OG at 1.069 and alc. vol at 6.71, all falling in the style guidelines...not that it matters too much. I might play around with timescale on hops to make it more bitter, but if what beersmith is telling me is true, 56.1 should be fine. If I make the 1/4 oz. centennials from 20 min. to 35, it makes it 60.2 IBU's, right at Dogfish Head's 60-minute.
  12. I'm fairly new to the world of IPA's, so please tell me any flaws or suggestions with my recipe! Here it goes: 2.13 Gallon batch Est. IBU = 56.1 4 lbs pale LME 1/2 lbs Crystal 60 1/4 lbs Cara-pils 1/2 oz. Centennial - 60 minutes 1/4 oz. Centennial - 20 minutes 1/4 oz. Cascade - 20 minutes 1/4 oz. Cascade - 5 minutes 1/2 oz. Cascade - dry hopped Fermented with Safale US-05
  13. Mccormicks spice brand has ground valencia orange peel at grocery stores in the spice section. That's what I used on my first Blue Moon clone, will post back once I open the first bottle. Valencia orange peel is actually what was originally used in blue moon and I doubt they've changed that. Also, it is a sweet orange so it shouldn't leave that bitter harshness like others do.
  14. Wow!!! This brew turned out to be FANTASTIC! I feel like I have passed the hump in this hobby and am now consistently brewing successful beers. It is absolutely delicious. I can pick out the flavor of the hops and malts very well.
  15. I just opened the second bottle from this batch tonight and let me tell you...it is phenomenal!!!! it is so much better than the first bottle that i tasted almost 2 months ago. i wouldn't call it a guinness clone, but it is one heck of a coffee stout. i am pretty proud of myself on this one, i'd say my best brew yet.
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