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  1. Nothing like a little Saint Patty's day science! Quick follow up and then back to the beer. oly - thanks for the info about the differences in sugars! Also Screwybrewer has some amazing resources, so glad you introduced me to that website! Did a little math, and you were right about needing to boost the volume of the corn sugar, but the calculator says only by about 5%, we're talking 2.29 tsp of table sugar for a 2.5 CO2 volume versus 2.41 tsp of the corn sugar. That kind of seems like splitting hairs to me. My best guess is practical error. I probably had larger "heaping" teaspoons of the thicker granulated sucrose, and very loosely packed scoops of the finer corn sugar. Either way it's been a delicious science project. Thanks!
  2. Hi Mr. Beer guys and gals! I'm currently tearing through my latest batch of an American Amber Ale. I've since been using extracts and specialty grains from my local home brew shop and fermenting in my Mr. Beer keg. Despite a little lack of clarity, I've had nothing but success. Well, the guys there sold me a pouch simply labeled "priming sugar" with a very fine, powdery consistency. Because I'm going straight from my Mr. Beer keg, I've been priming my bottles with this sugar, using the suggested 2 1/2 tps per Mr. Beer bottle. So to cut to the chase, I did a test bottle with plain white granulated sugar instead of the "priming sugar" and I noticed that not only did I get a thicker, fuller head, it retained it's quality and I had better lacing while drinking the beer. I have been using the same glasses for each bottle I poor (about 4 now), and the same cleaning method. Am I doing something improperly with this "priming sugar" or should I stick to the good ol' fashioned stuff? At least it tastes amazing, I shouldn't be complaining at all! Thanks for your input!
  3. Wow! Thanks for the warm reception everyone. I don't know much, but I do know that brewers everywhere love to talk beer. Great stuff. I also love the fact that our brewer of the month is Jack Burton. Friggen hilarious.
  4. Hey guys, This forum has been a great resource in getting my foot in the brewing door. Currently, I'm sipping on my third successful batch of Mr. Beer - the hop head red. After a month of cold conditioning, the beer tastes so damn good I can barely believe I made it! You guys rock, and now I can't shake the addiction. I can't get over how pretty it is! Happy brewing
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