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  1. thanks team. what is this "patience" you speak of? i am not at all familiar with this terminolgy...
  2. i def noticed the yeast cake on bottom. sounds like I might be in good shape then?
  3. Brewed the cowboy honey wheat last night. I have been successfully fermenting my brews in the basement which was clocking in around ~68 degrees for a few months. When I went down there last night, I noticed the temp was now sitting in the low 60s which I thought might be too cold so for the first time I parked the keg it in a dark hallway closet upstairs that sits around 71 degrees. When I checked in on it this morning I was disappointed and concerned that I saw no visual signs of fermentation. Every other beer I have brewed had taken off by the next morning. Poking around the web I get the sense I shouldn’t be overly concerned just yet, but I thought I would at least describe the situation here to see if anyone has any insight or advice. Hoping the yeast is not bad… Thanks in advance.
  4. thanks truck. will pretty much any pry off bottle work? any to stay away from?
  5. will the MB bottle capper and metal caps work for any 12oz beer bottle? I drink yuengling which comes in standard 12oz bottles with a metal twist cap. was hoping i could just save a case or two, purchase the MB bottle capper and some caps and avoid having to purchase a new case of empty bottles.
  6. great idea kealia. think i'll try that next time & I def watch the vid. thanks guys
  7. I just purchased the MB hydrometer but haven’t had the opportunity to use it yet. I’m going to be bottling this week and thought I would at least get a reading of my final product. Have a few questions I hope you can help with. Take the reading at eye level correct? Im guessing its easier to just use the correction formula to adjust for temp than attempting to get a sample precisely at 60 degrees? Do you put the beer in your sample jar back into the keg after taking the reading? I read ppl taking multiple samples throughout fermentation and can’t imagine wasting that much brew. But I guess that’s why everything needs to be sterilized? Do you sterilize the spicket every time you draw a sample? Sorry for amateur hour questions- Any other practical advice on using the hydrometer would be greatly appreciated! thanks
  8. FrozenInTime wrote: Not necessary, I just pitched some in a batch myself, threw it in dry. I have had no problems with just throwing it in. thats what ive been doing too. i was just wondering what the vets experiences were with this approach. i take it rehydrating is really only necessary when using non-MB dry yeasts. now somebody answer op's question before he gets mad at me
  9. I dont know the answer but would like to pose a related yeast question if you dont mind the hijack: is it a good idea to rehydrate my MB yeast packets before pitching? MB instructions dont mention it but Ive seen it suggested in other forums
  10. With my recipe mix up I had to figure out what to do with the leftovers. Turns out I had the ingredients to make the firecracker red ale. Probably wouldn’t have tried this one in the short term but I’m glad I had the ingredients for a listed MB recipe. The brew went smooth and I added an extra cup ‘o sugar per a review suggestion. I realize this likely bumps it over the recommended MB adjunct levels, but I wanted to experiment anyway. Checked my fermenter today and the krausen was raging! A moderate amount of leakage was evident. I slightly unscrewed the cap a little bit more and even more cinnamon laced foam came rushing out. I was careful not to mess with it too much but was afraid of a possible explosion if I didn’t relieve some pressure. It seems to be stabilizing now. It’s really amazing to see all the activity in that batch. Looks like a real party in there. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. I will post updates in addition to my extra malty mystery brew. Thanks all for your help- this place is a great resource for tips and info.
  11. gotcha....and its too late to add now correct? what if I used brown sugar as the primer?
  12. yankee i assume its too late to add the sugar? Just checked and it's fermenting away in the basement. what would the brown sugar do besides boost abv?
  13. i do like malty beers so this doesnt sound all bad. The 2 UME's I got right- I just switched the HMEs (Englishman Nut-Brown instead of High Country Canadian Draft) any advice on possibly adding molasses, honey or something different as a primer to impact flavor or am i best to stick with sugar or dextrose?
  14. well that doesnt sound good. yup, all 3.
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