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  1. Wow..this is the last time I make a post from my cell phone. i didnt realize some of the errors I made.
  2. Actually it is not for hops but just for ginger for a ginger beer I am making
  3. My wife has some new panties still in the package and I wanted to make some beer today and cant get to a homebrew shop. Can i just cut a pair of them for a hop sack and sanitize them like i normally would if i had a muslin sack? I dont see why I couldnt
  4. Great..i just told my wife i wasnt going to be ordering any beer till after Christmas.. a few cans cant hurt..i will just buy her something nice for christmas
  5. I am going to use MB cans so I was wondering what else I can use besides WCPA. I really want to take the next step but am scared to.
  6. Since I can't get any Sam Adams gingerbread stout and Shorts Brewery isnt making Ginger In The Rye this year, I wanted to try my own. I see their is one ginger recipe archived on the site, I wanted to try my own. I have a can of WCPA and a few bags of booster left. Any ideas on how to make a ginger or gingerbread beer?
  7. I am making my first hard cider tomorrow and the package looks like I need to rehydrate the yeast. How do I do this? It looks like I just put the yeast in water and then put it in the keg. How exactly do I do this? I am unsure.
  8. I am just gonna wait till Wednesday and have some alone time so I can make a run to my LHBS which just happens to be next to one of the best microbreweries in the whole country-kuhnhenn brewery.
  9. I am all out of One Step and have some brews that need to get in a keg. I tried searching and there was tons of results but what can I use instead of One Step. I take care of my 2 boys during the day and my LHBS is too far away. I went to Kroger today and all I saw was Oxy Clean. What else have you guys used and where did you get it at? I would love to find something at Home Depot or Target or Walmart but want to go to as few places as possible with my youngest. Thank you!!!
  10. I ordered one can of each from the blowout sale and 2 bags of booster. I suddenly had a brain fart and though the Sticky WIcket and Pilothouse were supposed to use 2 cans each wit no booster. Is that right or can I use 1 can and a bag of booster?
  11. I sometimes go a few weeks before I can brew and was wondering what is the best way to store the yeast? I don't want it to get too hot. I could have sworn I saw on here once that it can be stored in the fridge? Is that true? Does it need to warm up before I pitch it?
  12. I finally got my order today and am really excited to make my first attempt at a hard cider. Does anybody have any tips? Anything I should know? Is adding a can of blueberries in a good or bad idea the first time? Thanks again!!!
  13. Go to Kuhnhenn as soon as you get the chance. The best beer,mead and wine you can make
  14. I was actually having the same problem. I opened up 2 bottles of pumpkin porter and one was carbed and the other was not. I know have some things to look at and maybe change. Thanks guys!!
  15. http://www.kbrewery.com/ Best brewery in the country!!!!!!!!!
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