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  1. bpbpthomas wrote: Yeah, I had three in my cart until I saw shippIng cost. NO SALE. Agreed...what up wit dat?
  2. Go with the creamy brown ume, 1 cup golden brown sugar. I did this and steeped some oats for 10 min first. Outstanding brew, I've been told it's been the best so far.
  3. I think with honey your best bet is to batch prime to get consistency. I have not bottle primed with honey and can't think of an easy way to get this done...maybe some other borg member has done this.
  4. The use of a bottling wand comes in handy for this. I think Fedora Dave posted a pic some time ago of his process. The key is that you do not want to areate the beer as you transfer to the secondary. Screwy Brewer has some great tools to calculate the amount of priming agent you will need.
  5. I use the bottle tree with the vinator (sp?) on top, it makes life so much easier at bottling time. I highly recommend it.
  6. FrozenInTime wrote: Welcome to the Borg. I would get the temps down a couple more degrees. Put it in a cooler and place an ice bottle in with it. Or put it on a pan, put a little bit of water in the pan and place a wet t-shirt over the keg. What he said.....and I think I'm becoming a Colts fan for some reason.....
  7. joecontreras wrote: bpgreen wrote: joecontreras wrote: I have looked in every Walmart, Target, Dollar Store, and Market in my area and have yet to find any dish soap, hand soap, or body soap that is unscented. Does anyone have any brand names? I thought Ivory was pure soap but it has fragrance and the likes in it also. Also I just place an order with Mr. Beer on Monday and ordered this for my equipment cleaning: Craftmeister Oxygen Brewery Wash Look for Oxiclean free and/or Sun Oxygen cleaner with the laundry detergent. I found some at target - it's made by Dawn - think it's called Dawn clear. It's an unscented all natural dish soap, works great and rinses off really well. Yeah, already have and have used OxyClean Free but I keep reading posts from brewers that use "unscented hand soap" or "unscented dish soap" and I have never seen any. Oxyclean works good I just think soap would be easier to deal with at times, but maybe not.
  8. cool water, a couple drops of unscented dish soap and a clean sponge, rinse well - havent had a problem yet...oxyclean free for the tough stuff
  9. Midwest supplies sells a 5 gallon clone - you could just split between 2 mr beer kegs.
  10. Welcome Dana! You might want to just order a can of pale ale ume and substitute that for the booster. You will read alot of varying opinions on it, but i avoid the booster in all my brews now.
  11. Havent named yet, but "Drunken Gypsy Brewery" it a thought.
  12. You should be fine - i keep all my kegs in the man cave where the temp is a consistent 62-65 year round. Havent had an issue as of yet.
  13. You can go commando for the boil and use a strainer when pouring the wort into the keg or use a sack. I use the sack for dry hopping.
  14. You might want to take a look at screwy brewers site - he has some calculators there that will help you out. I think Fedora Dave batch primes with honey if my memory serves me right, he might be able to help you out further.
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