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  1. Hi all - I brewed a Choc. Covered Cherries batch last night using the exact instructions. However, today, tragedy struck. The fermenter started 'hissing' and then an hour later (because I had no idea what the noise was), it was ready to explode. It leaked, but did not fully explode (still a messy proposition though). My thoughts is that the purre'd Oregon Cherries clogged the breathing aspect of the fermenter, causing no air to escape. Has anyone experienced this with the fruity brews? I have an Irish Stout going and it seems to be fine.
  2. BPGreen you're my idol!!! Thanks for the info everyone!
  3. Do you stash at room temp or in the fridge or does it matter? It's actually not to bad for me to stash away some because I'm not only one in the house that drinks beer. My wife is a wine drinker and I think I'll start making wine in 2011. Happy New Year everyone!
  4. Thanks folks. I'll let you know how it turns out. As I was getting ready, I noticed that I didn't have any brown sugar so I brewed a Winter Ale and a Cowboy Golden Lager. In a couple of weeks when I bottle these two, I'll brew the St. Patrick's Irish Stout and a Chocolate covered Cherries brew. Thanks again!
  5. Yankeedag: so I boil the water, remove from the fire and add the wort. I'm assuming that the brown sugar also gets added during this step, correct?
  6. Zekes...what do you mean when you say 'flame out'?
  7. I get the brown sugar for taste, is the booster for increase in abv? Also, when do you add the brown sugar?
  8. Hi all - I'm going to brew two brews this weekend: 1) St. Pat's Irish Stout w/Creamy Brown (I morbidly failed when I tried w/The Booster). 2) Winter Seasonal. My plan for both is the same: 1. Ferment from 11/14 to 11/28 2. Bottle 11/28 (8 liter bottles that come w/kit) 3. Room Temp Conditioning from 11/28 to 12/26 4. Will chill for 1-2 days prior to drinking. I'm soliciting any opinions/tricks/experience with these 2 flavors from all the brewing community to see if there is anything I should try and/or avoid during the process. Thanks in advance.
  9. Wretched Ron - Wrentham MA (if you're familiar with MA it's down near RI).
  10. Thanks - unfortunately, I think I need to rule it a total loss. 7 more bottles are in the fridge. Hopefully, I salvaged an IPA (fermenting) and my Octoberfest (bottled already). Another reason why I don't understand why I torture myself with Massachusetts' winters.
  11. If by "lager" you mean condition, then it was 4 weeks. But, again, the d@mn temp dropped on me and I think hosed me. This was the first (and last) time I used The Booster as well, which was a bit of a pain in the backside. Oh well, brew and learn. Need a new room to ferment for the Fall/Winter it appears.
  12. My Irish Stout turned into a disaster (taste-wise anyway). Tastes like a flat soda. I may have fermented it too cold. We had a cold spell and my basement went into the 50's. Would that cause this? I'm bummed!
  13. No reason. I reserve the right to change the schedule once my taste buds tell me.
  14. Hi All - I see a lot of comments in here stating things like: "...it depends on what yeast you use...". I've only brewed 3 (with 3 on the way) different beers and have used the Mr. Beer yeast packs exclusively. Can anyone point me to a website or blog that charts what yeast to use for what flavors? Thanks in advance. You all are great!
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